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Elaboration of Lilith in the natal chart

Lilith is considered a tempting demon, but they do not understand that at the highest level of development of consciousness, it ceases to be a source of danger, but, on the contrary, enhances a person’s talents according to the sign and the house in which she stands. If this is the 5th house, then at a low level – overt sexuality and many novels, pregnancies, corrupting youth with vulgar creativity, and at a high level these same individuals realize themselves as sex symbols in cinema, teachers who understand the problems of modern children, or through a happy marriage , motherhood.

Therefore, it is very important to bring Lilith out of darkness to light, and then the courage of new quests will manifest itself on a positive creative level. This is a fictitious point of the horoscope, not a planet, but its power is underestimated, and elaboration is often considered impossible. However, the right actions and symbolism work wonders.

Strong and weak Lilith in the horoscope

The Black Moon is the antipode of the Moon, and it is closely connected with the depths of the subconscious, and therefore the reptilian brain. An unelaborated Lilith endows its owners with base passions and shortcomings: lust, anger, cruelty, vindictiveness, deceit. If it is strong, people want to do evil and enjoy it, and when it is weak, they become victims of strangers along the line of influence of the house and the sign of the demoness. The main danger is an irresistible desire to do evil. And the owners of Lilith feel it more strongly than others:

  • in conjunction with the Sun, Pluto, Mars, Venus, Ascendant, karmic nodes and many other aspects;
  • in the signs of Scorpio, Leo and Aries, but others can appear in the worst shadow energies if there are aspects;
  • in the 1st, 5th, 8th and 12th houses.

The cycle of the demoness is 9 years, so every time she returns, there is a strong temptation to act against conscience and generic programs: destroy, soil, enjoy sin. These can be difficult tests for morality and loyalty to ideals.

Lilith is less pronounced in the signs of earth and air, without aspects or supported by positive connections with good planets, which encourages a person to show its power and magic in creativity and creation. If the White Moon is in the same sector, this also softens the effect of her Black “sister”.

Three levels of elaboration of Lilith

The difficulty of elaboration is that it is impossible to work out the craving for vices once and for all. The temptation will always be, but the more conscious and spiritual the individuals, the easier it will be for them to sublimate the energy of the Black Moon into creation and discovery. The development takes place at one of 3 levels:

1. Lower step. People enjoy doing evil and perversions according to Lilith, enjoy their secrets or obvious cruelty, intrigue, debauchery. They repeat the mistakes of a past life and may not receive retribution, feel omnipotent, but their karma is aggravated, and as a rule, in old age there is retribution, or passes to descendants.

2. Middle step. People understand that they are attracted by sinful passion, reject the temptations of dark forces, consciously repent and renounce evil. At first it will not be easy, because the protection of Lilith disappears, the natives are no longer its adherents. They begin to be tested with the same instrument that they have used in the past on others. If they pass the test, they will be able to control Lilith and clear the karma.

3. The highest level. People perfectly see where good and evil are. They clearly understand the thinking of criminals and the traps set along the line of influence of the house and the sign of Lilith, easily bypass them and save others. Their karma is pure and sins are worked off.

People are not born with the third level. Everyone has 1 or 2 levels of awareness, so the more spiritual and cultural the owners of the horoscope, the faster they will move to the highest level. However, succumbing to temptation, it is easy to fall immediately to the lowest.

Elaboration of Lilith with practical actions

The Black Moon is often compared to a space hole that sucks out time, resources, human energy. The native forgets about everything and every minute thinks about the affairs of the house where it stands. It becomes an obsession and passion. That is why  position of Lilith in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses is considered the most difficult to overcome. It becomes incredibly important to manifest the qualities of the sign and house of the horoscope with Lilith, but the problem is that there is no experience in this area. People behave inappropriately, even sometimes become a laughingstock, but if they are aware of these moments and are able to purposefully study, gradually achieve different degrees of mastery in this area, without emotional involvement, they will be able to bypass the first trap.

The Black Moon always acts according to one scenario:

1. Gives an advance – the desired is given easily, for free, the native gets used to it and then comes the retribution with energy.

2. Circumstances develop in such a way that people begin to lose what they value ​so much. Crazy fear makes them act, using all means to stay at the same level. Lilith feeds on the energy of horror and helplessness.

The first thing to do is to mentally accept the state when there is no success and possession of the gifts of the Black Moon, stop being afraid of it.

The second is to develop professional skills and psychological confidence, so as not to wait for a successful set of circumstances, but at any moment to be able to take own things due to strong personal qualities. Avoiding freebies is necessary in order not to pay the demons.

The third is to disinterestedly and generously give to the world the talents of Lilith in the place of its position, reaching a maximum in their development. These gifts should improve the life of  natives and those around them. For example, Lilith in Gemini – journalism, literature, pedagogy, in Aries – sports success, initiative at work, in Taurus – financial literacy and helping others achieve abundance.

People can not use the patronage of Lilith to live at the expense of others on its topic. For example, the owners of Lilith in Gemini can steal and gossip with impunity behind their backs, but sooner or later they will find themselves in a situation where others will conflict with them and wash the bones, depriving them of their privileges. If such a situation arose, one should immediately repay the debts of the Black Moon disinterestedly. In this case, to give things, to reconcile conflicts, to be a peacemaker and a diplomat for the sake of higher goals, to restore justice through word and letter.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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