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Sun in the sign of Aries

Solar Aries can be inspirational, courageous, passionate and original, independent, impatient, aggressive and stubborn, selfish, self-centered and impulsive. The energy of Aries is directed towards building a new individuality, towards themselves and what they want.
Sun in AriesAries love roles where they can demonstrate their leadership skills, they also have representational and organizational skills, which are mainly aimed at getting started, when supporting projects is their weak point. The urge to ram everything at full speed must be controlled. Aries are capable of great accomplishments if they learn to constructively use the energy that is abundant in them.

These people have natural enthusiasm and are always ready for action and competition, inspiring others as well. Ideas and creative projects seem to flow from them in an endless stream. They are full of energy and never lack courage.

Since Aries are quite selfish, they should always remember that other people can have good ideas and be able to take responsibility and leadership. Aries’ natural trait is to do everything alone. Collaboration with other people can be more effective in bringing things to the desired result, and not just starting something and throwing it to completion, since Aries tend to start a project, and in the absence of visible progress or due to complications of affairs, suddenly lose all interests.

Aries are very straightforward and not sophisticated or devious. They do not stand on ceremony and say what comes into their heads. They do not hold grudges, although they can get quite angry. They don’t care about what bothers them. They suddenly explode and go out like the worst thunderstorms in the Midwest. It can be vehement and furious as it goes on, but it usually ends quickly.

Due to stress, Aries are prone to headaches. They tend to be aggressive in relationships and mostly take the lead. The pursuit of the object of interest gives them much more pleasure than their conquest.

The four main things Aries must learn are patience, energy management, completing work, and self-control.

Celebrities with the Sun in Aries:


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