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Lilith in Taurus – transformation of greed

The Black Moon shows in which area the strongest temptations await, and where the greatest number of sins were committed. Knowing this, it is easier to manage yourself and the events around you, because Lilith is a karma counter. Succumbing to her provocations every 9 years, a person can greatly ruin his life, because retribution for base pleasure is inevitable. If you work out the dark desires caused by the Black Moon, you can get out of its influence and free yourself from the age-old karma.

Lilith in Taurus is a sign of a miser and a usurer who profited from other people’s misfortunes, because the passion for money and things was stronger than feelings and moral standards. Now the task of a person is to develop a spiritual principle in himself and learn to calmly relate to the material world, accepting the fact that nothing truly belongs to him forever.

Lilith in Taurus and past lives

The level of karmic negativity depends on the conditions and circumstances in which the native was born. Loving parents, comfort and prosperity are a sign of a little abuse of the low energies of Taurus. For example, there is greed, gluttony, but they can be easily corrected. It is much more difficult for children from poor families with marginal parents or the offspring of millionaires who initially put money at the forefront, and these beliefs are superimposed on tribal karma.

In a past incarnation, a person was a banker or a slave owner and profited from the tears of the oppressed. He could be a rich heir who lost or squandered the family heritage, or a dissolute hedonist who pursued sensual pleasures, forgetting about the soul.

On the one hand, the native had wealth, on the other hand, there was a “blind spot” in the financial field. He did not know and still does not understand how to properly handle money – save or throw away for short-term pleasures.

Manifestations of the Black Moon in Taurus in real life

Behind the addiction to money is always a wild fear of losing it. Lilith is an indicator of the dark karma of the clan. Perhaps hundreds of years ago, the ancestors of the native suffered from hunger and loss of wealth and committed crimes to get out of poverty.

Any threat of loss of material wealth causes horror and wild fury, when a person is ready to kill or frame another just to keep his fortune. This is not always hypertrophied, but it serves as a basis for a marriage of convenience, stinginess, when, having a solid bank account, the native saves on the necessary, or vice versa, is very infantile in handling money and shifts responsibility to other people for fear of not coping.

Lilith in Taurus has 3 levels of manifestation, depending on spiritual development:

1. Low – the native is a greedy and unscrupulous businessman. He does not shun crime and deceit in order to increase his fortune. These are black realtors, scammers of all stripes, creators of financial pyramids. However, they are often also left without funds or suffer from their accomplices.

2. Average – the native is financially dependent on parents, husband, partners. He can live in good conditions, but completely, like a thing, belong to a wealthy patron, or lose all funds, trying to develop a business, and suffer from the persecution of collectors. He is chronically unlucky with money, his housing is taken away. This is retribution for past sins.

3. Higher – freedom from material dependence, possession of millions without emotional dependence and fear, helping others to gain financial freedom.

The Taurus Demon turns on in an environment of scarcity, when they ask for a loan and do not return it for a long time.

Lilith in Taurus and personal life

Owners of the 1st and 2nd stages of karma are afraid that the chosen one will not rob them, therefore they draw up a marriage contract, or hide part of the income. Such men always have stash from their wife, or in marriage they are extremely stingy and give out money only for necessary expenses.

You can live with this only by earning on an equal footing, or being richer than him, otherwise you can turn into a slave.

Women with Lilith in Taurus unconsciously choose gigolos or infantile men who are unable to earn above the average salary in order to feel safe. They admire enterprising businessmen from afar, but are afraid that such a husband would not appropriate their business or are afraid of complete dependence on him in the absence of his capital. At the 2nd level of karma, both men and women can meet marriage swindlers who take away their apartments and houses.

How to defeat the demon Lilith in Taurus

The owners of the Black Moon most often deny the importance of money and assure the partner that they are not interested in their funds or are ready to take on the costs of living together. However, then they accuse those of dependency and inability to earn money on their own.

Until a person gets rid of the fear of losing money, he will meet mirror partners who in one way or another contribute to bankruptcy.

It is important to work in the financial sector as a manager through whom huge cash flows go, but do not personally belong to him. This will help to be in the flow of abundance, but not be afraid to lose it. They are excellent rulers and leaders. It is necessary to help others earn money, and not to stop their undertakings.

It is good for the owner of Lilith in Taurus to work on the ground, in his garden or garden, and give a tithe of any earnings to those in need, as well as read a lot and develop a fine aesthetic sense through art.

Celebrities with Lilith in Taurus – Catherine II, V. van Gogh, I. Aivazovsky, A. Lincoln.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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