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Black Moon (Lilith) in Aries – transformation of aggression

In each natal chart there is a kind of black hole, showing in what environment and field of activity a person falls under bad influence. The affairs and interests of this house and sign are dragging it in like a swamp, changing the idea of time, of what is right and what is false. Lilith is a counter of karma, showing the disposition to certain sins and crimes, as well as the dangers that accompany the native through life. The ruler of internal demons is in any horoscope, but the degree of harm depends on the level of spirituality of the native.

Lilith in Aries is one of the most difficult positions, because temptations arise impulsively, under the influence of emotions that are difficult to resist. It gives a propensity for violence, increased sexuality, pleasure from pain or suffering at a low level, but at a high stage of development it helps to identify criminals and fight injustice on the go.

Past lives of the owner of Lilith in Aries

The position of the Black Moon distorts the themes of her house and sign. They are extremely important to the native, but they are misunderstood 90% of the time by the experience of past incarnations. It is high time to move away from the stereotypes that Lilith in Aries is supposedly 100% a sign of a killer or rapist. It is possible, but not always.

Most often, the native was related to the military sphere: he fought for money, honor, his native land, or just battles were his passion. Crime could be among people who are not distinguished by special virtues in their current incarnation.

Women were often slaves to their sexuality, but the option of a faithful wife, who was the object of desire for all men, is not excluded. The owner of the horoscope could well lead the troops like Jeanne d’Arc and restore the economy without her husband, who died in battle.

In any case, the war in the literal and figurative sense is the habitual habitat of the native, and he is trying to recreate it in the present time.

The low level of development of the native is a sign of problems with the law in the past, an addiction to pain and violence against partners and various depraved excesses.

Manifestations of Lilith in Aries in life

The Black Moon affects people with varying degrees of intensity, depending on what stage of spiritual development they are at. It is important to bring it to the highest level as soon as possible, because the position in Aries attracts very severe karmic punishments, and the presence of squares and oppositions of Mars and Pluto is especially dangerous.

Any violence or outbreak of aggression turns into even greater destruction in relation to the native.

The owners of Lilith in Aries are easy to recognize. They are always on the run, they need everything at once, and even a minute of waiting is annoying.

These are quick-tempered and aggressive people in their assertiveness, but behind this is self-doubt. Hence the violent desire to subdue everyone under him and assert himself through outrageous or bold actions. The native can be either a hero leading soldiers on the attack, or a rapist and Jack the Ripper.

Lilith in Aries is manifested on 3 levels:

1. Low: the native died in sins and debauchery, not realizing the horror of his deeds, and he is again drawn to kill, rob, destroy and sow discord.

2. Medium: the native reaps the fruits of sins and is now a victim of crime and violence, he is persecuted, he causes anger and hatred, which must be overcome in order to heal his karma.

3. Higher: the native sees murderers and thieves from a mile away, brings them to clean water, freeing the world from evil. He fights for justice and defeats criminals.

Lilith in Aries may not have clear signs and may not manifest at all without certain emotions or events. Demon provocateurs – young brutal men with gangster inclinations or any form of violence.

Personal life with Lilith in Aries

Men and women with such a Black Moon are incredibly sexy, but their fantasies are often vulgar and perverted, and traditional relationships may not be suitable. They prefer many partners, they are prone to betrayal, especially if Lilith is in the 5th or 7th house, unless they work out this area consciously.

Strict upbringing drives the thirst for passion and dominance over a life partner deep under the guise of a decent person, but nothing prevents you from fantasizing. These are secret supporters of sadomasochistic relationships, and even at the 3rd level of development this is manifested as suffering from love for a cruel or indifferent person.

If karma is worked out, then Lilith in Aries gives protection from violence, high self-esteem and passionate love in marriage.

How to Defeat the Demons Lilith in Aries

You can not succumb to provocations. There will be many enemies, as well as the desire to take cruel revenge and destroy the offenders, but this is the transition of the line, back into the darkness of past sins. You need to resist the spiteful critics firmly and within the limits of legal defense methods, without emotional involvement. Also prohibited are a number of actions that include a funnel of evil:

  • fights, risk, gambling, blogger pranks for likes;
  • murders, violence, watching violent films that incite interest in debauchery;
  • aggressive sports without rules, black magic, hypnosis;
  • violation of the law, including marriage vows, theft, gossip, participation in conspiracies.

Every 9 years, Lilith tests the owner of the horoscope, causing a desire to do something forbidden or confronting crime, and here it is important to behave honestly and nobly. Sincere faith in God and the release of negativity through sports or stage art will help with this. Feeling the admiration of fans, receiving awards, the native satisfies the ambitions and thirst for power, and moves to the highest level. Here he will be able to dominate the dark energy, redirecting it to a resource state.

Bright representatives of Lilith in Aries: V. Lenin, A. Volochkova, V. Fetisov.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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