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Elaboration of Jupiter in the natal chart

The planet of great happiness, money, social success and self-expression in the framework of public ideas about success is blocked by negative aspects or initially weak position in the horoscope. Without its energy, a person seems to be in isolation: luck floats by, and one can only dream of the location of the powerful of this world. It is a mistake to consider a strong Jupiter as a lottery ticket. An excess of Jupiterian influence forms a braggart and fanatic, boasting of wealth and status. The secret is that even a harmonious planet must be used in practice, in the affairs of the house where it is located. Without this, it will be of little use even in the presence of trines and sextiles. The struck Jupiter all the more needs to be worked out, otherwise you will not see any happy occasions, or a fast-moving career and big money.

Signs of strong and weak Jupiter

The position of Jupiter in the natal chart clearly shows in which area of ​​life people have earned good karma or where it takes a little work to pull the energy of good luck out of captivity with the help of the character traits of the Sun and Moon through interaction with society. Jupiter always multiplies and expands talents, rewards justice and the practical application of knowledge.

Jupiter is strongest:

  • in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, symbolizing generosity and knowledge of the world from the material and spiritual sides;
  • in exaltation in the sign of Cancer and in the realm of Leo, strengthened by his solar energy;
  • in the same sign with the Sun, Moon, Mercury;
  • in the presence of favorable aspects with the septener planets.

Jupiter denotes the spiritual mission of a person, the ability to create and build a career in harmony with one’s beliefs and convictions, to raise children in a certain system of values ​​according to the rules of justice and nobility. A strong position gives an inner understanding of how to do it, without even studying specifically, and a direct connection with higher powers. The prayer of such people works wonders. A weak position encourages them to seek the truth from teachers and books, not trusting themselves.

It is especially difficult for the owners of Jupiter:

  • in Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini;
  • in the “mine” without any aspects;
  • with many negative connections with the planets, especially with Saturn, Pluto and Mars.

It is believed that with the struck Jupiter, former fanatics and persecutors of dissidents are born, as well as those who took away honestly earned money from people or led astray with false promises.

Manifestations of weak Jupiter in real life

A strong planet of great happiness gives confidence in self-worth and an understanding of the place in one’s social hierarchy, which means that a person knows how to move towards the goal both independently and with the support of rich and influential people. However, in the life of the owners of a weak Jupiter, completely different events occur:

  • hostility of the boss and colleagues, bureaucratic obstacles and refusals to issue the necessary documents, administrative penalties, litigation;
  • difficulties with foreign trips already from the moment of obtaining visas and buying tickets;
  • difficulties in learning foreign languages, business burnout with foreign partners, violation of laws;
  • denial of authority, the importance of the material world, isolation, asceticism and the study of subtle matters, or vice versa, money-grubbing, gluttony, hoarding with the depreciation of spiritual laws;
  • religious fanaticism or militant atheism;
  • using laws in a perverted form to cover their sins;
  • the desire to seem like an important person, although in reality the native is lying, pretending to be a rich man or the president of a company;
  • problems with spouses and children, in the opinion of a person, they are not status and talented enough to enhance his importance for the world;
  • narrow outlook and unwillingness to learn, denial of the value of education, books, knowledge.

People with a weak Jupiter doubt and hesitate before making a decision: to break or keep the law. They know that it is impossible, but if it is profitable for them, they will deceive, frame and even kill, not only impulsively, but after considering the ways of a safe retreat after the crime.

Elaboration of Jupiter without aspects

Jupiter in a mine with a harmonious arrangement forms an independent type of thinking, a desire to reach social heights and show the world one’s uniqueness, but often through an obsessive desire to become famous at all costs. Jupiter in exile creates obsessive criminal ideas of permissiveness or destruction of the good foundations of society.

People live in confidence in their chosenness and elitism. In the presence of power, this leads to fascism.

Elaboration of Jupiter without aspects goes through the formation of a new, unique system of values, designed to improve and facilitate the life of the native and the people around him. For example, the derivation of new laws and algorithms for assistance in psychology, pedagogy, jurisprudence, and medicine.

Elaboration of Jupiter with practical actions

Jupiterian energy should connect a person with the flow of divine abundance and goodness, so the main goal of its harmonization will be approaching the ideals of mercy, generosity, kindness. It is important to be an optimist and look for the good even in troubles, give thanks, read prayers and help others, not expecting rewards and honors for leading the soul. In addition, regularly perform certain actions that activate and soften the energy of Jupiter:

  • constantly learn new things, travel, meet interesting people, learn foreign languages;
  • respect laws and religion, including those adopted in other countries, be liberal towards other people’s traditions, habits, beliefs, do not cross the line in disputes;
  • fast on Thursdays, wear clothes of golden, saffron shades and jewelry with yellow sapphire, topaz, amethyst, set in gold;
  • to show, and most importantly, to feel respect for the father, husband, priests, teachers, professors, any authorities, but not to make idols out of them for blind worship;
  • do charity work, transfer knowledge;
  • visit holy places of power, study the culture of other nations, even through hobbies, for example, oriental dances, origami, yoga,  gymnastics, songs in different languages;
  • work in foreign missions in another country, study in a different education system abroad (unless Jupiter is in Cancer or in the 4th house, but then people can be ambassadors of thier native languages and culture, work in a representative office of their country abroad).

Jupiter will not accept violence, so even periods of fasting with the rejection of fish, poultry, eggs and meat are good. Milk, Turkish chickpeas, dates, pumpkin, butter, all vegetarian products are shown in yellow.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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