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Feng Shui wish card

Feng Shui wish cardEveryone knows that dreams often materialize in a mysterious way for us. One has only to convey visualized desires to the Universe, how events in life are built in such a way that the final result pleases with pleasant coincidences. Imagine what will happen if you approach the realization of a dream in science, and with Chinese wisdom, correctly indicate intentions . The Feng Shui wish card will help us with this.

We bring good luck to life

The map of desires will become a projection of the goals set, visual programming of the subconscious and the beginning of a start for success. Be your own magicians, and let the energy of good luck into your home.

Scissors, a personal photo in a happy period of life, and beautiful pictures from magazines expressing wishes will become tools for spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

Putting the cut illustrations aside, refer to the Feng Shui calendar to choose a date with an indicator of good luck, avoiding the days labeled
Deliverance, Closing, Destruction and Sha days. The position of the moon in the sky is also important, and the period of the young (growing) moon is of interest for work .

How to make a collage of wishes in Feng Shui

The process of attaching pictures can be described in two ways:

On whatman paper – cut illustrations or printed photographs are drawn up with colored markers with the corresponding wishes under the attached pictures. Don't forget about the power of the word if you don't rely on the accuracy of the image. All inscriptions on the collage of desires in Feng Shui should be fixed in the present tense.

On the computer – processed pictures of bold desires by the photo editor are saved in the computer.

Working with Bagua Mesh

Regardless of whether you make a Feng Shui wish card to view the story or place it on your computer desktop, there are rules for the exact placement of the collage of wishes depending on the cardinal points. For this, there is a Bagua grid , in the shape of an octagon, which will help to correctly calculate the desired sector and its position for placing images and symbols.

Feng Shui wish card

In the center of the octagon there is a health zone, with which you need to start working. Attach your positive photo to this area. When signing pictures, avoid the “not” particles and write short phrases in affirmative form, such as “I am healthy” or “I am young.” The correct use of the word is essential, therefore, there is an opposite difference between the expressions “I am thin” and “I am slim”, and this must be taken into account when drawing up a map of desires in Feng Shui.

Below, under the photo, is the career sector . Indicate your talents as future work achievements, and consolidate your success in work with images. Clarify for yourself the direction of the company and introduce yourself in the position. You can attach an eloquent picture and sign – “I am the leader of company N” or draw a ladder of career success, detailing the nuances and displaying the future salary in figures.

Above your photograph is a sector of fame that requires striking splash screens of the appropriate nature. Imagine what kind of celebrity you would like to be and what field you want to achieve fame.

The left corner of the octagon is the wealth and prosperity sector . Unleash your money fantasy and shower yourself with a golden rain of material prosperity. Images of banknotes, symbols of wealth, such as a car, a house, diamonds, are suitable, and the approximate phrase “I have 1,000,000 rubles in my bank account” is appropriate. Do not limit yourself in your fantasies, because you are making a map of desires in Feng Shui.

Bottom left – the sector of wisdom , which is responsible for success in education. Decorate the sector with pictures of books, the image of a happy person who has received a long-awaited diploma of higher education, if that makes sense to you.

The family sector is located between the zones of wisdom and wealth. Photos of a family with children with happy faces will be appropriate. Reflect your own view of harmonious relationships between your family members in the collage.

The upper right corner implies ardent love, passion in a relationship, and the intertwining of a woman's and a man's hand will become symbolic of sensual success. A photograph of a loved one will also be appropriate and contribute to the development of a relationship.

Feng Shui wish cardUnder the zone of love is the sector of creativity and children, which can be activated at your discretion, depending on how you want to achieve self-expression. Do not forget to indicate on the Feng Shui wish card what success you expect from the children and secure their future victories with selected drawings.

Lovers of travel and adventure will find a sector in the lower right corner of the Bagua grid. Beautiful photos of cities and countries will contribute to a pleasant trip and impressions.

Now it remains to evaluate the work done, find a place for the Feng Shui wish card, and open the door towards pleasant changes.

How to work with a collage of desires

You have illustrated your desires for the universe and will certainly draw them into life. First, you need to hang the map in a modest place where your gaze will stop, and the eyes of skeptics will not cling.

Track the sensations that you experience when looking at the collage of desires. We form events in life exclusively with feelings, and the energy of thoughts is responsible for their quality.

To begin with, activate the wish card artificially, prudently placing a picture in any zone, for example, an orange. Having bought a fruit, you can peel off the picture with its image, thereby turning on the implementation process.

It has been proven that desire, enshrined in emotion and in a desired way, has many chances to be realized. Looking at the compiled Feng Shui desire map, you will energetically influence it, and remind the subconscious of the tasks set, while launching the mechanism for implementing the plan. Inner strength and your actions will certainly lead to success.


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