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Venus in the sign of Libra

The planet, symbolizing the influence of the goddess of love and beauty, affects people in different ways, depending on the gender of the native and the sign of the zodiac in which it is located. In the female horoscope, she shows behavior in love and in communication with the mother, girlfriends, daughters, and in the male horoscope she reveals secret erotic fantasies, the potential of creativity and sensuality.

Venus in Libra is at the peak of planetary power, but is under the additional influence of Chiron, which adds ingenuity and originality in intimate relationships and creative self-realization. Aesthetes of the highest category value the beauty of the form more than the content, striving to surround themselves with expensive and valuable things, objects of art and friends from high society.

Features of a psychological portrait

Thanks to their diplomatic mindset and good taste, the owners of Venus in Libra are always in favorable conditions. They know when to give in, how beautifully and subtly to insist on their own, even in acute moments of an argument, and they never go into open conflict, avoiding a direct answer with beautiful phrases. Venus in Libra is most often seen in the arts: painting, sculpture, ballet, acting, music and poetry.

Chiron endows with the ability to project the vibrations of the subtle world into clear images, materializing them, therefore, even if the professional activity od such natives is not related to art, it is useful for them to visit the theater, museums, galleries to strengthen the balance of the inner world. The soul reads information of the subtle plane from the creations of the great masters and is filled with energy.

Venus in Libra also affects behavior and character in a certain way:

  • beautiful, sexy appearance, kindness, responsiveness;
  • keen intuition, a sense of harmony and fairness almost always help to make the right decisions and give useful advice;
  • emotional coldness with high sexuality does not allow individuals to lose head from passion, sex is more entertainment than a reason for a serious relationship;
  • the aesthetic worldview limits the perception of reality: such people ignore the rough and cruel fragments of reality, leaving in illusion;
  • love for everything beautiful and dear, the desire to live in luxury and wealth, which, with negative aspects, leads to fraud and unscrupulousness in achieving the goal;
  • extravagance, frivolity, eccentric behavior and constant moods when the planet is damaged.

For harmonious development, children with Venus in Libra need to go to an art or music school and make friends with their cultural intellectual peers, and for self-confidence, dance. It is necessary to cultivate in them the ability to empathize and care for others, given their natural emotional coldness.

Venus in Libra

Venus male and female

Regardless of the gender of the Venus bearer in Libra, the keys to the heart will be: physical attractiveness, graceful manners and the ability to share violent and original sexual fantasies. The intimate life of such natives is a scene where they play the main role and think through everything to the smallest detail.

A woman with Venus in Libra has a cold aristocratic beauty, dresses exquisitely, acquiring branded items. Her apartment is furnished with expensive modern furniture and decorated with original paintings. A passionate, artistic nature needs not only physical pleasure, but also intellectual community. She will never choose a person from a low social circle as a partner. She will be approached by a man with Mars in Aquarius, Leo and Gemini, who is able to become a full partner and admire the beauty and intelligence of the airy Venusian.

The owner of Venus in Libra tends to flirt with everyone, but this does not mean an easy victory. She just needs to feel universal admiration and feel like an attractive and significant figure.

For a man with such a position of the planet, the external beauty and grooming of the chosen one is important. Most often, from childhood, he developed an ideal of femininity, as a rule, with long hair, a chiseled figure and noble features, in search of which he travels from one lady to another.

Outwardly, the native resembles the ancient Greek Cupid with curls and a graceful curve of full lips. Since he cannot stand loneliness and a showdown during a breakup, he often meets with several beauties and himself suffers from the inability to make a choice, but having decided to choose one, he remains faithful. A girl with Venus in Gemini, Sagittarius and Scorpio, who can withstand the intensity of his erotic fantasies, will suit him.

Important aspects with other planets

The position of Venus in Libra without aspects means the talent of the artist and portends a happy personal destiny. A favorable configuration with Neptune gives success in theater and cinema, with Mercury in literature and poetry, with Jupiter in politics and law.

Trine with the Moon enhances heartfelt warmth, and aspects with Uranus and Saturn, on the contrary, lower the chances of sympathy and sincere love, making a person arrogant, callous and egocentric. The negative aspect with Neptune inclines to betrayal and mood swings, and also distorts the idea of ​​personality: such individuals consider themselves more beautiful and talented than everyone else, or, on the contrary, mediocrity with obvious giftedness.

Additional description

People born with Venus in the sign of Libra are charming, tactful, polite, attentive, balanced, harmonious. They have a great desire to please everyone and not create any changes. Due to the fact that they want to please everyone, it is sometimes difficult for them to say the word “no”. So people can just take advantage of such people. Although Venus has always been considered an auspicious planet, Venus in Libra can sometimes be quite ruthless in relationships. Such people know what others want to hear and often simply manipulate them.

Individuals with Venus in Libra naturally attract the people and things they need into their lives. Sometimes it happens so easily that they don’t appreciate what they have. Harmony is so prized that they are willing to make any compromises to maintain it. They do not like to focus on arguments or emotionally difficult things, preferring to “smooth out” this situation or bypass it. For marriage, they are looking for someone who is balanced with them. They are attracted to people who have a certain sophistication and delicacy. They value good manners and sophistication, and they are not happy with a rude and stupid personality.

People with Venus in Libra have a certain magnetism and sophistication, and treat other people well. Most likely, they have musical or artistic ability, they are satisfied with art, they have a good sense of color. With regard to the negative qualities of Venus, such people may be lazy from time to time, wanting to make easy solutions to problems or choose the position of least resistance. They can also be indecisive. They need a company that they feel comfortable with.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Venus in Libra:


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