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Selena (White Moon) in Gemini – a conductor of information of the Higher powers

The White Moon, a fictitious planet invisible to the eye of an astronomer, has two names – Selena and Lulu, and acts as the guardian angel of the horoscope. The location in a certain constellation shows the sphere of life where the native has accumulated light karma and therefore found protection and luck, provided that the appropriate good behavior continues.

The White Moon in Gemini speaks of direct contact with the Higher powers, connection to the universal base of knowledge and wisdom, which allows you to know the answers to all questions, as well as easily make friendships, business contacts, resolve conflicts between relatives and receive the necessary information, barely thinking about it. However, one must remember that destructive behavior and the use of Selena’s gift to the detriment of one’s neighbor will turn into big problems, and observe the rules imposed by the position in the sign of Mercury.

The salutary impact of the White Moon in Gemini

Every seven years, Lulu checks the balance of good and bad actions in the line of information, friendship, self-development and learning, giving out a reward or weakening protection, with a hint that it is time to change. Truth and clarity in every statement, crystal honesty and openness, refusal of gossip and condemnation – it was this behavior that brought the White Moon to the native’s Gemini, and it requires continuation in this incarnation in order to preserve the privileges bestowed by the guardian angel:

  • the ability to quickly process huge layers of versatile information, intuitively finding the necessary knowledge and transferring it to people in its pure form;
  • psychic insights from above: sudden discoveries to improve work and understanding where the right person or lost thing is;
  • the talent of an intermediary between the universal information base and the earthly world – journalists, translators, writers, teachers, merchants, and an inventor – engineers of new communication systems that facilitate communication, pilots, cosmonauts, aircraft designers;
  • luck and protection during travel and business trips, meeting the right people and warm relations with relatives;
  • easy passing of exams, good contact with classmates and teachers;
  • the solution to the problem occurs during its discussion with friends or fortune-telling from a book: just ask, open the tome on any page and read the answer.

The guardian angel of the owner of Selena in Gemini comes to the rescue, provided that he remains optimistic, an easy approach to life and honesty even in small things. The element where the native receives energy support is air. On the road, especially on an airplane, hang-gliding and parachute jumping, clarity of thought and soul revival comes.

Three levels of karmic manifestation

With the harmonious position of the White Moon in the sign of Mercury, youth and a cheerful-childish perception of life are preserved until old age, and then there are bonuses: merchants always sell goods at the true price, friends keep secrets securely, among patrons there are teachers, classmates, masters of light esoteric trends.

A native is successfully engaged in commerce subject to the condition of honesty, which is not always easy. There are three levels of manifestation of Selena in Gemini, according to the level of accumulated good deeds in the past:

1. Lower – Higher powers save from the need to lie and take the swindlers and intriguers away, contribute to getting into a friendly team and finding positive neighbors and fellow travelers. The preservation of these privileges is helped by the native’s desire to speak the truth, to help his friends, younger brothers and sisters in learning, and to attend a variety of training and consciousness expansion courses.

2. Medium – from early childhood a person is surrounded by loyal friends, warm and trusting relations with relatives, he studies without straining and is always aware of current events. Eloquence, graceful style, youthful charm guarantee sympathy of the intellectual elite. It is important to avoid the temptation of one’s own superiority over less gifted people and not to abuse the ability to instill any ideas in the audience, keeping on the path of good, otherwise, as soon as Selena’s gifts equal the amount of accumulated karma, a collapse will occur through tough deception, betrayal of those closest to them.

3. The Supreme – the native is a rare embodiment of a saint who observes the second commandment: he loves his neighbor as himself, disinterestedly spreading information that helps to change life for the better. These are missionaries, teachers and doctors who provide education and treatment for free in poor countries, lawyers who educate the population.

It is worth taking a closer look at the solar Gemini in the environment, they subconsciously carry information from the guardian angel, and by talking to them, even unfriendly ones, you can learn a lot of important things.

Aspects of the White Moon with other planets

The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, respectively, for the owner of Selene in this sign it is important to have a favorable aspect with the planet closest to the Sun, which gives clarity of mind, quick thinking, physical mobility and ease of communication, but the negative aspect forces the native to create dogmas, beyond which he it will be difficult to get out, and also inclines to demagoguery and vague reasoning, tiring listeners.

In the first case, a person will have undoubted success in the writing and diplomatic environment, and in the second, he will have to overcome himself, as in the case of square with Saturn and Neptune. Conjunction with Venus and the Sun favors creative realization.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in Gemini:


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