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Saturn in the horoscope

Stones : blue sapphire , obsidian , onyx , agate , jetdark topaz , amethyst , jade , spinel, black quartz.
Element : Earth.
Metal : Iron.
Day : Saturday.
Color : Blue.
Direction : West.
Influence : X House .
Abode : Capricorn, Aquarius.
Exaltation (Elevation): Libra.
Exile : Cancer, Leo.
Falls : Aries.
Friendly planets :Mercury , Venus , Rahu .
Hostile planets : Sun , Moon , Mars .
Strong Saturn : Prosperity, wealth, good position.
Struck Saturn : Poverty, arrogance.
Organs : Legs, nervous system.
Diseases : Joint pain, leg injuries.
Turnover in one sign / total zodiac : 2.5 years / 30 years.
Map Legend : U

Traditionally, “The Lord of Time” is associated with the darkest sides of life – old age and death, decline and deprivation.

Saturn is also a great sage, mentor, legislator. It embodies our conscience.

Saturn creates prohibitions, but without them chaos and anarchy would reign in life.

The harsh planet is identified with the image of a father or another character who, in childhood, required discipline and imposed restrictions.

Saturn promotes growing up, teaches people to plan their lives. In the tenth astrological house, it is responsible for career, social status, ambition and reputation.

But there is another zone of influence: flea markets, garbage dumps, cemeteries, prisons, black market.

Saturn personifies a wide range of professions: from leaders, officials, judges to security guards, workers, hunters. Since ancient times, it has been managing agriculture.

The typical Saturnians dress modestly and discreetly. Such individuals don’t like to stand out from the crowd.

In the human body, the planet is associated with the musculoskeletal system, the skeletal system, and in tandem with Venus – with the skin.
Aspects of Saturn

Aspects of Saturn, their features and meaning

Strong Saturn and its positive conjunctions

They endow a person with a healthy ambition, the ability to creatively process the experience accumulated over the centuries and make valuable discoveries on its basis.

The highest form of successful connections is a philosophical way of thinking, renunciation of material values ​​and inner freedom, inseparable from responsibility. People devote themselves to selfless service to society.

Strong beneficial Saturn gives good health and longevity, a prosperous old age.

Weak Saturn is lethargy, apathy, lack of vitality. People with weak Saturn experience self-doubt, are afraid of difficulties, retreat in front of obstacles.

Struck by Saturn

Saturn the malefic is a sinister threat. It spawns violent, vengeful, hopelessly inert characters.

Another type is complete losers. All their lives they are haunted by the blows of fate. Hence – depression, which can lead to suicide.

Another gloomy touch in the picture of the struck Saturn is serious diseases: paralysis, epilepsy, gangrene, cancer.

Harmonious aspects of Saturn

They bring a lot of positive moments into life, guarantee stability, a clear idea of ​​their place in life.

Good Saturn is a symbol of constancy. Saturnian marriage is often late, but strong and secure.

People with such Saturn are not afraid of the prose of life. They happily concentrate on achieving realistic, practical goals. They slowly and methodically go to their heights and, in the end, reach them.

But being overly judicious is not always appropriate. A conscientious employee may give up a promising and interesting position for fear of not coping with new responsibilities.
Aspects of Saturn

Tense aspects

They are fraught with many contradictions. So, for example, a leader verbally praises freedom, expects initiative from subordinates, and he himself behaves like a dictator.

Or someone suddenly discovers that he has worshiped the wrong ideals all his life, did not understand his real vocation in his youth, passed by true love.

Tense aspects suppress the inner need for love and tenderness with an outer severity. The result is loneliness.

Success in self-expression is hampered by memories of a harsh childhood marred by excessive parental inhibitions and restrictions.

Acting as a teacher, Saturn gives students more and more lessons. The ascetic planet does not approve of talented people, but frivolous people to whom everything is presented on a silver platter. Lessons must be seriously taught and rethought.

This is the key to solving many life problems. People can cope with them only through work, development and self-discipline, that is, as Saturn intended.


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