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Libra and Virgo – sign compatibility

The union of Earth and Air creates a dust storm. The compatibility of the signs of Libra and Virgo is unlikely to become the basis of a lasting harmonious relationship. The life of these partners together often entails constant tugging at each other for the slightest reason. At what the troublemaker, oddly enough, is Virgo. The representative of this sign often criticizes the partner, not choosing the form of statements too well. This is the reason for the sharp conflicts between Virgo and Libra.

Libra and Virgo - sign compatibility The life principles of these people are completely different. Virgo turns all energy into activity. A person born under the sign of Virgo is one hundred percent workaholic, since only constant activity makes him feel inner balance. Libra lives in constant self-care and comfort. As a result, a powerful flurry of accusations of laziness and idle behavior on the part of the Virgo falls on them. Libra is perplexed: why create so much fuss and constantly work, because you need to enjoy life here and now! It's much easier for them to achieve balance, that's why they are Libra.

Libra and Virgo compatibility carries with it the possibility of forming a marriage for the purpose of cooperation. In the event that both partners are interested in the same business, their relationship will become very fruitful.

Despite the high probability of conflicts in a pair of Virgo and Libra, a lot of pleasant things happen between them. For example, they both love order and justice in everything. They are impressed by even, without strong emotional outbursts, relationships. Virgo is inspired by the partner's amazing logic, as well as his burning optimism in everything. Libra, if mutual understanding is achieved between partners, will teach Virgo to enjoy every moment of life, without going headlong into work.

The compatibility of the signs of Libra and Virgo still carries a fly in the ointment, which poisons the wonderful joint stay of lovers. Virgo is annoyed by Libra's lack of the ability to make quick decisions. Therefore, the laziness and slowness of the air sign are rather harshly punished by criticism and sharp comments from the Virgo.

Virgo and Libra can be kept together either by good intimate compatibility, or by common concerns. Although the obligations that bind these people, over time, become unbearable for them. In this case, Libra begins to look for adventure on the side, and Virgo is tormented and suffering.

Virgo and Libra sexual compatibility

The compatibility of Libra and Virgo in an intimate relationship rests against a cold, insensitive wall that Virgo creates in front of her. In addition, she's great undermining Libra's self-confidence with her sharp criticism. Libra behaves immodestly, which annoys Virgo. In general, the prospects for this couple are not very good. In the bedroom, they need to learn to feel each other and be more attentive.

Compatibility: Virgo man – Libra woman

The Libra woman is femininity itself. Few zodiac signs have ever been born with this ability to enchant the opposite sex. This lady spends a lot of time on self-care, and the results exceed all expectations. As a rule, a Libra woman is attractive, has good forms and pleasant manners. She is somewhat slow, which doubles her charm.

A man born under the sign of Virgo, a born pedant. He will be fascinated by his companion, completely absorbed in her beauty and grace, but his mind will not cease to resist such an invasion. Melting from the desire to be close to this woman, he will nevertheless find the strength to criticize her for the slight creative mess in the bedroom or her inherent indecision. Thus, he will gradually kill in her the ability to carelessly enjoy life and perceive everything as it is. It is possible that the Libra woman will become depressed, which is very sad for the representative of this sign.

But the beautiful half of this union will not remain in debt. She is insanely annoyed by his altruism and desire to selflessly help others, even if they do not need it. And for Virgo, this is the most important life principle: in this way he tries to create order in the whole world, to rationalize everything around. For a man of this earth sign, such activity is the key to peace of mind.

Libra and Virgo - sign compatibilityThe connection of these partners is quite calm and melancholy. Of course, there is also a lot of charm in such a relationship, but both partners will have to try hard to melt the ice that is growing between them.

Compatibility: Virgo woman – Libra man

The compatibility of the signs of Libra and Virgo, when she is Virgo, he is Libra, portends an interesting relationship. She is usually kind and welcoming. There is no particular sensual charm in it, but it has its own charm. This woman is ruled by reason, not heart. Therefore, she will not immediately respond to the Libra courtship workshops. Such a man is a born seducer. To achieve the object of his feelings, he will create an aura of tenderness and admiration around her. Of course, a woman born under the sign of Virgo will surrender, unable to keep her defenses any longer.

In such a relationship, Virgo, who, as a rule, is quite critical of the partner's shortcomings, will forgive her lover a lot. Provided she is tolerant of Libra's negligence and carelessness, this relationship can become long-lasting.

Libra and Virgo business compatibility

The compatibility of the signs of Libra and Virgo in business will bear fruit if these partners have an equal position in the company and at the same time each do their own work. Both signs are quite demanding of themselves and people, they set high standards, therefore they are respected by their colleagues. In everything trying to reach certain heights, Virgo and Libra will bring success to the industry in which they work.

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