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Elaboration of Pluto in the natal chart

The last higher planet is the most difficult for elaboration and harmonization, but not because it is associated with the theme of death, transformation and rebirth through stress and upheaval. Pluto influences entire generations and goes through each sign of the zodiac for 20 years. Karma accumulates slowly, and in order to get out of a sudden tornado of stressful events, an immediate transformation of consciousness and sometimes the body will be required.

Elaboration of Pluto begins with the cleansing of consciousness from emotional attachments in matters of death, violence, sex, big money, guilt and aggression. Any acute reactions to these topics speak of the disharmony of the lord of darkness and require harmonization through work with a psychologist and certain practical actions.

Strong and weak position of Pluto in the horoscope

Pluto rules the 8th house. In its possession are financial crises, operations, cancerous tumors, mass deaths, disasters and epidemics, but also inheritance, wealth through the management of other people’s finances and investments, power over people and their consciousness. The denial and repression of these issues from life creates big problems with health and partnerships, but especially with finances.

Pluto is always energy in its purest form, and if the sphere of life of the sector of the horoscope where it stands stagnates without development, a volcanic eruption will occur. A strong Pluto without understanding how to control it is even more dangerous than a weak and unmanifested one. The powerful influence of the lord of darkness is experienced by the owners of the planet:

  • with trines and sextiles to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Meridian of the Midheaven;
  • in the signs of Scorpio and Leo, especially in the 8th house;
  • in conjunction with Mercury, Jupiter and Mars.

Such people have incredible power to change the fate of generations and countries, but at the same time they are subject to temptation and abuse of power. They need to master the enormous power of Plutonian energies, otherwise it will subdue their minds. The weakest planet of darkness:

  • in Aquarius, Taurus and Libra;
  • without aspects and in a retrograde position;
  • in the presence of beneficial connections with Jupiter and the Sun.

Unmanifested Pluto makes a person a slave to social rules or powerful people, and a strong Pluto forms the consciousness of a slave owner.

Signs of a Strong Harmonious Pluto

It is difficult to work out Pluto in the usual way. First of all, a person needs willpower and self-confidence in order to overcome personal weaknesses and not become a dictator. A harmonious planet gives incredible performance, the ability to survive during epidemics, disasters and wars, heal from a serious illness and get rich from scratch. The man is bold to the point of recklessness, but always wins, magically finds a way out of the most difficult situation and is incredibly sexy, even if his facial features are far from perfect.

Signs of Evil Disharmonious Pluto

The owners of the affected planet obey the powerful people, but tyrannize those who depend on them. This happens when Pluto is hit by several aspects with evil brothers at once, or it stands at the beginning of the sign and is therefore weak. These people are vengeful and insidious, but wear a mask of benevolence and decency.

Envy and guilt can eat them up, which leads to oncology and the destruction of the psyche, and this takes a lot of time, so they do not see the relationship between illness and psychosomatics.

These individuals are afraid to declare themselves, to take the first step, to experiment in sex, investments, changing lifestyle and profession.

Pluto, like the other two higher planets, affects the mass consciousness, so when it is struck, people cannot think about public speaking or a leadership position. They desperately want to be in the center of public attention, but they have no idea what to do with it. In addition, dark forces or sorcerers who are called by envious people instantly show interest in them.

A weak Pluto is not necessarily evil, for example, being in Libra, it creates a friendly and charismatic personality that reconciles and harmonizes any mass conflicts. But if there are negative aspects and retrograde, the picture will be different.

Elaboration of Pluto in the mine and retrograde

Any planet without aspects seeks to express itself, but without support makes a lot of mistakes. However, Pluto always endowspeople with supersensibility, they just need to listen to their inner voice. It is necessary to avoid plagiarism, not to imitate interesting people, but to become  self-sufficient individuals, without imposing themselves, but at the same time remaining unique and authoritative. It is important to adhere to calmness and optimism in any situation and develop spiritually, including in line with the religion accepted in the country.

Retrograde Pluto gives difficulties in partnership, with money and team at work. People with retrograde Pluto want to solve these problems in one fell swoop, and they often resort to black magic, which instantly worsens karma. First of all, such individuals need to stick to the bright side, develop Venus and Mercury, get rid of envy and pump Mars through sports and overcoming fears.

Elaboration of  Pluto with practical actions

Everyone needs to know the level of power of this planet in the horoscope in order to be masters of their own destiny, consciously increasing the intensity of energy or stopping it. To feel connected with Pluto and harmonize with it, the following actions will help a person:

  • psychological cleansing of consciousness with the help of a specialist and independent practices: write out and burn negative attitudes, beat pillows, cry out, any means of purification through an explosion of emotions;
  • study of the karmic programs of the family, astrology, any esoteric directions for managing fate;
  • rejection of resentment, anger, revenge, excessive expectations from life and other people, violation of their personal boundaries, but also not to allow oneself to be manipulated;
  • consciously fight against the desire to pursue, follow, watch the social networks of those people who cause base emotions, for example, ex-spouses;
  • to be a crisis manager both at work and in reality, to help others get out of emotional upheavals, to be a personal psychologist and motivator;
  • purification of space and body through strong transformational programs: we are not talking about light diets, but fasting, hard drying, a complete change in the nutrition system;
  • learn to command correctly and wisely, manage finances, people, any resources;
  • adequately part with former love, work, colleagues, housing without the desire to throw mud at, take revenge, destroy;
  • know own worth and not lose the personal orientation during spontaneous unrest and in the team, as Pluto encourages individual to join the majority.

Many astrologers say that the planet of darkness takes something in return for its gifts of power and wealth, but if it is worked out, then what was taken earlier will return to the native, but almost always in a different way.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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