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Burnt Saturn in the natal chart

One of the most difficult and difficult positions of Saturn is considered to be burning within 8 degrees from the Sun. Some schools consider a distance of up to 12-17 degrees also fatal, but still the native endures such a position more easily. Saturn is called a strict karmic teacher without aggravating circumstances, but burning in the rays of his eternal enemy-antagonist, he is unbearable.

It is difficult for a native to control the manifestation of depression, toxicity, anger, because the natural feelings inherent in the planet in goodness: patience, diligence, endurance, nobility, are blocked here by a powerful ego. There is a syndrome of the sufferer, whom everyone unfairly offends, and he bears the burden of self-pity like a crown. To work out the situation, it is necessary to understand the very essence of this phenomenon.

Features of the burning of Saturn

When the planet of karma arranges trials for its wards, it expects that they will learn to humbly endure pain, forgive, love enemies, not hold on to material things, that is, they will learn the highest values.

In the presence of burning, the native is not able to go beyond the ego, any obstacles and failures embitter him, and he begins to gush with negativity instead of humility and acceptance. This gives rise to an eternal struggle with the outside world, without which life seems insipid and uninteresting.

Even when all is well in the spheres of those houses whose ruler is Saturn, the native will find problems for himself and will fight with windmills, simultaneously pouring a wave of irritability and anger on his loved ones. It is very difficult to live with such a person.

The owner of the card deliberately ignores the depth and multidimensionality of reality, narrowing it down to an understandable picture, up to the constant repetition of the same rituals: on the same road to work, the same set of products in the store and watching TV shows in the evenings. Changing the script causes stress and mental turmoil up to mental disorders.

In addition, there are disagreements over time. The native cannot come to meetings and complete things on time, and generally lives as if out of time. Often there are sleep disturbances and regimen.

Three Types of Saturn Combustion

Of course, all these things manifest themselves in different ways depending on the level of influence of other planets, family relationships and personal characteristics of character, but there is one general tendency: such a person cannot work regularly and systematically.

Firstly, all the forces are spent on creating a comfort zone from the usual, repetitive rituals that create a zone of calmness, and secondly, he perceives work as slavery, often hacks, is annoyed that he is not appreciated according to his hidden virtues. This state is aggravated by additional factors: Lilith in Leo, the Sun in fiery signs, Lilith’s conjunction with Saturn, many other negative aspects, or vice versa, an abundance of trines, which greatly relaxes.

There are three types of burning Saturn:

1. The planet burns out in front of the Sun when the distance is less than 8 °, and the degree of Saturn is greater than the sun. In this case, a person quite consciously allows himself toxic behavior. He does not restrain his strange habits, irritability, spends some time in depression. It doesn’t stress him out. At best, he asks loved ones to accept him as he is, at worst, he is proud of his gloom and shadow.

2. Combustion occurs behind the Sun and the degree of the planet is less than that of the luminary. A person suffers from the understanding that he is a failure because of the peculiarities of his character. At the same time, he does not know how to become different. After each outburst of irritation, despondency, longing, he swears that he will treat himself and people differently, develop positive thinking, but this does not happen. The biggest problem is the lack of emotional boundaries. A native empath, and especially acutely he feels other people’s suffering, and he is used as a vest. Having heard enough of other people’s troubles, he easily gets sick.

3. Saturn burns out at the center of the Sun. Kazimi in this case does not work for the good as it happens with other planets. The Sun will never love Saturn, thus the native is deprived of his qualities completely. He is lazy, irresponsible, not punctual, and only parents can correct this if they bring up the native in conditions of strict discipline.

The study of the burned Saturn is a difficult matter, it depends on willpower and the desire to learn how to control time and deeds.

Karmic Causes of Burnt Saturn

In a past life, the native was a manipulator, playing on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of people. Because of his intrigues, they were deprived of the most precious thing – time and joy from a certain period of life. They could get sick for a long time, get injured, go to jail or camp. Now the native has lost the sense of time, he is wasting it and cannot create something worthwhile.

To work out the cause of the problem, he needs to help others save precious hours or days. For work, it is good to choose the position of a financial expert, when, thanks to the native, people will learn to receive rapid returns on investments, or a doctor whose wisdom accelerates the recovery process.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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