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Venus in the sign of Gemini

The planet of the winds, named after the goddess of love, shows the true values ​​of feminine nature and the key points of man’s response in relationships with the fair sex. Venus in Gemini in the girl’s horoscope symbolizes a windy and amorous person, with whom, nevertheless, it is extremely interesting: she is aware of all events, and the light literary syllable and the elusive charm of an eternally young girl ensure success and a huge audience as a blogger, smm manager and a journalist

This is exactly what the female ideal of a man with Venus in Gemini looks like, who does not want to plunge headlong into violent passions. The common values ​​of the sexes are friendship, information, travel, a philosophical attitude towards money and constant communication with the world, although there are interesting differences.

Features of a psychological portrait

The owners of Venus in Gemini crave public attention and social activity, where they can freely flirt with a large number of nice people and shine with eloquence. Creative talent manifests itself through inspiring conversations around: coaching, psychological training, support groups, writing poetry and books, acting, drawing.

They are versatile personalities, incredibly charming, but they do not take even large-scale events and feelings of others seriously. Venus in the air gives them very recognizable character traits:

  • dilettantism and masterly juggling of facts even remotely known to them, giving the impression of deep awareness;
  • aversion to stability and the everyday side of life, the need for freedom;
  • the desire to travel to cities and countries, inspiration and fateful meetings come on the road;
  • friendship and understanding with relatives, children and neighbors;
  • innate graceful manners and literacy, good taste, artistry and commercial ability;
  • a subtle sense of humor with a slight tinge of snobbery, mockery, calm attitude to criticism;
  • abrupt mood swings, rigid limits of personal space, where entry to outsiders is prohibited;
  • friends are at the top of the twin pyramid of values: they love to gather noisy companies at home and do not tolerate loneliness even in the workplace.

Children with Venus in Gemini are capricious. Girls believe that everything in the world belongs to them personally, and boys love to tease and dominate arguments. For the harmonious development of the personality, a strong-minded father is needed, who has not lost his passion for active children’s games and who understands the psychology of the child, who in turn will strive to imitate him. Notices and punishments for the owners of the planet of winds in the air element are useless.

Venus in Gemini

Venus male and female

A lady with air Venus, even being married, loves signs of attention and courtship of young fans, and she herself boasts a slender figure and smooth skin without wrinkles at any age. However, people should not be jealous of her, Venus in Gemini rarely allows physical betrayal, preferring sympathy at the level of intellectual community and endless conversations. She loves selfies, youthful dressing and minimalism in cosmetics.

Prefers a bohemian lifestyle and a profession that involves constant business trips. Housekeeping is excluded from the circle of hobbies – short bursts of interest in cooking do not count. A woman with Venus in Gemini needs a cheerful and easy-going companion with an adventurous vein, for example, Mars in Gemini, Sagittarius or Aquarius, necessarily with a well-aspected Mercury, so that there is something to talk about.

A man with an airy Venus makes a double impression: he easily picks up any topic and charms with wit, liveliness of behavior, but at the same time his coldness and inaccessibility is felt, despite the constant flirting and scattering of compliments to all women. He rarely falls in love for real, calculatingly aiming to benefit from every beautiful gesture to the lady.

The owner of Venus in Gemini has fun, studying human nature through strength tests by changing his mood and behavior: today, kindness and sympathy, tomorrow coldness or far-fetched quibbles. He is interested in how his counterpart will react, since deep sensuality is not in his nature. An unpredictable and courageous girl, who knows how to change images and styles, is capable of captivating a native for a long time, introducing something new every day. This is his feminine hypostasis with Venus in Gemini, as well as in Leo and Sagittarius.

Important aspects with other planets

The ruler of the constellation Mercury, in good aspects with the planet of love, enhances the oratorical talents of individuals, making them not only clearly  announcing the theses of their speech in a vernacular, but making any audience fall in love with themselves from the first rhetorical message. This is an incredibly favorable position for politicians, poets, educators, scientists, merchants, businessmen, and also actors, especially if there is a sextile of Venus with Neptune.

The harmonious aspect with the Moon enhances sexuality and empathy, removing excessive prudence, and with Jupiter it promises fame and popularity in show business, especially in the field of fashion and design. In the male horoscope, the confrontation between Venus and the Moon means a difficult and cold relationship with the mother, who has little interest in the child, and with his wife, and in the female, with the children.

Additional description

In matters of love and romance, people born with Venus in Gemini are more attracted by their sense of humor, intelligence and communication skills than by the appearance of their partner. They need a partner who will constantly surprise them with the train of their thoughts, curious, with whom it will always be interesting and at the same time not letting them get bored. They prefer relationships where they can talk, share ideas, travel together, and open up new horizons.

Gemini with Venus in the natal chart need social activity, where they tend to show a little flirting. Jealousy and possessiveness of a partner can disappoint them and discourage any interest in them. They are charming, friendly and always happy to meet new people. Their inconsistency in love affairs may not be limited to one constant admirer at a time. They get pleasure and inspiration from love, along with this fear of these obligations frightens such individuals.

They express their feelings through talking, writing poetry, or probably drawing, as they enjoy working with hands. Their emotions are mind-controlled, and they can deliberately make their feelings intelligent. If the influence of Venus is not clearly manifested – this leads to breathing problems, it can be shallow, causing a lack of oxygen in the blood.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Venus in Gemini:


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