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Sun in the 1st house of the relocation chart

The horoscope of relocation sometimes has a decisive influence on the fate of the native. It is built on new geographical coordinates of the place of stay, while the planets and stars remain in the same degrees, but the house cusps shift, new highlighted aspects arise. It is believed that the character traits of the native remain the same as those laid down in the natal chart, and only the circumstances and the event outline change, however, in fact, when personal planets move from one house to another, the reactions and desires of a person change, and therefore a deep transformation occurs. This is especially true of the core of personality, our uniqueness and selfhood – the Sun. When moving to the 1st house, it literally pushes its owner into the center of the event arena.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 1st house of the relocation chart

As a rule, if the native moves to the west, then the house cusps move clockwise, and if to the east, they move against it. Accordingly, the Sun can move into 1st house from the 12th or from the 2nd house of the horoscope. Many people noted an amazing feeling of second youth and a boost of energy when they moved in a western direction.

However, a significant change is still the transition of the Sun to the 1st house from the 12th. The owners of the natal luminary in this house are initially as if in the shadows, their energy is soft and the colors of their personalities seem to be muffled, like flashes of a sunset on the sea.

Public activities are difficult for such people, they strive to hide behind the backs of others, they need a cozy corner and a warm company of close friends, among whom it is easier to open up. These are born musicians, psychologists, esotericists with a deep inner world and increased vulnerability.

If such a Sun moves into the 1st house, literally everything changes: people find themselves in the thick of events, to which they cannot but react publicly. They are forced to act in front of everyone, to put into practice the talents and abilities hidden from prying eyes, to be active and bright. Sometimes it’s a matter of survival.

General influence on the fate of the Sun in the 1st house of the relocation chart

It is important to understand that a change of residence does not cancel the basic personality characteristics inherent in natal. However, what was hidden in the depths, and perhaps never would have manifested, comes to the fore.

If, for example, the daylight moves from the 2nd house, it is not enough for a person to simply earn money in employment. The sun in the 1st house requires leadership, the disclosure of creative skills. Such individuals want to move to a position that requires a creative approach, to lead, and not to be obedient performers.

At the same time, they will not cease to be a magnet for money, it will simply change the way they are attracted, and most often for the better, because the Sun in the 1st house makes them the center of attention of the target audience, while business acumen and the ability to see ways to increase income are preserved, as laid down in the map initially.

Sun in the 1st house of the relocation chart and health

This provision includes an internal resource and enhances the processes of regeneration in the body. This is especially important if the sun moves from the 12th sector, because with it a person is usually sickly with weak immunity, and, as a rule, chronic diseases. Astrologers recommend calculating the place of residence so that the Sun moves into the 1st house, parents of frequently ill children, as well as those who suffer from weather dependence and cannot recover from sluggish ailments.

However, in this case, it is necessary to look at the connections of 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th houses, so as not to aggravate the situation if there are negative aspects between the rulers.

Sun in the 1st house of the relocation chart and personal life

On the one hand, people with such position become more visible to the opposite sex, more active and decisive in conversation and self-presentation. They experience a previously unknown feeling of pleasure from the eyes and attention riveted to them. This helps to establish personal life, to become more confident, more relaxed, to decide on bold romantic deeds.

A woman whose Sun has moved into the 1st house during relocation acquires masculine energy, but this is good for her, she adds just the necessary inspiration for creative self-expression in a new style and image. She no longer hides in the shadows, waiting for someone to approach her, but she takes the initiative herself, although she could not even think about it in her former place of residence.

A man whose Sun was in the 1st house during relocation also becomes a leader in all significant areas of life, but most importantly, he has a desire to pay more attention to the family, to be an example for children.

Representatives of both sexes may have an unexpected rapprochement with their own fathers, even if they live far away, they will want to call, come, talk heart to heart.

If a child with the Sun in the 12th house has a cold relationship with a father who is absent or simply emotionally distant, the mother should also calculate the city or country for a family move through the relocation horoscope so that the child’s Sun is in the 1st house. This will help parent and child bond.

The negative influence of the Sun in the 1st house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, the owners of the horosocope become egoists, who believe that the whole world should revolve around them and their desires. This is all the more evident if there is an opposition with the Moon or Mars in the 7th house. All natal quadratures and oppositions, the problematic figures of Jones, in which the Sun participates, will work brighter and more powerful when the luminary moves into the 1st house.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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