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Human life, like everything else in nature, is subject to cyclic changes. The success of this or that type of activity at each moment of time is determined by the balance of inflow and outflow of its internal energy. This balance changes in accordance with human biorhythm cycles.

Physical biorhythm

biorhythms onlineCharacterizes the amount of internal energy of the body, as well as indicators such as endurance, activity, speed reactions and others. Also, the physical biorhythm determines the ability to restore the body, enterprise and ambition. Metabolic efficiency indicators depend on it.

Assessing a person’s physical condition must necessarily include an examination of this biorhythmic cycle. This is especially important for athletes, for whom great physical activity becomes an integral part of daily work. The definition of favorable and unfavorable periods will make it possible to vary the degree of intensity of training. In this way, a person can avoid injury and use their internal resources as efficiently as possible.

Emotional biorhythm

biorhythms onlineThis biorhythm determines your internal emotional state. The course of his cycle directly affects the sensitivity of a person, his perception, as well as the whole range of feelings and emotions that accompany everyday life. Also, the soul biorhythm is responsible for creativity and intuitive knowledge. It is especially important to consider the emotional cycle for women and all people involved in creative activities or those whose work is related to communication.

The impact of soul biorhythm on family and love relationships is very clear. Since his cycle determines the tendency to empathy, vulnerability and resentment, these factors can have a significant impact on the communication of two close people.

Smart biorhythm

Biorhythm calculationThis biorhythmic cycle characterizes a person’s mental abilities. The ability to think, draw logical conclusions, compare facts, find relationships depends on the position of the sinusoid of the intellectual biorhythm. In addition, this biorhythm is responsible for foresight and caution, determining the rationality of human actions. Especially clearly feel the changes in the cycle of people of intellectual professions – teachers, writers, journalists, financiers, etc.

There is a version according to which there is a relationship between the intellectual biorhythm and thyroid secretion. There is also data confirming the dependence of labor productivity on changes in the cycle of this biorhythm.

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