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Obsidian – the magical properties of the stone

Obsidian stone has unusual external characteristics. It is solidified volcanic glass and is black, gray or brown in color. Obsidian got its name from the name of the ancient Roman warrior Obsidia, who discovered this stone and showed it to the Roman light.

Obsidian - the magical properties of the stoneThe numerous names given to obsidian by various nationalities testify to its popularity. The inhabitants of Transcaucasia believed that this stone was a fragment of Satan's nails. The Indians of North America called obsidian the tears of the Apaches.

Magical properties

Since ancient times, people have determined that obsidian stone has the strongest magical properties. Many cultures have used this mineral for religious purposes. The ancient Sumerians believed that obsidian contains the energy of the Sun, Uranus and Saturn at the same time. Various attributes were made from the stone, such as mirrors and magic balls, allowing you to see the future.

Obsidian - the magical properties of the stoneCurrently, the magical properties of the obsidian stone can also be used for occult rites. The energy of the stone is so strong that it can be used to achieve a connection with the other world.

The obsidian stone is, first of all, the strongest defender against negative energy. Such a talisman will protect its owner from the intrigues of evil forces and any negative information.

Residents of Transcaucasia gave an obsidian amulet to children, hoping for its magical properties and protection. It was believed that the amazing power of the stone will not only save the child from misfortune, but also make him strong, brave and wise.

Black Obsidian photoThe power of obsidian helps a person concentrate on difficult tasks. He is able to eliminate the fuss around his owner and create the necessary working atmosphere. Therefore, the mineral can be an excellent assistant for scientists, designers, lawyers and other people who are persistent in their research activities.

At the same time, the presence of obsidian is contraindicated for persons whose activities are associated with creativity and the manifestation of initiative. The magical properties of the stone destroy at the root the ability to think outside the box. Businessmen and artists alike can be severely affected by the power of this mineral.

Obsidian stone can control the actions of a person, directing them to a good channel. He gets rid of bad intentions and promotes introspection. At the same time, this volcanic mineral makes people get rid of stereotypes, the owners of obsidian are always ready for changes in life.

This fine mineral is used in jewelry making, but counterfeits are common. Obsidian has the strongest magical properties when set in silver.

Snow obsidian - photo

The healing properties of the stone

Obsidian must be used with caution as its medicinal properties are controversial. Wearing an obsidian stone helps prevent many diseases, however, prolonged presence of the mineral on the human body can reduce the efficiency of the kidneys.

Obsidian does an excellent job with colds. In addition, it can normalize blood pressure and improve the functioning of the digestive tract. The healing properties of obsidian are able to cleanse the body and establish the correct work of energy flows. To do this, it is necessary to place small stones along the central axis of the human body, be sure to put one of the stones in the umbilical or groin area. Obsidian destroys obstacles to the flow of fresh energy.

The most effective medicinal properties of obsidian when used in combination with rock crystal.

Black Obsidian photo

Obsidian for the zodiac sign

Most of all, the magical and healing properties of obsidian are suitable for the representatives of the Capricorn sign . Capricorns are strong in spirit, so they can easily endure the effects of this wonderful mineral. Obsidian also make good use of Aquarians , Leos , Sagittarians and Geminis . Obsidian helps such signs to concentrate and act in the right direction.


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