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Selena (White Moon) in Cancer – messengers of divine love

The White Moon, invisible through a telescope, but an important planet for each horoscope, the antipode of Lilith , shows the source of benefits and the highest protection at the location. She has two names – Selena and Lulu. Getting into the sign of Cancer, she endows the ward with spiritual softness and warmth, the desire to benefit the sick and suffering with parental tenderness and support. This is evidence of past light karma.

Astrologers believe that in the previous incarnation, the native selflessly took care of his family and young children, perhaps died defending them or the shrines of the Motherland, so now he is born into a loving family and easily embodies dreams in his native country. The White Moon in Cancer conducts a test of loyalty to the ideals every seven years, and if a person hurt loved ones and preferred a selfish path of development, then he will face a split in the family and forced emigration.

The saving influence of the White Moon

As a rule, the owner of Selena in Cancer is sentimental and noble in spirit, honors the ancestral traditions and national customs of his country, and if not, then it is urgent to develop these qualities. Without them, Lulu’s help gradually dwindles.

Luck and luck accompany the native in his native land or country, which he chooses with his heart as a second home, but even then he will have to feed himself with energy or recover in his homeland, preferably staying for a long time by a beautiful lake or river, since water is a friendly element, one of the hypostases of an angel – the guardian.

The White Moon in Cancer gives specific gifts that affect character traits:

  • love for history, archeology, architecture and native language up to the level of a specialist;
  • natural ability to understand and properly handle babies, children of all ages and old people, delving into especially their psychology and physical condition;
  • professional success in the field of gynecology, pediatrics, pediatric dentistry, tourism and hotel business, pedagogy, cosmetology and the food industry (cafes, restaurants, food production);
  • the need to often be at home, to be engaged in its arrangement, to surround family members with care, sometimes excessive and stifling, but Selena does not know the measures in the aquatic environment;
  • important information often comes in a dream through the images of deceased ancestors, with whom there is always a strong energetic connection, especially if the antiques associated with them have been preserved.

White Moon often provides support through wealthy people, older women, and priests.

Three levels of karmic manifestation

Representatives of Selena in Cancer are most often deeply religious, and astrologers do not recommend changing faith even for a great love for the other half, wishing in this way to unite the family. From an esoteric point of view, this will be regarded as a departure from ancestral roots. The karmic level of a person and the privileges received from above depend on the degree of spiritual development:

1. Lower – seven tribes of the clan will help to solve any problems, provide a warm atmosphere in the family and a meeting with a loving and faithful life partner, but support will last only until the amount of merits accumulated in a past life is equal to the good deeds of this incarnation, therefore it is necessary try to strengthen family traditions, honor the older generation and help others in these areas, for example, listen to difficulties in relations with a spouse, children, give advice on strengthening marriage or health.

2. Medium – a person confidently follows the path of developing a family business, charitable work of historical and religious societies, collects humanitarian aid, or is himself a volunteer in orphanages and hospitals, continuing the good activities of the previous incarnation.

3. The Supreme – the native is an enlightened servant of divine love, not necessarily religious, but in close contact with people initiated into the sacraments. His mission is to clear the genetic code of the genus and save as many people as possible, warming their hearts with the necessary psychological and material support.

If there are solar Cancers in the immediate environment, then in communication with them the native will be able to find answers to many questions, and by the level of their spirituality determine his own karmic bar.

Important aspects with other planets

The Moon is considered the ruler of Cancer, therefore the harmonious aspects of the night luminary with Selena double the positive qualities, endow with healing abilities, especially in the connection of these planets. A person radiates inner warmth, shows mercy and sympathy, attracting many good people.

If the Moon is at the same time burdened with negative aspects, a mental disorder may arise, which will become a joy to the native, for example, as an escape from a cruel reality. The square between Selena in Cancer and the Moon makes you constantly look back at public opinion. The native does good only in cases that fit into society’s ideas about morality, but is afraid to do something wrong and provoke condemnation or misunderstanding.

Opposition with Lilith prompts you to doubt your own preference for the bright side of the world and be tempted by the temptations of the forces of evil, or a person is constantly forced to face the victims of violence and console them.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in Cancer:


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