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Sun in the 5th house of the relocation chart

The horoscope of relocation shows the main changes that await people in a new place of residence. Thus, they can choose a city where the planets responsible for self-realization and success will be in the most advantageous position. Of course, if the Moon or the Sun is in Pisces, they will not move into another sign, but the cusps of the houses shift, which means that the semantic accents and circumstances in which the personality of the native is revealed change.

The transition of the Sun to the 5th house is especially important for those who are looking for love, dreams of pregnancy and creative success. This is an ideal daylight position for single people, artists and athletes. However, not everything is so simple: if there are negative aspects, it will not do without problems.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 5th house of the horoscope of the relocation chart

When moving east, the cusps of houses move clockwise, and when moving west, they move in the opposite direction. The second option is considered the most preferable, besides, to some extent, these energies rejuvenate the native both externally and internally.

If the Sun moves into the 5th house, which is responsible for joy, pleasure and creativity, the effect will be incredible. People acquire a second youth, they are overwhelmed by the energy of creation, they long for love, a holiday and seems to attract them.

Depending on the movement of the cusps of the houses, the Sun moves into the 5th house from the 4th or 6th sector, which certainly does not cancel the tasks of the natal chart, but helps to get out of difficult circumstances and literally turns on creative thinking, which could doze off in the calm mode of the 4th house. The daylight here implies the creation of a family, the fulfillment of karmic tribal tasks, the acquisition of real estate for oneself. The Sun in the 4th house of natal chart provides great resources and support for the family.

When moving to the 5th sector, all this does not disappear anywhere, but a person develops enthusiasm and a desire to quickly expand the boundaries. Such individuals, of course, can create at home, knit, sew, bake to order or blog, be a freelancer, but most often they still want to go out, while the apartment become a safe haven where they come to fill up with energy or relax.

When moving from the 6th sector, the situation changes radically. The need to work remains, but people just want to realize themselves in creativity. They abandon a boring specialty, retrain or even experiment, making a hobby the main source of income.

Sun in the 5th house of the relocation chart and love

After the move, men and women with such horoscope seem to become visible to other people. This does not happen in the first days, because the energy needs time to change, but after a month, they  will be able to notice increased attention from the opposite sex.

An interesting fact: if the Sun has moved into the 5th from the 4th, individuals with such position most often meet their love in their parents’ own house or apartment, especially if they moved to live with them. They can be introduced by older family members, or a romance will start when buying real estate.

Usually the 5th sector is responsible for the romantic period of the relationship, however, in this case, they are still determined to transfer them into the format of marriage bonds, or at least live together under the same roof.

When the Sun moves from the 6th sector, we can talk about an office romance. The native will meet love precisely in the field of work or when performing routine activities, for example, daily visits to the gym.

It is also important to look at the sign of the Sun and the relationship of its ruler with the symbolic significator of the 5th house. For example, people with the Sun in Scorpio will have more difficulties with building relationships thanthe  individuals with the Sun in Leo, because the daylight is the symbolic ruler here.

Sun in the 5th house of the relocation chart and children

It is believed that with this transition, the chance of getting pregnant increases, and as a rule it turns out that way, but only when the Sun is in fertile signs, for example, in Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, or when the Moon is also there.

Aspects must also be taken into account. If they are unfavorable, there may be difficulties in carrying a pregnancy, the woman will have to lie down for conservation, and the man will undergo treatment to increase fertility.

In the case when in the solarium of the native at the time of the move the Moon is in the 5th house, or in extreme cases in the 2nd, 4th and 10th, conception is also possible.

In addition, when the Sun moves into the 5th house, relations with existing children improve. People become interested in them, and they have a reserve of energy and a sincere desire to play with their children and their friends, to be an authority or a guiding star for them.

The negative influence of the Sun in the 5th house of the relocation chart

If the luminary has negative aspects with the Moon or Mars, then in the 4th house they are played out as a strained relationship in marriage, but in the 5th they can, on the contrary, give problems with conception.

The position of Saturn should be studied very carefully, which in the 4th house gives stability and good luck in acquiring real estate (if there are no negative aspects), and in the 5th it is also able to freeze creative self-expression and procreative energies.

In addition, at a low level of development, people will be more selfish, fixated solely on personal interests, vanity and a desire to go head over heels towards their goal will wake up in the . Family people begin to live as if they are free, they behave like big children playing with other people’s destinies. Therefore, the transition of the Sun to the 5th house is, although it is good luck, but they must be able to properly dispose of it.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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