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Lunar calendar online, allows you to calculate the lunar day, the phases of the moon for the whole month, the moon in the signs of the zodiac, the moon without a course, sunrise, sunset for any entered date. Enter the date you are interested in and your city to complete the calculation.

lunar disc

23th Lunar day
from (Mar 3, 1:24)

New York, United States
(40°n43' , 74°w0'), GMT -4
Date: , 
Time: : (h:min)


Latitude: ,
March 4, 2024, 00:05, Monday
  Moon Phase: Waning Moon (IV phase)
~ 6 days before New Moon
~ 21 days before Full Moon
  Moon Sign: l Sagittarius 20° 27'
  Moon Days: 23th Lunar day, from (Mar 3, 1:24)
Void of Course Moon ( from Mar 4, 11:41 to Mar 4, 17:15 )
  Moon Rise: 02:31  
  Moon Set: 11:10  
  Illumination: 44.4%  
  Moon Distance: 381935 km  
  Third quarter: IV phase March 3, 2024 Sunday 11:25  
  New Moon: I Phase March 10, 2024 Sunday 5:02  
  First quarter: II Phase March 17, 2024 Sunday 0:11  
  Full Moon: III Phase March 25, 2024 Monday 3:01  
  Third quarter: IV phase April 1, 2024 Monday 23:15  


Moon calendar, March 3, 2024 – March 9, 2024

Date Lunar day, Sign, Void of Course Moon, Phase
March 3, 2024
00:00continues: 22nd Lunar day, l Moon in Sagittarius
01:24 23rd Lunar day
11:25 IV Phase
March 4, 2024
00:00continues: 23rd Lunar day, l Moon in Sagittarius ,
Waning Moon (IV Phase)
02:31 24th Lunar day
11:41VOC begins: Void of Course Moon
17:15z Moon in Capricorn ,
VOC ends: Void of Course Moon
March 5, 2024
00:00continues: 24th Lunar day, z Moon in Capricorn ,
Waning Moon (IV Phase)
03:33 25th Lunar day
March 6, 2024
00:00continues: 25th Lunar day, z Moon in Capricorn ,
Waning Moon (IV Phase)
04:24 26th Lunar day
15:35VOC begins: Void of Course Moon
20:38x Moon in Aquarius ,
VOC ends: Void of Course Moon
March 7, 2024
00:00continues: 26th Lunar day, x Moon in Aquarius ,
Waning Moon (IV Phase)
05:06 27th Lunar day
March 8, 2024
00:00continues: 27th Lunar day, x Moon in Aquarius ,
Waning Moon (IV Phase)
05:41 28th Lunar day
14:56VOC begins: Void of Course Moon
21:03c Moon in Pisces ,
VOC ends: Void of Course Moon
March 9, 2024
00:00continues: 28th Lunar day, c Moon in Pisces ,
Waning Moon (IV Phase)
06:10 29th Lunar day


Lunar Day Description:

23rd day of the Lunar calendar

Symbol: Crocodile

Stones: Jade, Topaz

Energetically, the day is very rich, but not everyone can master this energy. Today, energy vampires are activated, and people with low energy metabolism become nervous and conflicted. 23 Lunar day tests the energy channels of a person, if they are clogged, you will immediately feel it. But if today you breathe easily and you feel great, then your energy chakras are working and you are on the right track. Otherwise, you should slow down the rhythm of life and think about whether you are moving in the right direction, whether you are following your goals.

Time today is dualistic, for some it is a beautiful sunny day full of bright colors and events. For others, a gloomy gray background with insurmountable tasks and a nervous environment. A person today acts as a lens through which a beam of light passes, and what is at the exit is individual for each person.

Dreams today may be a dream, but they are difficult to decipher

Love and relationships

Today is a good day to see your partner without a mask, just don't forget that you are without a mask today.


23rd Lunar DayThe twenty-third lunar day is well suited for any household chores that require a lot of physical activity. It's a good day to finish something you started, but your hands didn't reach, today is the time to finish everything.


This is a good day for self-healing and healing. Today, surgery is not recommended, except in urgent cases. Vulnerable spine. One-day fasting will be useful, as well as any procedures aimed at cleansing the body of toxins.

Business and money

This is an unfavorable day for business and career. Try not to do anything important. On such a day, it is good to close the enterprise or abandon financial schemes that bring losses.

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moon phase today

Waning Moon (Phase IV)

Element: Fire.

On the fourth phase, the moon is illuminated by a thin, barely visible crescent, whose horns point to the right. This phase is also called the third or last quarter. The activity of plants and animals begins to slow down, gradually preparing themselves for New Moon. the cycle of the Moon has a special effect on a person during this period , therefore, in order for things to go well, you need to take appropriate measures.

The period of the fourth phase (last quarter) of the Moon is called balsamic, because this time is favorable for the rejection of everything old and unnecessary. The activity of the human body begins to subside, and the physical strength to leave. The psyche works in a completely different way, so very often you can observe that you have managed to discover the truth that you did not notice before.

During balsamic period The moons of a person will be visited by clever thoughts, simple truths will be revealed that were previously hidden or for some reason could not be revealed. Not infrequently, views on life can change - you will better begin to understand the structure of the world and the feelings of other people. Your family members become more sensitive to mood swings.

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moon sign


The days of Scorpio, which brought darkness and destruction, give way to the calm days of Sagittarius. People feel a strong need for stability, balance and order. They awaken respect for laws, norms and rules. They perceive regimes, advice and recommendations well, they need mentors and patrons. However, some of them are tempted to give advice themselves. These days there is an increase in interest in the events taking place in public life. There is a desire to make life orderly, to strengthen the earth underfoot.

This is the best time for teachers to pass on their knowledge well and learn on their own. Days contribute to a better assimilation of new skills and abilities. The transfer of advice takes place with brilliance, but if there is no request, it is better not to interfere with anyone with your advice.

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Void of Course Moon ( from Mar 4, 11:41 to Mar 4, 17:15 )

The term "Void of Course Moon" refers to the period of the Moon's state when she is, between the last major aspect with a planet in the active sign, and the moment of transition to the next sign.

Not recommended during the Void of Course Moon

  • Do not start new projects, important things with far-reaching plans.
  • Avoid important meetings with new people during this period.
  • Do not make expensive purchases.

How to use the period of the moon without a course

  • A good time to clean up the rubble, clean up your desktop or home.
  • A good time for yoga, meditation or spiritual practice.
  • Rest and sleep will quickly restore your strength.
  • Fun events and meetings with friends.
  • Good time to travel.
  • Increased intuition or a sixth sense will help, in the search for unresolved, internal psychological problems. The best time to listen to your inner self.



The lunar calendar can show how a person's energy supply and psychological mood change throughout the month. Our relationships, reactions, and subconsciousness have a huge impact on our emotional state. In order not to let luck slip away, you need to check your plans with the lunar calendar.


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