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Elaboration of Neptune in the natal chart

Three planets after Saturn are considered the highest and it is quite difficult to work them out thoroughly, because it requires a certain level of awareness and understanding of the laws of cosmic balance. It is no coincidence that Saturn becomes the boundary of the transition to another reality, because without its qualities: responsibility, punctuality and practicality, it is impossible to harmonize Neptune, the most mysterious and uncontrollable planet. It blurs consciousness with illusions that seem more real than reality, distorts the perception of the world, exhausts with fears and phobias, plunges into dependence.

And at the same time, without a strong Neptune, it is impossible to take place as a creative person. It gives bursts of inspiration, empathy, the talents of a musician, dancer, actor, psychologist and priest, sharpens intuition, brings prophetic dreams, but there is always a risk of playing too much and crossing the line between reality and fiction.

Strength and weakness of Neptune in the natal chart

The higher energies of the lord of dreams lead people to spiritual development through religion, art, psychology. This is the planet of generations and acts on the collective unconscious of people born in a certain period of time. The lower vibrations make such individuals look for pain relief from the cruel reality and their own complexes in dreams, alcohol, drugs, falling in love with inaccessible personalities, endless watching TV shows and surfing the Internet instead of real deeds to achieve creative goals.

A strong Neptune gives talent, but can overwhelm with a wave of stellar sickness and fanaticism, leads astray with the temptation of the ability to deceive people for personal gain, a weak Neptune does not give interesting ideas and inspiration, the ability to recognize liars and scammers, friends and enemies.

The strongest qualities of Neptune are manifested:

  • in the signs of Pisces and Aquarius, partly Cancer – incredibly compassionate and kind people, but impractical in everyday life, it is easy to cheat them;
  • in the middle of the cardinal signs and houses of the horoscope;
  • with positive aspects with the Moon, talents, musical and healing abilities, extrasensory perception are enhanced.

The planet is weakest in the signs of Leo and Capricorn, and it has the least impact when it is in Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius. If weak and strong Neptune can equally create an inadequate perception of reality and intoxication with illusions, then it is easier for the owners of a planet with less influence to abstract from its hypnosis and control reality. But retrograde Neptune makes it difficult to build relationships, understand themselves and others due to the lack of connection between sensuality and rationality.

Signs of a weak and evil Neptune in real life

If individuals do not see beyond their noses, they are clearly deprived of the fantasy power of the patron of creativity. Such individuals become mentally callous, stingy with emotions, cruel and limited. This is an absolutely earthly, pragmatic mind, unable to appreciate art and music, to understand the depth of religious traditions.

Disharmonious Neptune adds mood swings to the lack of cosmic harmony in the soul, up to manic-depressive psychosis. This happens with the blue planet “in the mine” or when struck by negative aspects with evil “brothers”, which manifests itself on the event plane:

  • the desire to replace the lack of happiness and recognition with illusions: people invent a parallel reality for themselves and live in it most of the time, nothing interesting happens in his real life;
  • filling the spiritual emptiness with alcohol, empty communication, role-playing games;
  • increased resentment, attributing to others their experiences or assumptions and an acute emotional reaction to these fantasies;
  • split personality, consciousness, inappropriate behavior, including in public places;
  • conflicts with parents and spouses, or a conscious choice of alcoholics and drug addicts as life partners in the presence of negative aspects with the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus;
  • diseases of the sense organs: vision, hearing, as well as all viral diseases;
  • poisoning, danger on the water, predisposition to sectarianism and religious asceticism, a perverted understanding of faith;
  • fraud, lies, domestic disorder, chaos in the head and house, a tendency to steal.

The owners of the evil Neptune either fool others or deceive them. On a collective scale, they form concentration camps and torture chambers to fulfill their twisted fantasies. But there is no need to be afraid of the tense aspects. With a good study, their owners from afar see murderers, thieves and scammers, foresee danger, saving themselves and loved ones.

Elaboration of retrograde Neptune

Weak Neptune seeks nourishment in casual relationships, the hypnotic rhythm of the chaos of a nightclub, the low energies of gossip, intrigue, and condemnation of others. Characteristic features of a retrograde planet:

  • chaos in life, such individuals do not know how to keep the house, themselves, thoughts clean, easily amenable to dirty influence from the outside;
  • inability to live in the real world: constant retreat into memories, refusal to communicate, the feeling that everything good has already happened;
  • increased emotional sensitivity, voices in the head, suggestibility.
  • Salvation for the owners of retrograde Neptune lies in the rejection of vices, lies, wandering in the clouds.

It is necessary to act consciously every day, taking concrete steps towards the goal. The purpose for individuals is easiest to determine by the 10th house of the horoscope and creatively approach its implementation.

Creativity and spirituality are the two main medicines for revitalizing backward Neptune. It is necessary to exclude people with addictions from the circle of communication, create, live in the present moment and rejoice in what is and not blame oneself for the imperfection of the world.

Elaboration of Neptune with practical actions

It is impossible to harmonize Neptune once and for all. The fog of illusions creeps up imperceptibly, therefore it is important to be at a high level of spiritual development, to clear the mind of low energies, intoxication with one’s own superiority and greatness, to be a co-creator of God, but not to impose one’s works and internal projections on the world by force. The main task is to see the world as it is, without expectations. This does not mean the rejection of mysticism and extrasensory perception, on the contrary, it gives confident clairvoyance and clairvoyance without ego distortions. For this people need to:

  • stop the flow of consciousness through meditation, prayer practices, austerities, physical activity;
  • develop a high level of sensuality and observation in art through watching a good movie, attending concerts, studying music, photography, dancing; study medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, psychology;
  • communicate with enlightened teachers and simply positive successful people;
  • analyze dreams and signs of fate, deduce patterns and understand what the Universe wants to say;
  • study astrology and generic programs, repent of the sins of ancestors;
  • to be near the water more often, to swim, to pour water;
  • give up lying, condemnation, resentment, revenge, theft, debauchery, live according to the commandments, act nobly, but without unnecessary sacrifice.

By observing these rules, people with elaborated Neptune will be able to translate fantasies into reality, setting an example of  merciful creators and teachers.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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