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Natal Chart Vertex: Electric Ascendant

In the western hemisphere of each natal chart, in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th houses, one can find a very important point – the Vertex. It is compared with the handle on the gates of fate, which must be turned so that the doors open and let people into a new dimension. This is not just a point, but the top of the sensitive axis of the horoscope, along which the electric current of karma flows. On the reverse side, but in the same degree, there is another point – Antivertex.

They symbolize circumstances beyond our control, fateful encounters, including twin flame soul mates that are impossible to break away from, or karmic teachers that mirror the character traits of people themselves that need to be elaborated. Without these meetings, there would be no spiritual growth, and although they cannot be avoided, it is very useful to know the peculiarities of the influence of the Vertex in order to be on alert and immediately take the bull by the horns.

Axis of karmic acquaintances: Vertex – Antivertex

The Vertex is also called the Electric Ascendant. It turns on unexpectedly in really emotional periods of life, when an alter ego suddenly wakes up inside, opposite to the usual social role, and because of this, a quantum leap of reality occurs: everything turns upside down, but as a rule, this is good for the  horosocope owners themselves. This, for example, when the unknown girl Edith Piaf, who sang on the street to earn a living, was noticed by a wealthy producer and immediately decided to make a star. Or when the modest and well-mannered Estée Lauder smashed a bottle of perfume she had developed on the floor to attract the attention of shopkeepers with a magical scent.

The vertex in the natal chart shows:

  • deeply personal affairs of people, obvious events that have a clear impact on fate;
  • fatal meetings with other people or circumstances that cannot be avoided;
  • the nature and scope of the partners who appear to change the horoscope owners themselves and the important topics of their lives.

Antivertex denotes hidden, behind-the-scenes events and those character traits that prevent such individuals from transforming relationships for the better. The owners of the chart may not understand at all why something is not going well, but the impact on fate is still going on.

These are difficulties in communicating and accepting the world of another person, a trigger point for divorces.

At the moment of turning on the Vertex, people with such position in the horoscope behave atypically and not always adequately, contrary to the conventions and rules of their world, but this is precisely what transfers them to the desired line of fate.

Meeting people who are attracted to like a magnet, who play a huge role in their lives, the horosocope owners are also forced to change in order to meet the needs of the partner. Unfortunately, sometimes it destroys fate.

How to determine the theme of influence of the Vertex in the natal chart

The house occupied by the electric Ascendant shows the most important area for obtaining karmic experience, the opposite of what was in the native’s family before. If a person was born in northern latitudes, the location of the Vertex in other houses, in addition to 5, 6, 7, 8, is acceptable, but most often it is located in these sectors.

To understand the picture, it is important to analyze:

  • how strong or afflicted the ruler of the house is;
  • in what sign is the Vertex and its dispositor;
  • aspects and planets that form them, their position in other houses (they are indirectly involved in the main theme of the event);
  • a planet in conjunction with a Vertex;
  • what the house itself is responsible for, where there is an important point.

The point of fate is activated during transits, meetings with important people through synastry with them, and when moving (relocation), when its position shifts and it moves to another house, highlighting it.

So transiting Jupiter in a trine to the Vertex can give a move to another country, Venus as the ruler of the 7th house – a love marriage, a square with Pluto – a divorce, and a conjunction with Saturn – the death of someone elderly in the family.

The transition of the Vertex, for example, from the sign of Leo to Virgo when moving (relocation), shifts the focus from the need for vivid self-expression and life-changing changes during the holidays to modesty, responsibility, important events when choosing a healthy lifestyle and activities associated with them.

Understanding this, people can consciously activate one or another house, choosing a country for relocation. They should not forget that the axis of houses denotes events in which they will be involved against their will, so few people choose, for example, the 8th sector voluntarily, although with a favorable aspect and risky nature, this axis will help to get rich.

How to elaborate the Vertex in the natal chart

People with such a chart just need to adjust to the axis of the electric Ascendant, because avoiding the events caused by it is just as impossible as drifting on their back in a raging sea. They need to learn to maneuver between the waves, developing the appropriate qualities that can come in handy when the point of fate turns on in one aspect or another.

The vertex highlights the theme of the house and the sign at the highest level of their manifestation. If such individuals have the Ascendant in Pisces, the Sun in Virgo, and the Vertex in Aries, having got into an emotionally colored situation, with timidity and creativity they suddenly show a fighting character and fight for their love, homeland and family.

Thus, in addition to revealing the main Ascendant, it is very important for the owners of the chart to master the energies of Aries so as not to go too far or expose themselves to bullets in those moments when it is necessary to show courage and personal strength.

Ideally, they should develop skills specific to the top floor of the house and the sign where the Vertex stands.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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