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Calculate Lilith (Black Moon) and Selena (White Moon)


We present you a service that allows you to calculate Lilith (Black Moon) and Selena (White Moon) in the house and zodiac sign, as well as their aspects to the natal planets. To calculate, enter the date of birth and locality of birth, the rest of the data will be filled in automatically. For an accurate calculation, please make sure that your birth time zone is correct.

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Calculate Lilith and Selena online

In Hebrew, the name Lilith translates as "night creature", "night monster". She is a typical witch archetype. Her mythology is the story of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. She returns as a dark seductive snake filled with deep knowledge to have a fatal influence on a person with a low spiritual level.

Lilith is full of powerful rage that can destroy the human psyche. It is designed to work with our dark side "EGO", and feeds on its energy, offering amazing temptations in return. Its seductive power is so great that it destroys the logic and reason of morally unstable people, pushes them into the net of debauchery and eventually brings them to complete degradation and spiritual devastation. The influence of Lilith is the strongest animal instinct, and it can only be fought on a spiritual level.

Selena is the antipode of Lilith, the White Moon against the Black, the embodiment of a guardian angel in a fictitious point of the horoscope, invisible to the eye, but tangible in the form of magical support from the Higher powers in difficult times. Being in a certain sign of the zodiac and the house of the natal chart, it shows the sphere of life where the native is especially protected from evil and negativity, as well as the positive karma accumulated in a past life, thanks to which he now reaps the fruits of happiness and good luck.

Unlike Lilith, who has a 9-year cycle, the White Moon checks the ward every 7 years for compliance with selfless service to humanistic ideals. If most of the deeds are done in the name of good, then a reward awaits a person, and injuries and shocks indicate a transition to the road of negativity and destruction, when even the Higher Forces are powerless.

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