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Burnt Mercury in the natal chart

Not all astrologers see the difference between the burning of the planet and its connection with the Sun, forgetting to include in the interpretation the special nuances inherent in combustion in the rays of the daylight. The fact is that if the planet is within 10-17 degrees from it, then even with the help of special equipment it is difficult to see it. It is invisible and this has a special impact on the psychological portrait of a person and the characteristics of self-expression in the world.

Burnt Mercury distorts the mentality of the native, his thinking, speech, even goals. It is difficult for him to build communication with people. This is a despot boss, a silent man or an eternal student who stutters and faints from fear of public speaking. Even good aspects do not save in this situation, because Mercury is a slave of solar egoism, and the Sun appropriates its virtues for itself, engaging in exclusively self-praise, sometimes without any particular reason.

Burnt Mercury and its features

Mercury is always near the Sun and is more likely to burn up next to it than any other planet. Considering that it is responsible for speech, speed of thinking, speed of information processing, and its disappearance near the Sun slows down these processes or makes them excruciatingly difficult. However, not everything is so sad. Yes, the planet transfers all its virtues to the Sun and obeys it, but the suppressed energy of self-expression is heating up like the lava of a volcano and needs to be ejected. As a result, the desire to regain the right to speak is so strong that the owner of the card goes ahead and becomes great, as happened with Mozart, whose Mercury and Saturn were burned.

The thought processes of such a person proceed at great depth and are not visible to others. It is difficult for them to put the ashes of quickly burning ideas into words, and very often people perceive them superficially, denying their mind and ingenuity, which brings a lot of problems in childhood. Even Mozart was considered a narrow-minded, cheerful reveler, whom God accidentally endowed with talent, unaware of his deep feelings and subtle spiritual organization.

Such qualities are exacerbated by the retrograde of burned Mercury, which often leads to a long delay in speech, tongue-tied tongue and stuttering, silence and a dull voice, which requires careful study already in youth, because there is no fatality here, but you will have to work hard to succeed intellectually, learn to make friends and communicate.

In addition, if the Sun is initially in a weak position, for example in Libra, it is difficult for the native to speak in public or negotiate alone. But in the company of someone, he flourishes. Such people cannot sing solo, but in the choir they spread their wings, and their voices sound strong and beautiful. Burnt Mercury in Pisces will be revealed in the epistolary genre. Before speaking, a person needs to sketch out a speech plan, even if it’s just telephone conversations or an interview.

Three kinds of burning of Mercury

Mercury is believed to burn up within 5 degrees of the Sun. The type of its influence depends on the position next to the luminary and the degree of proximity. There are three options for burning the planet of intelligence:

1. Mercury is in front of the Sun, its degree is greater, and in this case the native understands perfectly well that he simply does not want to communicate with a large number of people and be in a crowd. Such people quite consciously go into loneliness, and even if they are forced to work in a large team, they give the impression of laconic and unsociable. If they are invited to a birthday or corporate party, they will find an excuse to refuse and will not worry about it.

2. Mercury is located behind the Sun, also in the interval of 5 degrees. In this case, the native does not understand what is wrong with him, why he gets lost and hangs out in front of a large number of people and feels at ease in an unfamiliar company without the support of friends, which, by the way, is not so easy for him to find because of shyness , inability to express the depth of one’s thoughts and especially the “talent” to say something impulsively and out of place. If Mercury is retrograde, then it is completely misunderstood and offended, misperceiving what has been said.

3. Mercury is in the center of the Sun, gaining the strength and power of the luminary. This is Kazimi’s position. Each word of the native has weight, they listen to him, believe him, he perfectly controls the mood and thought process of the audience, and even his silence is eloquent. This is a born speaker, able to destroy the enemy and resurrect the desperate with a single word. He has the talent of a merchant who will even sell snow to the Eskimos.

In the first two cases, a person lives a karmic lesson. In the past, he used the gift of speech to the detriment of people, gossip, denounced, hurt, brought to nervous breakdowns. Now he has to be in the role of an observer and learn to use speech only on business.

Compensator of burned Mercury

The owners of such a planet should take seriously the recommendations to speak and think in positive categories. Mat cannot be used. Even if this is Kazimi’s position, any negative word can easily materialize. Such people can send a verbal curse without meaning to.

The following is recommended:

  • deliberately speaking in public, accepting your fears and vulnerability to criticism from others;
  • work with a psychologist, studying the method of communication with others, getting to know each other, offering friendship and not paying attention to refusals;
  • write a lot: letters, diaries, blog, poems, stories to develop a thought process (this is especially important for a burnt Mercury retrograde).

The most important thing is to realize that burning is not a sentence, and even problems with electronics and documents can be controlled if you pay more attention to these issues. The main task of the native is to use the word for the benefit of people, to avoid gossip and emotional condemnation of other people.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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