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Elaboration of Chiron in the natal chart

Chiron, named after the wise centaur, the teacher of ancient heroes, is not a planet, but an asteroid, but it has a very tangible effect on the owner of the horoscope. If it is difficult to do many things at the same time, and a sense of humor does not come to the rescue in difficult situations, Chiron is weakened and needs to be elaborated. This is already a trans-Saturn level, the key to the energies of the subtle world, where without support from above it is impossible to quickly react, adapt to new conditions, and get out of the crisis.

In addition, the mysterious asteroid is the patron of social adaptation, bestowing acting skills and the ability to mimic any team, wit, charm and healing abilities. A person with a strong Chiron is loved, despite punctures and mistakes, the owner of a weak one is made an outcast. It is especially important to elaborate Chiron for single people who cannot find their soul mate in any way, and for women who find it difficult to get pregnant, because the planetoid is responsible for the subtle plans of conception.

Strengths and weaknesses of Chiron

Astrologers do not get tired of arguing about the strength of the influence of a mysterious asteroid. It is a kind of diplomat, through which one can “negotiate” with the less accessible higher planets and neutralize the influence of the main ones, especially Saturn.

Chiron is traditionally believed to be strong:

  • in the signs of Libra and Taurus, and exalted in Sagittarius, whose symbol is the centaur;
  • in Virgo, Gemini and Pisces, when the ability to notice any little thing, feel the cosmic vibrations and establish contact with any person is especially clearly manifested;
  • in positive aspects with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.

By itself, Chiron does not govern the signs, although it is considered an additional ruler, but rather creates favorable circumstances, gives hints on the way to the goal. If people stop and do not want to go further, Chiron will not push them in the back.

Nevertheless, everyone needs its strength, because with its help people can easily assimilate information, separate the important from the secondary, defeat enemies verbally, with humor, and most importantly, legally impartially, punishing according to the law. Without the good Chiron, it is impossible to understand another person and reveal acting abilities. It gives resourcefulness, composure in dangerous situations, a sharp mind and short-term foresight, which is very useful for carriers of complex professions: the military, rescuers, surgeons, sailors, pilots.

Strong Chiron can become evil, especially often this happens in the sign of Gemini, Aries, Scorpio, but also when:

  • connection with Lilith;
  • burning by the Sun;
  • defeat through the Black Moon in Libra;
  • retrograde position.

In these cases, the talents of the planetoid are used for selfish evil purposes. A brilliant lawyer defends criminals, a talented actor deals with theft and fraud. A vivid example of the evil Chiron is the great schemer Ostap Bender.

Elaboration of Chiron “in the mine”

The absence of aspects means that the problem of reconciliation of the animal nature and spirituality in oneself is not very relevant for people. Questions of good and evil do not bother them. This is most often the position of happy inhabitants who are satisfied with everything and extra knowledge will only upset their internal balance.

But if such individuals grow spiritually and set big goals, they will have to consciously develop intuition, abandon the black and white vision of the world, recognize that there is a blessing in disguise, and any form has the right to exist. Chiron in the mine is characterized by hesitations and doubts on the threshold of any decision, throwing in search of a destination, but if people decide on it and cultivate the above qualities in themselves, the elaboration process will go faster.

Harmonization of retrograde Chiron

This position means that individuals have buried their talents in the ground or there are internal complexes that do not allow them to manifest. With obvious talent, they are simply not physically able to go on stage or negotiate with future partners.

If there are defeats of Venus, the Moon and Mars, and Chiron is located in the 1st or 7th house, then their owners will avoid love relationships or marriage registration, without really understanding why. The roots of such behavior go back to the karmic problems of the family, so they need to work with a psychologist, a rodologist and find starting conflicts.

The second step is to consciously develop the talents inherent in nature, albeit through mistakes and fears, but to reveal oneself in public.

Retrograde Chiron also requires harmonization in medical astrology, as organs often suffer under the tutelage of the sign where it stands.

Elaboration of Chiron in conjunction with the planets and aspects with Lilith

When the symbol of duality and paradox connects with the planet, it seems to divide it in two. People are able to manifest both good and evil qualities of the planet in different emotional states. For example, the owners of the conjunction of Chiron and Mars can be thrown from painful shyness to insane courage, when a timid “nerd” suddenly neutralizes an armed terrorist, or a worse option: a man is afraid of his boss and fawns over his colleagues, and beats his wife at home.

Elaboration consists in conscious concentration on the positive qualities of the planet and Chiron and their development in everyday life.

It is much more difficult to elaborate aspects with Lilith. They create a double black hole, where forces and energy leave with great speed. People are always tired, the more they fuss, the less they have time. They are tormented by fears, reality is seen as hypertrophied dangerous, mental health is collapsing before our eyes, there is a fear of sex, or vice versa, traditional intimate relationships are not satisfying.

Elaboration consists in a conscious choice of the bright side, regular prayer practices, work with a psychologist to cleanse generic programs, as well as choosing a bright and unusual image for self-presentation in society. Such individuals need to allow themselves to deliberately surprise and delight the public, find a partner for sexual experiments, study esotericism, travel to places of light power. Under the ban – black magic, gossip, denunciations, condemnation of others.

Elaboration of Chiron with practical actions

The method of harmonization depends largely on the position of the planetoid in a particular house or sign, but there are a number of general recommendations. Chiron is responsible for successful multitasking and personality diversity. To strengthen it, individuals need to learn to simultaneously perform different tasks: read several books at once, work at a computer and cook dinner, walk and play with children, correspond and communicate with interlocutors live, but you can’t choose actions that are potentially dangerous: for example, drive a car and talking on the phone. Chiron severely suppresses illegal actions, but encourages:

  • learning foreign languages ​​and working in foreign companies, bilingual families where they need to communicate in several dialects;
  • any unusual hobbies that are uncharacteristic for a person: when a humanist begins to learn quantum physics, and a fat person is fond of dancing;
  • the practice of traditional medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, astrology;
  • acting, blogging, changing looks: new hairstyles, makeup, clothing style, especially when there is one dress code at work, but in life it is radically opposite;
  • communication with different representatives of society;
  • computer programs, board games, quests, role-playing scenarios.

The main condition is to use all this without fanaticism, for the benefit of the soul, without emotional dependence.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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