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In addition to the 12 signs of the zodiac according to the Eastern horoscope, there are also five elements of the elements that reduce or enhance the influence of the chosen sign. Read the impact of all these elements on the Ox below.

Five elements and the year of the Ox in our century

  • 1901 February 19 – element of the year metal
  • 1913 February 6 – the element of the year water
  • 1925 January 25 – element of the year tree
  • 1937 February 11 – element of the year fire
  • 1949 January 29 – element of the year earth
  • 1961 February 15 – element of the year metal
  • 1973 February 3 – element of the year water
  • 1985 February 20 – element of the year tree
  • 1997 February 7 – element of the year fire
  • 2009 January 26 – element of the year earth


METAL BULLThe wind blew from the west, bringing dryness with it. Having touched the Earth, she gave birth to Metal. The metal element represents cold, evening and autumn. Metal is hardness and clarity, it rips and cuts. He has a chaste and stern character. Metal always oscillates between destruction and beauty. He tries at all costs to achieve the chosen goal. During harvest, it acts as a sickle, cutting off the stalks of the ears. Sometimes the metal becomes gloomy and sad. Usually, people born with this element are endowed with strong bones and strong bodies. They have straight and hard hair, but tend to thin out over time. They have dark eyes, swarthy skin, strong limbs and a straight nose. These people have an excellent physique, with hard muscles.

Bulls have a strong will and are very self-confident. They are not afraid to express their point of view and are direct in their views. Balance, energy in Metal Bulls is combined with the harshness of the words spoken, caused by a sense of frankness and justice. People under the sign of the metal Bull feel good in the role of a lawyer or prosecutor, they like to make different judgments, command and give judgments. They pursue their goal with strong perseverance and can get carried away that they do not notice anything around them. This often turns out to be detrimental to them.

Metal Bulls are honest people, you can rely on them. They will not promise what they cannot do. They are Connoisseurs of fine art and are always glad to their friends, their surroundings. But at the same time, friendly relations cannot relieve them of their responsibilities. These people are incorruptible, although they have a lack of imagination. Their strict attitude can lead to melancholy and depression.

Metal Bulls should not take external aggression from the people around them too seriously. They do not need to erect a monument to themselves during their lifetime. Metal Bulls live well in the open area, in the Village, and farm, grow vegetables. Better to be who you are.

Metal Bulls love autumn and do well in dry climates. The vulnerable organs of these Bulls are the colon and lungs. They are very fond of spicy dishes, various seasonings, but it is better for them to eat oatmeal dishes and give preference to horse meat. Metal Bulls are advised to do more breathing exercises that can help them relax.

The color that brings them happiness and good luck is blue.


WATER BULLCold was born in the northern sky, and when it fell to the Earth in the form of a snowfall, Water was born. The Deep Waters of winter nights endowed with tranquility inspire respect and fear. Still Water is home to the water spirits. But there is also dirty Water in swamps, where many reptiles live, such Water associates a symbol of absolute stagnation. Water Ox is nourished by clean and transparent water, it makes you seek beauty, harmony and peace. She can be a protective wall, a mask of self-control and calmness. Such Bulls are reserved, keep their distance and are very mysterious. People born under the element of water often have rounded figures prone to fullness, thin delicate skin and passionate lips. They have shiny hair and full arms.

Water Oxen have an astute and keen mind. Their movements are only forward. They always listen and make excellent conversationalists. They are always balanced, so they easily manage to lead the masses, overcoming intrigues and all obstacles. These Bulls are afraid of unpleasant gossip, which is why they are ambitious and very careful. These Bulls have many different talents, they are skilled in manual labor and they bargain well. Water Oxen very often lead various movements for rights and peace.

Water Bulls are excellent organizers, their work is always very methodical. They are not at all secretive, unlike other types of Bulls, and are able to share their plans. Very, often, water Bulls can exceed their moral standards, therefore they are drawn to work related to a social orientation. They are good psychiatrists and psychologists, they know how to get along well with people. Water Oxen are convincing and benevolent, they always achieve their goal.

They love children and family well-being is very important to them. They want to build a house on the edge of a flowering meadow and have a big family. But if they are not satisfied with digging in the mud and growing cereals, then they need to give up all this and better create their own new party.

Water Bulls thrive during the cold season, and their happiest season is winter. Vulnerable organs of the Bulls are the bladder and kidneys. They really like salty food, they should not get too carried away with it. For them, it is better to use a balance of substances from the legume group, from meat it is better to give preference to pork. Because of this, they need to pay great attention to the diet of their food and the softness of the water.

Their happiest color is blue.


WOODEN BULLA wind blew from the East side and brought with it life-giving strength and warmth. This is how the Tree was born. The tree represents a symbol of a mild warm climate. The tree is a symbol of temperate weather, morning, spring, love and harmony, beauty and elegance. The inclination for harmony is the main gift of the Wood Bull (Ox). But their temperaments are prone to fits of rage, and this can be dangerous. In these attacks, the Bulls are forgotten, and harm themselves more, are easily nervously excitable and do not lose their sense of dignity, the will prevails in them, which will return external balance to them. Bull people born with the element of wood have a powerful figure, strong shoulders and limbs. Their face is peculiarly beautiful with straight features, overhanging eyebrows, they have a wide forehead and light eyes.

In life, these Bulls feel free. They have domineering and dignified behavior; it happens often in their work that these people keep all the initiative in their hands. Wood Bulls are open and self-confident in their relationships with people. They develop very quickly creatively, and have a wild imagination, but being free is more important for them than any career. These Bulls (Oxen) are very poetic, and therefore they can make excellent artists and farmers. These people are distinguished by a sense of duty because of which they simply do not know how to cheat. They are calm, but they are very quick-tempered, and often say what they think about, while not reckoning with anyone. The Wood Bulls have a very pronounced desire to go to success with all their might. They are good at being charming. But they often lack confidence in themselves. In family matters, they are devoted and abundant in love.

They love spring very much and feel great in windy weather. Their vulnerable organ is the gallbladder and liver. The Wood Ox often prefers sour foods, but game and cereal dishes are better suited for them. They especially need to beware of their rage, excessive severity and nervousness, otherwise everything will turn against them and self-destruction will occur.

Their color is green, it brings them happiness and good luck.


FIRE BULL Chinese horoscopeOn the south side, a heat was born in the sky when it sank down and fertilized the earth. This is how Fire was born. The element of fire personifies a hot afternoon, South, summer. This is Yang energy, it destroys, burns, burns. Usually such people have a bright complexion.

The Fire Ox is by nature a domineering person who loves to impose his opinion on everyone. In the work collective, they are conscientious and diligent. Their gaze is simply unshakable. And if suddenly events begin to develop not as they planned, this is badly reflected in the environment. Among other things, they are often susceptible to temporary moods and often disregard the opinions of others. They have many different qualities required for a leader and often achieve power, money, and fame. Fiery Bulls are attracted by politics, they are bright individuals. Often their aggression is provoked by their own slowness, making the wrong move in the game. But the Fire Bulls do not need to get carried away with these games, since it seems to them that victory is close, in fact, this is just an illusion. In a moment of disappointment, the Fire Ox is afraid of defeat. Fire Ox people are not standard they are conquerors and they do not need to bury their talent in the ground. Very often they are surrounded by loyal and close friends and are devoted to their loved ones.

Their season is summer, in hot weather they feel great. The fire bull's vulnerable organs are the small intestine and heart. Fire Bulls love bitter food, but lamb and rice dishes are good for them. These Bulls need to be careful and try to slow down their rhythm of life, since their nature is inherent in slowness, they do not like to waste their plans. Fire Bulls have a love of pleasure because of this in old age it can cause a heart attack.

The color of good luck and happiness is red.


EARTH BULL Chinese horoscopeZenith slowly descended from heaven and thus the Earth was born. The earth is beautiful, warmed by the summer sun and has created all the benefits of our world. The earth is a symbol of home and life. The damp and red-hot Earth, after the warmed heat, is endowed with green fertile pastures. Such a Land is a symbol of a secluded place, a corner for meditation and relaxation. It constrains movement, presses, slows down and sticks with its mud to the feet. This field may be a swamp. Being an Earth Bull does not mean becoming a slave to the Earth. They work on Earth and do not need to bury themselves in it.

The Earth Bull has a strong physique, while excluding grace. They are solid, their body has powerful curves, thick eyelashes, a yellowish complexion and a round back with a flat belly.

The Earth Bull is ready to start any work, having a cold-blooded mind in his head. They are ambitious, but they are realistic in their purpose and aspiration. They have an innate intuition about business and finance. They know how to evaluate people well. Their character is calm and always arouse admiration, because they are sincere and incorruptible. Representatives of the earth sign Bull are too material, they love to tinker in the ground and grow plants. They can often be found surrounded by fertile foods as a salesperson or as a cook. These Bulls are not afraid of work, workaholics from God. They are thoughtful, they like to immerse themselves in meditation.

They should not be afraid to travel, all this will serve to improve their lifestyle. They are not afraid of difficulties, because they can do with the very minimum of amenities. They tend to think about the lofty, the sublime, they can become excellent musicians, painters and craftsmen, but only in one case, if they suddenly abandon their traditional habits. Earth Bulls are loyal to their friends and family. Often people around ask them for good advice.

At the end of summer, they do best, especially in humid climates. The most vulnerable organ is the stomach and spleen. They love all kinds of sweets, but they are not desirable for their diet, it is better for them to eat corn products and veal. An active sport is recommended for Earth Bulls, and food abuse leads them to obesity.

Their Color is yellow, it brings them good luck.



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