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Lunar calendar online, allows you to calculate the lunar day, the phases of the moon for the whole month, the moon in the signs of the zodiac, the moon without a course, sunrise, sunset for any entered date. Enter the date you are interested in and your city to complete the calculation.

lunar disc

18th Lunar day
from (Oct 1, 19:57)

New York, United States
(40°n43' , 74°w0'), GMT -4
Date: , 
Time: : (h:min)


Latitude: ,
October 2, 2023, 00:54, Monday
  Moon Phase: Waning Moon (III Phase)
~ 12 days before New Moon
~ 26 days before Full Moon
  Moon Sign: s Taurus 16° 14'
  Moon Days: 18th Lunar day, from (Oct 1, 19:57)
Void of Course Moon ( from Oct 2, 21:20 to Oct 3, 1:03 )
  Moon Rise: 20:29  
  Moon Set: 10:34  
  Illumination: 89.6%  
  Moon Distance: 378288 km  
  Full Moon: III Phase September 29, 2023 Friday 5:58  
  Third quarter: IV phase October 6, 2023 Friday 9:49  
  New Moon: I Phase October 14, 2023 Saturday 13:55  
  First quarter: II Phase October 21, 2023 Saturday 23:30  
  Full Moon: III Phase October 28, 2023 Saturday 16:24  


Moon calendar, October 1, 2023 – October 7, 2023

Date Lunar day, Sign, Void of Course Moon, Phase
October 1, 2023
00:00continues: 17th Lunar day, s Moon in Taurus ,
Waning Moon (Phase III)
19:57 18th Lunar day
October 2, 2023
00:00continues: 18th Lunar day, s Moon in Taurus ,
Waning Moon (Phase III)
20:29 19th Lunar day
21:20VOC begins: Void of Course Moon
October 3, 2023
00:00continues: 19th Lunar day, s Moon in Taurus ,
Waning Moon (Phase III) , time Void of Course Moon
01:03d Moon in Gemini ,
VOC end: Void of Course Moon
21:06 20th Lunar day
October 4, 2023
00:00continues: 20th Lunar day, d Moon in Gemini ,
Waning Moon (Phase III)
21:50 21st Lunar day
October 5, 2023
00:00continues: 21st Lunar day, d Moon in Gemini ,
Waning Moon (Phase III)
02:34VOC begins: Void of Course Moon
08:31f Moon in Cancer ,
VOC ends: Void of Course Moon
22:41 22nd Lunar day
October 6, 2023
00:00continues: 22nd Lunar day, f Moon in Cancer
09:49 IV Phase
23:39 23rd Lunar day
October 7, 2023
00:00continues: 23 Lunar day, f Moon in Cancer ,
Waning Moon (IV Phase)
23rd Lunar day
15:12VOC begins: Void of Course Moon
19:24g Moon in Leo ,
VOC ends: Void of Course Moon


Lunar Day Description:

18th day of the Lunar calendar

Symbol: Monkey, Mirror

Stones: Amethyst, Opal, Agate

The eighteenth lunar day is a passive day, today it can be symbolically called the Lunar Mirror. The energy of the Moon reflects everything that we have inside, as if unfolding our inner "ego" or "I". The events taking place today can show us that the reality around us is a mirror imprint of our essence, all our actions and thoughts. This suggests that each of us has his own mirror, one is even and clean, the other is crooked, as if fragments got into his eyes, and therefore he sees everything in a distorted form.

Today's observation will help you know how things are at the moment, show you a mirror image of your own world. If someone offended you or expressed a bad opinion in your direction, then you do not need to be offended by this person. The universe through it shows you what aspect of life you need to pay attention to in order to get better. And on the contrary, you hear words of gratitude and honor all day long, this indicates that you are moving correctly, the world around you loves you, and you have a clean and even mirror.

18th Lunar DayOn the 18th Lunar day, you need to see all the hints that the Universe gives us, understand them correctly, and soberly assess the whole situation, and at the end draw the appropriate conclusions. And the next step in your development should be the elimination of this shortcoming. In general, 18 Lunar days should be considered as a lesson given to you, and you must definitely learn it, otherwise it will be repeated every Lunar month.

Dreams on this day are prophetic, and carry a lot of valuable and useful information, the main thing is to understand them correctly.

Love and relationships

18th Lunar DayThe eighteenth lunar day is not at all suitable for romantic dates and relationships. Casual acquaintances on this day can be very promising in the future.


It's a great day for a variety of chores around the house and the house, hard physical work won't hurt either.


On the eighteenth lunar day, fasting acquires special healing properties. Today it is very useful to clean the large and small intestines, to conduct a wellness massage, rejuvenating and water treatments. Visiting a sauna or a bath will favorably affect your health. On this day, the kidneys and lower back are especially vulnerable.

Business and money

On the 18th Lunar day, it is better not to take any steps in financial matters. In other aspects of business, the day is also unpredictable, it is better to postpone important matters for another day.

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moon phase today

Waning Moon (Phase III)

Element: Air.

After Full Moons into its phase three. This time is most favorable for the realization of the energy that came with the growth of the heavenly body. This phase of the moon is associated with the air element, and it also has a yellow color. This is the last stage, when your plans and ideas will come true, as you would like.

You can't waste this time and waste energy, it's better to use it to achieve your goals, because then you will have to wait a long time for a new influx of strength and energy. During this period, a person has a good positive mood, he is cheerful and cheerful, because the energy accumulated and not wasted in vain asks to come out. It is necessary to give it a way out, and not a simple one, but a directed one. Use your energy to implement your plans, complete all the things that you wanted to do, and in no case do not put it off for later.

Many nutritionists recommend starting your fight against excess weight and cellulite at this time. It is advisable to plant root crops and bulbs during this phase.

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moon sign

MOON IN TAURUS s 16° 14'

Stress and tension, which were observed in the previous days and were associated with the passage of the heavenly body of the sign of Aries, will gradually subside. At the time of Taurus, people will feel peace, tranquility, reliability. Reactions will begin to slow down, thoughts will stop disturbing and swarming. These days, all people are a little slow-witted and stubborn, so it is extremely difficult to budge them and make them act. They become phlegmatic, slow, do household chores, solve everyday household tasks - for example, buy groceries for a week, make minor cosmetic repairs. They devote their working time to current affairs.

If they are entrepreneurial, then it is better not to sign important contracts and close large deals during the days of Taurus, since slowness in thoughts and reactions will do a disservice.

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Void of Course Moon ( from Oct 2, 21:20 to Oct 3, 1:03 )

The term "Void of Course Moon" refers to the period of the Moon's state when she is, between the last major aspect with a planet in the active sign, and the moment of transition to the next sign.

Not recommended during the Void of Course Moon

  • Do not start new projects, important things with far-reaching plans.
  • Avoid important meetings with new people during this period.
  • Do not make expensive purchases.

How to use the period of the moon without a course

  • A good time to clean up the rubble, clean up your desktop or home.
  • A good time for yoga, meditation or spiritual practice.
  • Rest and sleep will quickly restore your strength.
  • Fun events and meetings with friends.
  • Good time to travel.
  • Increased intuition or a sixth sense will help, in the search for unresolved, internal psychological problems. The best time to listen to your inner self.



The lunar calendar can show how a person's energy supply and psychological mood change throughout the month. Our relationships, reactions, and subconsciousness have a huge impact on our emotional state. In order not to let luck slip away, you need to check your plans with the lunar calendar.


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