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Selena (White Moon) in Aquarius – altruist reformer

The White Moon (Selena or Lulu), in contrast to the Black Lilith , excites the bright principle of the soul, indicating the good deeds done by a person in past incarnations. The location in the sign of Aquarius speaks of the liberation struggle, which made it possible to gain independence and the right to choose single prisoners or entire nations, thanks to the reformist or rebel activities of the native.

He eradicated slave thinking in himself, helped others to remove the shackles from the mind and body, while he could happily go to death, which in his understanding is the highest freedom of spirit, for the sake of the idea of ​​universal equality and brotherhood. In this incarnation, he will continue his freethinking quests, which can manifest itself in a strange and eccentric manner, as a rejection of close relationships or wages, and quite harmoniously, combined with the ability to use the benefits of society with internal independence.

The saving influence of the White Moon

Children with Selene in Aquarius often skip school or prefer homeschooling because they are sensitive to the harsh daily routine and disciplinary requirements. This sentiment is familiar to Lulu’s adult ward: the best way to succeed is through choosing a free schedule in liberal companies without a dress code, where an atmosphere of equality and friendship reigns.

The bearer of Selena in Aquarius globally dreams and thirsts for world justice, while rarely being discouraged when faced with harsh reality, always hoping for the best. The White Moon under the influence of Uranus puts the native at the center of interesting events, endowing with originality of thinking and self-expression, as well as:

  • independence and independence from early childhood, while maintaining tenderness and compassion for the weak, limited by any circumstances of life: disabled people, prisoners, animals in zoos or animals kept in harsh conditions;
  • discernment, foresight of the future and the ability to make scientific discoveries, invent incredible technical innovations and communication tools;
  • the desire to patronize, sponsor, promote projects of unlucky or poor creative people, to protect the rights of victims of violence;
  • introduce into work and advertise technical innovations designed to facilitate human labor;
  • the ability to be a reliable and loyal comrade and turn enemies into friends, to establish business ties in any circumstances;
  • successful career growth in the field of film and television, computer and Internet technologies, aviation and astronautics, literature, animation and fine arts.

The karmic task of the owner of Selena in Aquarius is to be able to separate Good from Evil, to get rid of selfishness and narcissism, to be a pure conductor of divine forces through friendship and love in the highest understanding, since the desire to transform the world can result in global destruction and destruction of former values, an example of which is fate A . Hitler.

Three levels of karmic influence

Guardian Angel’s help and support comes through original and eccentric people, engineers, inventors, science fiction writers, programmers, and movie stars. The native is generally lucky with friends, no matter what path is chosen, there will always be associates and like-minded people, and with the support of Jupiter, sponsors of even the most utopian ideas will also be found. The influence of the White Moon is felt in life, depending on the level of karma:

1. Inferior – being born into a family with liberal views with the provision of freedom of expression. Good friends from childhood and a pleasant team at work, sympathy from the authorities, support for creativity and new approaches to the usual stereotypes of task performance. However, the “green light” lasts only until a balance is maintained between the accumulated good deeds and the bonuses received from the Higher Forces. If a person betrays friendship, falls into despondency and does not develop, then in the middle of life he will face the collapse of plans and hopes.

2. Medium – a miraculous rescue in extreme situations, safety in flight, faithful companions in business and an intuitive understanding of technical inventions: the native easily repairs any gadget or car. He inspires people and brings to life ambitious projects, thereby enabling many employees to realize themselves. Success and prosperity of enterprises awaits in Russia.

3. Highest – the ability to unite representatives of different religions, nationalities and generations into a single system to bring the divine ideas of unity and love into reality. They are the reciters of a new faith, a system of thinking and creative methods.

Important aspects with other planets

The rulers of Aquarius are Uranus and partly Saturn, harmonious aspects with them give the native the opportunity to easily notice the weaknesses and shortcomings of others and improve human nature itself with his inspiring influence, but it is very important not to forget about love and compassion, in which favorable configurations with the Moon and Venus help: under their influence, the native attracts people with inner warmth and kindness, rather than original ideas and a cold passion for perfection, as happens in the combination of Selene and Uranus. It is difficult to overcome the disastrous influence of Lilith in aspects or closeness with the White Moon (found in the horoscopes of Hitler and Peter I) when reformatory activities are carried out by destructive methods.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in Aquarius:


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