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Ascending zodiac sign

Rising Aquarius

People born under the sign of the Rising Aquarius tend to be altruistic, friendly, slightly detached, impartial, humane, sociable, intellectual, freedom-loving, rebellious, independent and unusual. They are here to learn altruism, brotherhood and work for the common good, neglecting themselves and their needs for the sake of their friends and acquaintances. Such people have an absolutely unique, different outlook on things. They can be very original and inventive, and perhaps eccentric and bohemian at times. They are prone to vague, sudden impulses, sometimes over-intuitive. With good mental capacity, these individuals have organizational skills and are practical at the same time. They are smart, but sometimes cold-blooded and calculating when they feel anxious. They also have a certain detachment. These people cannot stand possessiveness and jealousy, constantly demanding personal freedom. Depending on the predominant wobble of Saturn and Uranus, their natal chart will prevail: caution, coldness and selfishness may be present with a strong Saturn, or there will be more altruism, love of freedom and free thinking with a strong Uranus. If the influence of Uranus is stronger, then there will be a pronounced predominance of spiritual values ​​over worldly materialism.

The main lesson to be learned: Treat people with warmth (think less with your head and more with your heart).

Saturn and Uranus tend to rule Aquarius, so it is Saturn and Uranus that will play an important role in their natal chart.
Ascending zodiac sign

Aries ascendant

People born under the sign of the Ascending Aries tend to be energetic, proactive, hasty, conflicted, selfish, impulsive, hot-tempered, aggressive, assertive, stubborn, independent, and also alert, have mechanical abilities, physically active and self-centered in a bad way. A general dislike for restraint and restraint of any kind, as well as a reluctance to follow someone else’s instructions, may be typical for them. Such people need to learn diplomacy and tact, as well as plan their affairs and projects in advance. By channeling their energies towards more constructive goals, they will get better results. As a ram, which this sign symbolizes, they, as a rule, rest their head on their problems in the hope that with enough effort,they will eventually be able to resolve everything and destroy all those obstacles that stand in front of them. Even if there are people there. These individuals enjoy life’s trials and challenges, asthey are naturally very competitive and sometimes too belligerent. People in this position quickly get bored with the routine, which is why they must learn perseverance, as they tend to jump from one thing to another, always looking for something new. The need to finish what they started before moving on.

The main lesson to be learned: learn patience.

Mars rules Aries and that is why its influence is so important in their natal chart.

Rising Cancer

For people born under the sign of Ascending Cancer, as a rule, they are characterized by: reduced vitality, sympathy, compassion, passivity, caring, receptivity, patronage, changeability, psychic abilities, sentimentality, persistence, as well as timidity, sensitivity and moodiness. Just like cancer, which is the symbol of the sign, they can get into the habit of looking both in front and behind them at the same time, not wanting to openly look into the future and always worrying about the past – this causes them a lot of anxiety. They walk sideways through life, never just looking straight ahead. Such people are sensitive and always hide in their shell if they feel a threat coming. Their feelings are easily vulnerable and even when there is no reason for it, they can take everything personally.

The owners of this sign love to travel, but they always need to  be sure that their home is waiting for their return. Safety means everything to them. Physical security is represented by the comfort of their home and the activities they do when, emotionally, they gain from the possession of property and property that has emotional value to them. In fact, this is why they are trying to keep everything – they are attached to all of these things emotionally or physically. Once they receive something, they cannot let go of it easily. They react to life through sensation, not thinking. Their mood swings up and down like the ebb and flow.

The main lesson to be learned is to learn to be judicious and to develop discernment – to set clear boundaries.

The Moon rules Cancer, therefore it is the aspect of the Moon that will be important in their natal chart.

Capricorn Rising

People born under the sign of the Rising Capricorn are usually sensitive, timid, adventurous, ambitious, like to control, restrained, practical, down to earth, but at the same time conscious, responsible, critical, and also cold-blooded. It is likely that they have encountered communication problems at an early age. Such people may be suffering from feelings of inferiority. They have learned to overcome these feelings through strength and necessity, which gives them the determination to achieve their goals and objectives in life. Big ambition and refusal to admit defeat until they reach the heights that they have outlined forthemselves are their main quality. Money, position, and power are important to them. Their restraint is at times seen by people as coldness and indifference, while they, simply being responsible, are doing their duty.

The main lesson to be learned: learn to communicate.

Saturn rules Capricorn, and therefore Saturn plays an important role in their natal chart.

Gemini ascending

People born under the sign of Gemini Ascend are usually friendly, sociable, agreeable, indecisive, insecure, like to do several things at the same time, witty, smart, very quick-witted, excitable, temperamental and sometimes tense, although talkative, superficial and always ready for something – then new. It is likely that they are ambivalent, as are the twins who represent their sign. A strong need to communicate in order to transfer and receive new knowledge is inherent in them. Such people love to read and travel, getting the opportunity to embrace new horizons and knowledge. They need variety, and this can cause them to take on everything, but they will not be specific about something. They tend to evaluate everything superficially, without delving into the deep meaning of events. AND, While they may appear overconfident on the outside, they may lack inner peace and confidence. They can use a lot of gestures when speaking.

The main lesson to be learned: Learn to manage and control energy and set priorities.

Mercury rules Gemini, which is why Mercury is so important when counting their natal chart.

Rising Leo

People born under the sign of the Leo Rising are usually generous, proud, emotional, romantic, vain, narcissistic, courageous, sentimental, confident, showy, extroverted and want to shine and be successful in everything. They like to “rule”, which is a consequence of their “royal” nature. They love to take risks, and sometimes even reckless, but they definitely have a taste for life. The worst thing anyone can do to them is hurt their pride or be disrespectful to them. They are reserved in matters of love and need a partner that they can be proud of, but they also want to be proud of them. Such people are loyal protectors of those they love. They may be quick-tempered, but don’t tend to be angry for long. They enjoy playing the role of a king and constantly feel the heightened energy around them.

Such owners of this sign like being in the spotlight, and they will pursue it in any way they can. They can be stubborn in a way, although not as scary as people say. If their pride or  dignity is hurt, then beware, because they can forgive, but they will never forget it. Such peopl love sports and outdoor activities, and their vitality and spirit are strong enough. Since their need for love and affection is so great, they need to feel needed. If they get discouraged, they lose interest and desire to live.

Key lesson to be learned: Learn humility.

The sun rules Leo, therefore, considering the natal chart, it is necessary to focus on the Sun.
Ascending zodiac sign

Libra rising

People born under the sign of Ascending Libra tend to be charming, sophisticated, attractive, kind, touching, indecisive, sociable, creative, musical, and also harmonious. When they are tempted to please in order not to cause trouble, they seek the approval and support of others. These people enjoy being in company and they hate being alone. They tend to try too hard to please others, violating their own principles, in order to be loved and to be popular. However, they can also be very self-centered, although it is difficult for them to say no. Such people cannot tolerate disharmony and confusion and they want everything to be balanced, balanced and harmonious. They like to consider all sides of an issue before making a decision. They love to compare things and find analogies. They enjoy arguments and discussions, but  can also be very diplomatic and friendly. Appearance is very important to them. They tend to attract whatever they need without putting much effort into it.

A key lesson to learn: Develop determination, especially in relationships.

Venus rules Libra, so its position will be important in their natal chart.

Rising Pisces

People born under the sign of Ascending Pisces tend to be sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, weak-willed, long-suffering, dreamers, as well as impressionable, impractical, indecisive, have psychic abilities, at the same time be sentimental, romantic, idealistic, affectionate, easy-going ascent, but at the same time lazy, not caring about everyday life, scattered and in constant search of the Holy Grail. Sometimes they are too distant to realize what is happening. They can dream in life, not live it. It is likely a hobby for music, dance or drugs. Sometimesthey are overcome by a deep feeling of loneliness, that it seems that nothing in this world can heal it, although it is sometimes an absolute necessity for them.

Such people are very sensitive to the conditions of their environment, and this can affect their psyche and emotional background, since they, like a sponge, absorb everything that happens around them – is it good or bad for them. These individuals are very attractive, but they must learn to be more practical and down-to-earth, and also focus their energy on what is happening here and now. They must help others in this life, but they must learn not to succumb to the provocations of others and not to get involved in any kind of sentimental stories.

Key lesson to learn: Persevere.

Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, so it is Jupiter and Neptune that play an important role in considering their natal chart.

Sagittarius Rising

People born under the sign of Sagittarius Ascend tend to be idealistic, ambitious, enthusiastic, religious or agnostic, travelers, physically active, risky, outgoing, as well as being extroverts, philosophers and a little biased and superficial. At the same time, they are always on the go and in constant search of the best place for themselves. The Sagittarius symbol is a centaur, half human, half animal, and this is perhaps who they really are. Such people have great aspirations, but they also have uncontrollable natural desires. They can set high goals for themselves and at the same time be led by their base desires. They love animals, nature, sports, gambling, adventure and travel. They may lack concentration. They probably have many acquaintances, but not many real friends. They tend to be more casual than serious relationships.

Excessive impatience and love for constant movement prevail in them. They are always looking for a better life for themselves, while never stopping or slowing down to understand where they are and what is around. They tend to be talkative, direct, and to be expressed to the point. They lack tact and diplomacy because of their candor. Ideas are very important to them. In general, such people enjoy working with large-scale projects, while small and insignificant details only make them dislike. They promise a lot, while delivering much less than what they promised. They can climb to the heights or descend to the very depths.

The main lesson to be learned is: learn to restrain yourself and stop procrastinating.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so it is important to consider it when considering a natal chart.

Rising Scorpio

People born under the sign of the Ascending Scorpio are usually secretive, deep, withdrawn, mysterious, restrained, difficult to understand, but at the same time brave, strong-willed, persistent, stubborn, and also creative, self-sufficient, independent and silent. This is a powerful upward sign. It represents a battlefield where the higher and lower selves of man will have to fight. They have to be aligned, and eventually the lower self will have to submit to and obey the higher self. God is inside. And all levels without exception will be involved in this struggle: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They, outwardly calm people, inside can be very emotional. As the saying goes: “There are devils in the still waters.”

Such people tend to be silent, always wanting to know other people’s motives, but never divulge their own. And they really enjoy playing detective because they have to know everything: how, when and why. They have the determination and strength to overcome any opponent, even themselves. But the first thing they need to overcome is resentment, jealousy, and possessiveness. They may be interested in occult abilities, death issues, sex, or healing. They can be devils or angels, eagles or stinging scorpions.

The main lesson to be learned is learning to forgive.

Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, so both Mars and Pluto will play an important role in their natal chart.

Taurus rising

Taurus Ascending people tend to be strong, tenacious, determined, stable, practical, stubborn, non-aggressive, patient, affectionate, loyal, and hardworking. But at the same time, they do not like changes, are passive and modest, and also firm in their convictions, although they have a slow wit. Taurus can be guided and persuaded, but never nudged or manipulated. Property and property, whether people or funds, are very important to them. Such people want to build and develop, but they should not rush into this. They want to put their hands on, and then get the practical results of their hard work. They can support what others have already started by continuing to develop it. Success comes to them because of their persistence and will. Their love for sugary and fatty foods can lead to excess weight. They need to try to be less harsh in everything they do. And try to control any jealousy and possessive instinct. They hate and fear disease and pain.

The main lesson to be learned: Learn to distance  from material values.

Venus rules Taurus, so the position of Venus will be important to their natal chart.
Ascending zodiac sign

Virgo rising

Virgo Ascendant people tend to be practical, analytical, picky, fastidious, careful, demanding, attentive to detail, methodical, modest, shy, critical, judicious and somewhat self-centered. They have a brilliant, active and receptive mind. It is very important for them to acquire knowledge and direct it in the necessary direction to achieve the best result. They strive for perfection, although not many people could get along with them or be near, because their standards for themselves and others are quite high. And it’s important to understand that others may not always live up to these high standards. Finding fault with people and things is their strong point. Sometimes, it can even ruin their relationship if they constantly criticize their partners and what they are doing. Pessimism and self-criticism are two negative traits that they must try to overcome in themselves. Perhaps they are too often prone to anxiety, especially about small things and insignificant things, which can affecttheir health and lead to problems with it.

Such people need to learn to digest each experience and take it in without bitterness, regret, anger, or resentment. They need to get rid of any negativity that is caused by feelings of inferiority. They tend to look younger regardless of their age. They are very restless and nervous and are rarely able to control these feelings. At times,they can be very indecisive and insecure.

Key Lesson to Learn: Learn to Interact with People

Mercury is ruled by Virgo, so Mercury is important when considering their natal chart.


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