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Aquamarine – the magical properties of the stone

Aquamarine stone photoAquamarine is an ancient stone. The gem is transparent and resembles both a clear blue sky and an emerald sea. For this he is very popular with jewelers. Aquamarine jewelry will amaze the minds of even the most sophisticated ladies. Therefore, you can buy aquamarine in a decent cut and present it to a woman as a gift even on the occasion of her anniversary.

Talisman and amulet

As a talisman, aquamarine is ideal for sailors, travelers and people doing scientific work. Sailors always took him on trips, considering him a protector on campaigns. This stone helps with bouts of motion sickness. Aquamarine is a symbol of friendship and love. Will help maintain purity in relationships, as well as faithfulness in love. Will give more strength to establish family ties. It is advisable to purchase a stone for lonely people. With its help, they will find friends or a second half. It is believed that aquamarine as an amulet protects against damage and envious people.

Aquamarine stone photo

The magical properties of the stone

Aquamarine tends to change its color. If it becomes cloudy or turns green, then it will be bad weather. Very responsive to the condition of the person wearing it. If the owner is bad or suffers from unrequited love, then the aquamarine darkens. In ancient times, people believed that only an honest person could wear this stone. Liars and deceivers did not like the gem, because they immediately lost its attractiveness and remained forever dark. If something bad was planned against the owner of the stone, then he helped to reveal evil intrigues.

Healing properties

Aquamarine is considered a stone for eye diseases. Helps relieve pressure and fatigue after a hard day. To do this, you need to look at a transparent crystal for some time. Treats diseases of the thyroid gland. A necklace with an aquamarine pendant relieves inflammatory diseases in the throat, and earrings with this stone are excellent for headaches. The ring with the “sea drop” insert heals well skin diseases. Lithotherapists recommend purchasing it for people with weak immunity. The stone is considered “water”, so it helps relieve swelling and normalizes the body's salt balance.

Who is aquamarine for?

Suitable for people who were born under the sign of Pisces and Libra . First, he helps to overcome his indecision and control emotions. Libra, thanks to aquamarine, will become calm and reasonable. The stone will help smooth out mood swings.

Aquamarine stone photo

Care and wearing

Store it separately from other jewelry, wrapped in velvet. Aquamarine is a fragile stone, therefore it is afraid of strong blows and scratches. Avoid exposure to detergents, cosmetics. Burns out when exposed to direct sunlight. Wash with a soft cloth.

It is recommended to wear aquamarine only separately from other stones. The most beautiful cut for him is silver.


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