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Burnt Uranus in the natal chart

Uranus belongs to the higher planets and has its own relationship with the Sun. They are not enemies, like Saturn, but the relationship is complex, since the element of Uranus is icy air, and in hot sunlight it dissolves along with all its unique and unrepeatable features. Accordingly, people are deprived of either talents, due to which they stand out from the general mass of their own kind, or possesses them, but do not dare to declare themselves because of fears and complexes.

Burnt Uranus is in the chart of conservatives who deny and do not understand everything new. They live in the past and do not perceive the present adequately. They find it difficult to adapt to change and new trends, especially in terms of technical innovation. The topic of the burning of the higher planets is still little studied, so it is difficult for people with this position of the horoscope to cope with the contradictions that arise.

Features of the burning of Uranus

When Uranus simply connects with the Sun, brilliant creators and inventors come to earth. They create something that did not exist before, enrich the world with innovations that have come from above from other information fields. However, when burned, the planet becomes invisible. This happens within 8 degrees from the luminary, but the closer Uranus is to it, the more difficult it is to prove yourself even by an effort of will.

From a potentially bright inventor and creator, the native turns into a would-be scientist from children’s films, who is trying to create something strange and obviously doomed to failure. At the same time, such individuals sincerely believe that everything is possible. The moment they realize that nothing works out, they have a nervous breakdown or complete disappointment in the world.

Such a scenario is typical not only for scientists. Any person with burned Uranus dreams of the impossible. In the imagination, this is an absolute and already accomplished reality. Of course, people with burned Uranus do not live in it all the time, like the owners of the burned Neptune, but periodically lose touch with the world, thinking about what unusual things they can do.

The only problem is a truncated fantasy for real innovations. Very often, the native reinvents the wheel or takes some forgotten ideas from the past, trying to pass them off as a new wave. Unable to come up with something really original, composers slightly rework melodies of the 50s and 60s, designers take the silhouettes of the last century and add bright details, writers rewrite forgotten novels.

In principle, this is the most harmless scenario for the manifestation of burned Uranus, because at a low level of development it creates careless, non-punctual people living in the realities of the last century.

In addition, since the Sun symbolizes father and husband in the natal chart, one can assume a very eccentric parent and spouse, who are most likely to be playboys, dreamers without relying on real genius insights or originals with the opposite meaning, for example, they can deny email, smartphones and use only ordinary ones or completely recreate the life of the last century somewhere in the village.

Three Types of Uranus Burning

Depending on the conditions of upbringing, the level of development and aspirations, the owners of the natal chart will manifest their conservative eccentricity in different ways. However, here Uranus will reward them with the image of a white crow. Even without being truly creative and unique, hiding their talents, they still find themselves under the scrutiny of others. After all, even in an attempt to hide, they look unusual. Especially if the burning occurs on the Ascendant or in the 3rd, 7th, 11th house, which creates a strange and unusual voice and manner of speaking, pretentiously cutesy or rapidly fast, as if a person thinks in fragments of images that he or she is trying to fix in words. The closer Uranus is to the Sun, the slower the speech. Much depends on the type of burning:

1. Uranus burns in front of the star, while its degree is greater than the sun. Here its owners realize that they are strange and recognize this fact, emphasizing their originality, even if it is with a minus sign. They can be proud of their conservatism and publicly say that they despise the Internet and mobile phones, dress in the style of the 19th century and listen exclusively to retro music.

2. The burning of Uranus occurs behind the Sun, while the degree of the eccentric planet is less than that of the luminary. The owners of the chart are very annoying that they always stand out from the crowd. A beautiful girl hates compliments and deliberately creates a very strange image that shocks people, talented singers cannot overcome stiffness in front of the public, believing that they will definitely give a “cock”, and if they dare to speak, they behave stiffly or too cheekily.

3. Uranus burns up in the very heart of the Sun. Kazimi’s position. Despite the general similarity with Saturn, Uranus, unlike it, is still able to become a solar favorite and show the world the brightest unique talent. It can be ambiguous, for example, without a strong voice, the native becomes a superstar thanks to a unique presentation, but such people always fall into the rhythm of the times and are incredibly popular.

The karmic reasons for the burning of Uranus in the first two cases refer to the past lives of itsb owners, when they persecuted innovative scientists, destroyed their creations, or simply despised, informed, destroyed other people’s dreams, when any original-minded person caused them irritation and even hatred.

Now such individuals need to learn to be different from others and enjoy it, as well as create a community of like-minded people, where everyone is free to be themselves.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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