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Topaz – the magical properties of the stone

The name of this mineral is due to the name of the place where the first stone was found – the island of Topazios. He became a symbol of spiritual purity and affection, a talisman of love and friendship.

Topaz - the magical properties of the stone

Properties of Topaz stone

Topaz stone is an excellent companion for people seeking truth or seeking enrichment. He seems to be clearing the way forward, setting the owner to do good deeds. For sailors, it has long been a talisman that could ward off storms and other bad weather. Such a stone was necessarily kept on the ship until the end of the journey.

The magical properties of the topaz stone help a person gain wisdom and tranquility. This amazing mineral brings joy to life, making its owner an optimist. Each owner of topaz becomes sociable and generous, spreading flows of positive energy around him. Any depressive states and outbursts of anger bypass such people.

Yellow Topaz - photoThe ancient Greeks were convinced that topaz gives men sexual energy, generosity and charm, and makes women amazingly beautiful. Modern observations support these beliefs.

The magical properties of topaz enhance the ability to focus and solve difficult intellectual problems. In addition, the mineral sets a person up for constructive communication, making him more peaceful and understanding.

Blue Topaz - photoFor women, the topaz stone is priceless, as it is able to preserve beauty and youth, as well as add novelty to the relationship with the spouse. Topaz keeps the warmth of home comfort, protecting family ties from negative influences. He also helps to maintain any friendship or love union, ensuring the loyalty of people in relation to each other.

In business and politics, topaz stone significantly helps to achieve success in negotiations, to establish important ties and relationships. He patronizes people who want to achieve success by their own efforts, and not by cunning and lies.

For creative people, the use of topaz stone will also be very effective. It will help to realize not only the obvious, but also the hidden talents of its owner.

Topaz most of all shows its magical properties in a gold setting. The stone will not begin to act immediately, at first it must get used to its owner, love and accept him. This habituation may be indicated by a slight change in the color of the mineral. Fiery yellow topaz can take on a soft golden hue.

Healing properties of topaz

Topaz stone has quite strong medicinal properties. Since ancient times, it has been used as an indicator of poisoned food and drinks, so cups were decorated with it. Currently, topaz is used to strengthen the immune system and treat a wide variety of diseases.

Yellow Topaz - the magical properties of the stoneThe healing properties of topaz can be aimed at treating depressive conditions and nervous disorders. It will relieve insomnia and unreasonable fears, giving a person self-confidence and calmness. Topaz heals diseases of the musculoskeletal system and female infertility.

This wonderful stone will help to cope with heart attacks and strokes, strengthening the general condition of the cardiovascular system. Topaz is becoming a reliable assistant in the treatment of visual impairment. Most often it is used to eliminate myopia.

Simply wearing the stone on your body will prevent colds and flu and provide you with a boost of energy. Topaz has medicinal properties in the fight against diseases of the spleen and gallbladder. Some people manage to successfully treat bronchial asthma with topaz. In addition, topaz neutralizes pressure surges and helps with gout.

Topaz for the zodiac sign

The Topaz stone can become a companion of any of the representatives of the zodiacal circle . It is equally useful for fire, air and earth signs, helping them to achieve balance and receive a positive charge of energy.

However, he is most suitable for Scorpio , since he is able to neutralize his tendency to go to extremes. The topaz stone helps to gain wisdom for this contradictory sign and improve relationships with others. This mineral will become an indispensable assistant to Scorpio on the path to self-improvement.


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