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Planets in retrograde

Mercury retrograde

The retrograde motion of Mercury lasts about 24 days and usually occurs 3 times a year. With a high probability, this retrograde phase affects the activation of external factors and situations that affect the actions and experience taken, rather than stimulating internal forces and aspirations. This is what can cause frustration, delays, difficulties, or a change in plans at the very last minute. This is not the best time to make important decisions, sign papers and documents that involve long-term commitments. Not so significant, but annoying disruptions and delays in solving social and transport issues are quite likely.

Also, minor frustrations and troubles can be associated with car repairs, telephone malfunctions, messaging, mail delays, delivery delays, car breakdowns, as well as sudden cancellations of agreements and changes of plans and conditions at the last minute. It is likely that past mistakes will have to be reviewed and corrected. This is a really good time for mental activity and work related to scientific research, editing, revision and proofreading of already written works. Also, this period is favorable for meditation, deep introspection and various types of psychological practices. All new cases and projects should be planned out in the most careful way, down to the smallest detail, but you should not start their implementation until then,
Planets in retrograde

Retrograde Venus

The Venus retrograde phase lasts about 42 days and occurs for an estimated eight months every year. It is noteworthy that this period has a significant impact on the personal and love sphere of life, namely, it affects love impulses, attractiveness, emotional reactions, personal values ​​and perceptions, as well as relationships with a partner. This phase can also be associated with a psychological attitude to the current financial condition and personal property. During this time, it is not recommended to get married, start divorce proceedings, as well as enter into partnerships related to business and take serious action in relation to careers and new projects. Since Venus is also a financially ruled planet, this may not be the best time to invest money in large purchases and financial investments. On the other hand, this is a favorable period: to review all existing relationships and connections and determine their true value, before drawing conclusions that affect the final decision and taking on all obligations. It is at this time that people can successfully balance all their future financial affairs and spending.

Retrograde Mars

Retrograde motion of Mars lasts about 80 days and occurs every 2 years. During this period, it may seem that people’s new ideas and plans have the opposite result, are not done on time, develop too slowly or, in general, they are not destined to be fulfilled. This is not the best time to start an activity that will require significant adventurous effort, bold action, adventurous risks, or prolonged physical effort. Difficult situations can affect people, but they need to maintain their energy at the proper level and direct attention to what they previously neglected and failed to bring to completion. During this difficult period for them, health problems are quite likely due to involuntary irascibility, irritability, impatience, disappointment or tension. Complaints of inflammation, abrasions, burns, cuts or injuries resulting from sudden accidents. Nevertheless, this phase is the best place to start planning any important projects or to revise and refine projects already started and their successful completion. When used constructively, this period will provide an opportunity to rethink the actions and return what is really important to people.

Retrograde Jupiter

Jupiter’s retrograde motion lasts for 4 months and usually happens once a year. This period has a greater impact on character and relationships than on events and situations. And, although this is not the best time for moving, business trips and long trips abroad, as well as for completing some major financial and legal transactions, on the other hand, this can be a good time to delve into spiritual or philosophical practices. Realizing that  inner knowledge is comprehended  from higher consciousness, it is necessary to understand that it also affects mental activity. It is important here to pay attention to the location of the house in the natal chart through which Jupiter passes in order to understand its favorable influence. Strong self-confidence is likely, although sociability and a generally favorable attitude may be suppressed. When people change the motion of Jupiter to a straight line, they may be involved in new relationships that will affect their progress in society. If Jupiter has other tense aspects, there may be a strong enthusiasm, but this will not be beneficial, since it is quite likely that an erroneous assessment of their strengths is possible.

Retrograde Saturn

The retrograde phase of Saturn lasts about 4.5 months during each year. The impact of Saturn slows down the current activity, providing a chance to concentrate on developing effective plans and methods that, after its completion, will allow people to achieve success in their endeavors. Large-scale and long-term enterprises and expectations can be delayed and cause unforeseen difficulties and setbacks. Unforeseen commitments and problems will enter their lives, requiring time and energy to solve previously unfinished or abandoned affairs; so now they will have to take care of solving these problems first before they can move forward. People must fulfill the obligations they have already made with patience, endurance and inner poise. Saturn teaches them to slow down, stop, and become more solid and organized. This is not the right time for a change of activity or career, as well as for attempts to change the status in society, but still, this is a favorable period to make adjustments to the current activities. There is no need to actively seek additional commitments, as they may take much longer to complete than originally estimated. Constant work on feelings and inner world in the future will provide incommensurable support for  psychological endurance.

Retrograde Uranus

The Uranus retrograde phase lasts about 155 days in one year. Therefore, the probability of its influence on a specific person must be taken into account according to the location of the house in the natal chart through which it passes; there is also information on the influencing aspects. The only certain aspects associated with the retrograde movement of Uranus that will be immediately identified when the usual flow of affairs in the house that it crosses is disrupted are sudden situations and cataclysms caused by a constant violation of order, which will undoubtedly cancel all plans and intentions. Uranus retrograde will make people think about the need for personal freedom and self-expression, if it has not been met up to this point.

Also, the retrograde movement of Uranus can affect intuitive processes, thanks to which people will find new ways of self-expression and become more enlightened. They may not notice anything in the external perception of the environment, but it will be an indescribable, exciting feeling on a subjective level, after which they will no longer be able to see things as they saw them before at this stage of life. When the course of Uranus is disrupted, periods of strange occurrences can occur that can rarely be analyzed and explained. The best way to adapt to this period is to try to delve into the deep processes lurking under the surface, which they previously ignored, and consider them objectively, in “daylight”. Uranus retrograde can provide tremendous spiritual opportunities, but only if people are honest with themselves and ready to see them in their lives.
Planets in retrograde

Retrograde Neptune

The movement of Neptune in the retrograde phase lasts about 158 ​​days and occurs once a year. Its primary influence is especially pronounced in the house through which it carries out its movement. Since Neptune is characterized by everything subtle and elusive, it will be quite difficult in the physical plane to determine all the planetary aspects that must be taken into account when analyzing and understanding the motion of Neptune. A significant part of this phase of movement is considered mainly from the theoretical side and from the point of view of conjectures, and can only be understood individually by everyone at a deep level while people are in this period of time. Neptune Retrograde brings up unresolved problems and circumstances from the past (even from the present life), which can change the emotional-psychological attitude. It is able to influence deep, often hidden feelings . It is necessary to be more thoughtful, and then by understanding the nature of these feelings, it will be possible to take them under control. Due to the deception of Neptune, other structures gradually weaken, lose support and become less stable, even if from the outside it may not seem so, but to understand this, it is necessary  to look deep inside for answers. Only then people can recognize the emotionally neglected parts of themselves that need nurturing participation and compassion. However, such individuals may need to experience several phases to understand their true inner nature.

Retrograde Pluto

Pluto’s retrograde motion occurs once a year and lasts about 160 days. Usually its influence is focused on the house through which it passes, but due to its too slow movement, its influence may sometimes seem subtle to people. Pluto affects the deepest and most subconscious levels of the mind and psyche, so this is not so easy to identify at first glance. By suspending the outward development of the house that Pluto is passing through, it forces people to focus on the fact that they have not been able to fully recover themselves during the last transit cycles. The more aware they become, the less excruciating and stressful the next retrograde Pluto phase becomes. All that they thought they realized were unpleasant questions and deeds of their past that have already bothered them for a long time, so they began to resist them psychologically when they once again appeared on life’s journey in order to be revised. Pluto only cares about the essence of the fact that people have not worked through them and transformed them into higher levels of matter.

From an objective point of view, this period can provide opportunities, given which house is involved in the movement phase, to move away from the familiar and find obvious sources of resolution that people previously overlooked, and which will now help them move towards their goal in this already well-studied area. At this time, special attention should be paid to discipline, emotional composure and be sure to control an appetite. This is an excellent period for knowing yourself, discovering new facets of the inner self and realizing that rebirth is necessary. Pluto in the retrograde phase of movement affects the identification of weaknesses and the development of abilities. If during this period people do not pay special attention to the development of potential, it will be impossible to discover their true opportunities.

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