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Elaboration of Uranus in the natal chart

People with a problematic Uranus can not be overlooked. They destroy everything they touch. Strange, unlike others, like aliens who accidentally ended up in a strange dimension. Sometimes it is innate, but most often the affected Uranus pushes its owners to odious acts, fueled by the energy of the shocked spectators. This can be expressed through creativity, risky stunts, eccentric fashion images, scientific daring research, but sometimes such a desire comes with a minus sign – to destroy beauty and integrity, sow chaos and rise by burning smarter and more balanced colleagues at the stake of permissiveness. Such Uranus is dangerous for these individuals and their relatives, and often serves as an indicator of schizophrenia, autism, sexual deviations.

Strength and weakness of Uranus in the horoscope

Individuals with a troubled planet of eccentrics always consider themselves  misunderstood geniuses. They are snobs, confident that they are smarter, more beautiful than many.  Mood swings and eccentricity of behavior repel calm and harmonious people from them.

Even the owners of strong Uranus suffer from this, which makes them inventors, innovators, brilliant actors, writers, scientists. In this case:

  • the sign of Aquarius is strongly pronounced, where either Uranus or the Sun stands, or their harmonious combination, strengthened by positive aspects with good planets;
  • Uranus in exaltation in Scorpio plus good aspects with the Moon;
  • the sextiles of the planet promise unexpected meetings with the right people, fabulously changing lives for the better.

Affected Uranus distorts consciousness and creates an irresistible desire to shock, break the rules, go to the barricades. In addition, these individuals  have electric shock and lightning, they are afraid to fly on airplanes, they have no sense of humor.

Uranus is weakest expressed:

  • in Taurus and Leo – does not shock openly, but due to low sensuality and empathy, cannot show creativity, problems with the family;
  • in a retrograde position – a sign of a destroyer and a revolutionary who does not recognize authorities and power;
  • in the 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th houses, weighed down by tense aspects with the Sun, Saturn, Mars, Pluto.

Uranus “in the mine” stands apart – without aspects. The desire to prove oneself occurs in adulthood, after thorough preparation. It can be either going to a monastery or into show business. The crisis of 40 years is just explained by the opposition of transit Uranus to natal, and if the second is not worked out, divorces and dismissals happen.

Manifestations of problematic Uranus in life

The planet of eccentrics is always associated with surprise. These are surges of inspiration and sudden discoveries, but also outbursts of rage and a desire to reshape the world. Owners of retrograde Uranus often experiment with their appearance, undergo plastic surgery, and wear bold designer novelties.

There is no ideal position for the planet. Relative harmony and strength carry a potential danger to others, and defeat by aspects and a weak positionre a threat to the owners of the planet themselves, when they do not understand what makes them ruin their lives and fly like a butterfly to the fire. Uranic influence is expressed in constant events:

  • falls from a height, the desire for extreme sports at a fast speed, violation of safety rules: a person is drawn to mischief for the amusement of the crowd;
  • choosing an unusual eccentric profession: tiger trainer, magician, racer, tester, stuntman;
  • there is no sense of proportion, tact, taste, everything is excessive and pompous, there is chaos in life and at home, there is no comfort and warmth in the family;
  • electrical appliances constantly fail, explode, wiring lights up, electric shocks, or a person is not able to use them, chooses retro equipment, ignores the Internet and smartphone;
  • bare nerves – any trifle provokes a scandal, insomnia after or on the eve of a difficult conversation, inappropriate behavior during emotional arousal;
  • mental disorders of the emotional spectrum;
  • withdrawal into the inner world, ignoring simple self-care actions: forget to wash hair, brush teeth, but actively flirts with the opposite sex, not understanding the reasons for the refusal (may become embittered and take revenge);
  • love for great speed driving, violation of safety rules, recklessness on the roads;
  • nervous tics, panic attacks, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, dizziness, brain damage, cranial trauma;
  • selfishness in relationships: such individuals are not going to change dangerous or bad habits, they believe that their partners should adapt to them.

Any oddities that can be dangerous for such natives and their relatives, especially exotic addictions, speak of problems with Uranus, which simply needs to be put into a higher orbit.

Elaboration of Uranus without aspects

A planet without aspects is looking for ways to express itself. It is important to find how to do it on the highest floor of the planet, because about 40 years there will be an irresistible desire to change life dramatically and people need to understand in what perspective to do it. It will help to study astrology and psychology, communicate with enlightened people, travel and follow their interests, for example, playing in the theater, TV broadcasting, creating Internet projects, shooting interesting videos, sports with a Uranian bias: racing bicycles, pole vaulting or water , eSports.

Elaboration of Uranus with practical actions

At a low level of development, Uranus brings only chaos, despite genius and talent. The first step in elaboration will be creativity in a certain system, as well as emotional balance, when individuals show their uniqueness, not violating the harmony of space, but decorating it. They do not wait for ideal circumstances and partners, but create them as  directors.

A boring routine life is not for Uranian personalities, but even bright and unusual events and freelance work can be planned and structured.

Also important:

  • choose aprofession for love, develop a sensual sphere, cultivate a sense of proportion, tact, responsiveness, a sense of humor;
  • equip the house as much as possible with electrical appliances that make life easier: a dishwasher, a slow cooker, a smart vacuum cleaner, repair the car in time, check the electrical wiring, gas;
  • ride rides that give thrills, such as roller coasters, watch drama films with an unpredictable plot, go through various quests, labyrinths;
  • maintain an unusual outrageous blog under an interesting pseudonym, create a personal community on the Internet;
  • participate and organize mass role-playing games, shoot films, stage performances and play the most prominent roles in them, uncharacteristic for a native in life;
  • study astrology, esotericism, speed reading, new computer programs, ways of saving and financial investments;
  • finish things ahead of time.

The beginning of any new projects, when the unknown tickles the nerves, activates Uranus. The more these individuals learn, the more harmoniously this planet will express itself. They should not be afraid to fly on an airplane if Uranus has positive aspects and at the same time it is in the 8th or 12th house, but quadrature is a reason to carefully choose an airline in compliance with the rules for elaboration of the planet. It is also recommended to select dates for flights with an astrologer.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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