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Burnt Mars in the natal chart

A burnt planet is not always fatally damaged. By an effort of will, you can bring it to such a powerful release of energy that the owners of the most favorable aspects will envy. However, there are times when the planet is considered initially harmful, and accordingly, you have to fight only with yourself, which is the biggest difficulty. Burning occurs within 8-17 degrees from the Sun , the closer to the star, the more difficult it is to manifest individuality.

The energies of Mars are hot, impulsive and warlike in this case are suppressed by the Sun, that is, activity, courage, strength are connected to the ego of the native. He is inactive until he is personally affected by some event or there is no personal benefit and interest. However, there are more difficult problems – a person does not know how to achieve his goals without destroying everything around. At the same time, libido is almost always absent, which creates a sharp dissonance between the image and the inner world of the owner of the horoscope.

Features of the burnt Mars

The red planet is completely subject to the actions of the sun. If it is weak and a person is not ambitious, shy in communication, notorious, most often it is difficult for him to force himself to act decisively, to fight back offenders, to insist on his own.

At the same time, he can be very aggressive, but suppresses it. Self-destruction begins. Out of the blue, the native himself provokes traumatic situations, then he cuts his finger, then pours boiling water on him.

Such people often quietly work in the position assigned to them, quietly envying the more determined and courageous, but do not dare to approach the boss and declare their abilities and ambitions. And only when the Sun simply burns with the fire of desires, the suppressed energy of Mars is connected to it, and the native suddenly becomes brave without fear and doubt.

However, such cases are rare. Most often, the owner of the burned Mars actively resists the arguments of common sense and behaves inappropriately.

A striking example is the image of Comrade Novoseltsev from the movie “Office Romance”. His ambition is crushed by self-doubt. He either becomes shy in front of a strict boss, cannot connect two words, then loses his temper, and Martian anger, combined with the Sun’s flared ambitions, encourage him to behave obsessively and aggressively. Burnt Mars has no golden mean.

Among other things, in such a situation, a person’s libido suffers, and in men more than in women. The native is either not particularly interested in the opposite sex at all, or vice versa, in every possible way creates the image of Casanova, meets with one or the other girl, enters into a relationship with them, solely to maintain his reputation as a macho, but in fact there is no strong pleasure from physical intimacy receives.

In women, everything is clear – just reduced libido, fatigue, apathy.

Three types of burning Mars

The influence of the planet is also due to the location of Mars next to the Sun. That is why the owners of the burnt Mars react completely differently to life circumstances: a challenge or a shock.

There are three types of burning Mars:

1. It is located in front of the Sun at a distance of no more than 8 degrees, while Mars is a degree higher than the daylight. Such a person is well aware of his slowness and dependence on someone else’s approval. He is always waiting for a magic kick, realizing that he cannot organize himself, he postpones the start of action. In fact, the native does not believe in himself and in the ability to succeed, he constantly justifies this, giving many reasons why he cannot act right now.

2. Mars stands behind the Sun, its degree is less, and the distance to the star does not exceed 8 degrees. In this case, a person does not understand why he is so different from others. He is irritated to tears by his own timidity, laziness and cowardice, but he cannot overcome them. They are based on a deep self-doubt and in the right to success. Such people believe that nothing will work anyway, so why start.

3. Mars is at the heart of the Sun. This is the position of Kazimi, when the planet is no longer a slave, but a favorite of the luminary. The native behaves confidently, acts logically, knows how to find the shortest paths to the goal. There is no longer talk of laziness, these are brave, intelligent and hard-working people with an outstanding destiny.

Since the difference in the impact of Mars on fate is obvious, it is important to always determine where and in what degree it is located.

Karmic reasons for the burning of Mars

Any planet that disappears from the visibility zone in the immediate vicinity of the Sun appears in the horoscope for a reason. It is also a reflection of the karmic tails of the family or echoes of past life events.

The owner of the burned Mars in the past was determined, but evil and cruel. A man could participate in battles as a soldier, control the harvest and ruthlessly take a large share for himself or his owner, humiliate his wife and loved ones. His cruelty was not logically justified, in fact, he did not care what to destroy.

Now he is being deprived of the opportunity to be aggressive and given the role of the one whom he offended in a past life.

A woman with a burned Mars fought against men, humiliating their feelings or was a source of strife and fights. Now she needs to smooth out other people’s conflicts.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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