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Selena (White Moon) in Sagittarius – the spiritual leader of enlightenment

The White Moon, in contrast to the Black Moon, supports the dreams and spiritual aspirations of a person, and the sign in which it is located indicates the area of ​​life where it is easiest to achieve success. The absence of obstacles is due to merit in a past life. The guardian planet is called Selena or Lulu, located in Sagittarius, she directs the ward on the path of a teacher and spiritual mentor, awakening the memory of past exploits.

He was probably a priest, priest or teacher, a traveler who wants to expand the understanding of the Universe, or a world-famous scientist. The native, most likely, made many happy by teaching them how to communicate with the divine principle, giving them useful and soul-elevating skills, suffering for good deeds apart from their native land. But now fate provides him with protection when traveling abroad and supports noble educational and business projects with foreign partners.

The saving influence of the White Moon

Every seven years, a new Selena cycle launches fireworks of awards for accumulated merit, and if they grow along the line of the highest positive qualities of Sagittarius: optimism, help in teaching and enlightening the ignorant, achievements in sports, studies, learning foreign languages, building temples and schools and selfless support other people in these areas, then the well-being and prosperity of the bearer of the White Moon in Sagittarius will grow stronger. If something unpleasant happens at the turn of 7, 14, 21 and beyond, it means that the karmic task is not being fulfilled, and the support of the Higher Forces, provided by the merits of the past incarnation, weakens. It can be returned by proceeding as follows:

  • strive to be benevolent, positive-minded and religiously literate;
  • to strengthen faith and openness to the universal streams of wisdom, while it is not necessary to be a follower of a certain confession, it is important to feel personal closeness to the Creator;
  • enthusiastically study and teach others to the best of their abilities and talents, communicate more, develop a sense of humor and tirelessly improve physically and intellectually;
  • travel, participate in foreign educational and political programs;
  • be generous, noble, forgiving offenders;
  • carry out active social work with the aim of improving life and establishing cultural ties between home and foreign countries;
  • go in for sports and participate in competitions, theatrical and musical performances, festivals.

Thanks to this, the owner of the White Moon in Sagittarius will have tremendous success in politics, especially in religious directions, pedagogy, professorship (geography, cartography), tourism, law and publishing. Fire will become a natural source of energy that allows you to remove negativity: it is favorable to look at the flame of a candle or fireplace, imagining how it expands and clears the aura of dark spots, as well as to attend fire and light shows.

Three levels of karmic manifestation

The Selena carrier in Sagittarius does not read boring lectures, he teaches and inspires with an example of his own success and daily work. The help of the Higher Forces comes from foreigners, religious ministers and dignitaries, and it is also important to pay attention to the solar Sagittarius in the immediate environment, their financial and general condition will show at what level of karma the native is in this incarnation:

1. Inferior – all social projects and ambitions of Lulu’s ward are magically realized. He is helped by sponsors and patrons, supported by like-minded people and friends. The main thing is to be honest and think about the good of many. If a person uses dishonest and vile ways to achieve power, uses a high position for selfish purposes and humiliates the weak, then Selena will destroy his career and block movement around the world, limiting even his social circle in order to save the soul from degradation.

2. Medium – the native actively shares experience and connections, helping to realize the connection between the small and the whole, realizing that the more knowledge he gives, the wider he will open the horizons of his consciousness. He does not shy away from financial earnings from strengthening contacts between disparate parts of the world and society, creating a new system of education, worldview, politics, but has the good goal of strengthening and improving the world.

3. Supreme – a spiritual leader or mentor who carries the fire of transformation, after which people strive for it from all over the world. He is a conductor of the best traditions of his native country, respecting foreign culture. One conversation with a conductor of divine knowledge can turn life for the better: criminals repent, loafers begin to work in the sweat of their brow.

Important aspects with planets

The direct ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter and partly Neptune, respectively, the favorable aspects of Selena with them promise an even faster fulfillment of a karmic task, endowing with the ability to find a common language and keep on an equal footing with the presidents of countries and huge corporations, intuitively know how to teach and apply educational programs , and be a generous sponsor and benefactor yourself.

The negative aspects indulge in fruitless fantastic dreams, make the native a religious fanatic or a cruel servant of the law, especially if there is a square with Saturn and Lilith. The combination of Neptune and Selena (as it was in the horoscope of Nostradamus) gives the gift of foresight of events on a global scale and the ability to materialize dreams.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in Sagittarius:


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