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Burnt Jupiter in the natal chart

The burnt planet cannot be seen in the radiance of the Sun. She becomes invisible, which is also projected onto the life of the card holder. He cannot use the richest arsenal of this planet until the internal tension grows to an unbearable point. Some spend their whole lives waiting for the moment when they can escape from under the power of the sun, conflicting with recognized authorities, the media, teachers and even parents.

Burnt Jupiter gives its power to the Sun. In the houses they rule, the native will show selfishness, pride, nihilism and vanity, and will also concentrate on obtaining material gain for himself. In the worst case, the native denies any study at an early age, considering himself the ultimate truth.

Features of the burning of Jupiter

The owner of the card can safely be called an intellectual narcissist.

There is no authority for him. Already from childhood, he bickered with parents and teachers, bringing them to white heat with resistance to educational methods. Moreover, it is interesting that the situation deepens if the burned Jupiter controls 1, 3, 9 houses or stands there.

At the heart of the problem lies the inflated self-conceit of the native. Because of this innate feature, a person simply cannot recognize someone else’s authority, expertise, and even talent.

The worst thing is that such people often aspire to become teachers and impose their opinions on others. They were not liked at school and university when they were students, but they do not cause sympathy as a teacher either.

At a low level of development, a person has the strongest resistance to the learning process. Such people are too lazy to read books, memorize poems, songs, they constantly forget the names of friends or even children, while conceit is inflated to the skies, they say, we all already know why we should learn something. This limited thinking alienates potentially good friends and clients.

However, this is not at all dangerous, but the fact that the burned Jupiter often creates a desire to completely dissolve in the religious current, which is close to the native and corresponds to the symbolism of the planet. These are potential victims of totalitarian sects, strange philosophical currents. They can easily devote their lives to a certain idea, for example, serving in a state structure, a law enforcement agency, and in extreme cases they will go to a monastery or sell their property and begin to live in a sect. Behind this is the desire to hide from development and change behind the back of a strong organization.

Three types of burning Jupiter

Of course, it cannot be assumed that the features of the planet equally affect everyone. Fanaticism and the niche of consciousness on one idea can be both a personal choice and a torment for the owner of the horoscope.

Jupiter is considered burnt, located no further than 12 degrees from the Sun, although the closer, the more difficult it is for the native to separate the Jupiterian energies from the solar ones.

The exception is the position of Kazimi, when the planet is no longer the slave of the luminary, but his favorite. It all depends on what type of burning is in the map:

1. The degree of Jupiter is greater than the sun and it burns directly in front of the star. In this case, the native consciously chooses a narrow niche of faith and political beliefs and vehemently opposes dissidents. Moreover, he takes pleasure not only in disputes, but also in the destruction of his oppositionists. The methods of reprisals may be different, depending on the level of development of the native, from verbal battles, dismissals to physical reprisals. Such a person is especially dangerous in the position of chief and representative of any authority.

2. Jupiter burns up behind the Sun with less than its degree. The native does not understand why he always gets involved in a confrontation with recognized authorities from school. He always has tense relationships with teachers and superiors, and with other people who begin to talk about faith and politics. The native wants to refute their beliefs, although he knows in advance that everything will end in insults and a quarrel. He suffers from distrust of any expert and, most importantly, of God, but he cannot change his character. Such a person is contraindicated to be a teacher.

3. Kazimi. Jupiter in the center of the Sun gives a person great luck. He is sympathetically treated by the highest ranks, he can incredibly intelligibly and simply explain any material, even without a pedagogical education, and in fact he is a born teacher and patron of those in need. Burnt Jupiter here acquires the power of the Sun, and people come to such a person for advice and advice.

In addition, it is important to consider which houses the planet of great happiness rules, because it is in these areas that the features described above will be manifested.

Karmic reasons for the burning of Jupiter

In the first two cases, the native cruelly manipulated people with the help of his knowledge, deceived, took advantage of the situation when he had important information, while others did not, engaged in harsh political propaganda, recruited into the service through coercion and threats. In this life, he was denied access to certain channels, “rewarded” with philosophical blindness, so that a person would not be deceived himself and would not lead others astray.

In this life, it is important for him to be a conductor of higher knowledge, but not to force anyone to faith out of good intentions.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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