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Feng Shui manicure

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a real lady without a manicure. This procedure has become an integral part of the life of every modern woman. At the same time, in the process of caring for hands, such a phenomenon of Eastern culture as feng shui occupies an increasingly strong position. And from here a whole direction appeared called feng shui manicure or feng shui nails.

Feng Shui manicure photo

Feng Shui manicure photo

For many, feng shui has become a kind of spiritual support that invisibly accompanies a person through life. Feng Shui manicure is aimed at enhancing the special internal energy of the owner. Depending on your specific wishes and goals, you can focus on a particular field of activity.

Five elements for feng shui nail decoration

One of the most important ideas that Feng Shui manicure carries in itself is the preference of certain materials and colors in decorating nails. Their choice depends on the element to which the girl belongs. The element is determined by the last digit of the year of birth:

· Metal – 0 and 1;

· Water – 2 and 3;

· Wood – 4 and 5;

· Fire – 6 and 7;

· Earth – 8 and 9.

A more accurate way to determine your element for decorating nails according to Feng Shui, you can calculate on our calculator for determining the number of GUA , see the element column.

Metal is an unconditional symbol of a person's success and his ability to benefit. For those who belong to this element, the color scheme in the design of Feng Shui nails should contain white, golden and silver colors. Foil and rhinestones will be a great addition to your nail design. The ideal shape is a clear square.

Feng Shui manicure photo

Feng Shui manicure photo

Water is a symbol of wealth and purification. Most suitable colors: lilac, gray, blue. For Feng Shui nail extension it is recommended to use the “square” shape, for natural – “oval”. Can be supplemented with drawings that support the theme of water – snowflakes, ice patterns, fish or water lilies.

Tree – means an element of creativity and personal development. The ideal colors for a Feng Shui manicure in this case are emerald green. The shape of the nails of this element should be oval, and among the drawings, spiral threads, butterflies, and plant patterns should be preferred.

Fire – has the most active force among all the elements. Feng Shui nails are long and sharp, the shades are the brightest: terracotta, red, yellow, orange. Such a manicure should be richly decorated with rhinestones, stones and a variety of sparkles. Among the most appropriate drawings are those that overwhelmingly support the theme of fire.

Earth – personifies reliability and stability. “Earthy” nails should be fairly short and rounded. The colors reflecting the spiritual energy of this element are usually quite calm, muted: bodily, brown, old pink. It is also recommended to use beige and gold. The design of such feng shui nails must necessarily contain sand, stones or small leaves that resemble leaf fall.

Features of covering nails according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui manicure photo

Feng Shui manicure photo

The Feng Shui manicure technique involves highlighting different fingers with a special color, with each finger corresponding to a specific value:

· Large characterizes the intellectual sphere: mental work, achievements in business;

• index reflects self-confidence and healthy egoism;

· Average – this is a positive outcome of financial affairs;

• nameless – love and relationships;

· Little finger – family well-being.

For those who wish to achieve success in one of these areas, it is necessary to do a two-tone manicure. All feng shui nails should have a moderate color scheme, and one or two should be brighter.

The meaning of colors

The color scheme of Feng Shui nail design directly affects the achievement of harmony in certain areas of life. So, white symbolizes integrity. It is neutral and does not carry a significant energy charge.

On the contrary, it is better not to use black color when covering nails, since it has a depressing effect.

Feng Shui manicure photo

Feng Shui manicure photo

Blue color – makes it possible to focus on solving certain problems, and turquoise is a symbol of calmness and a certain sophistication.

Green – personifies life itself, so it should definitely be used by people who lack strength, both mental and physical.

The golden hue is a great opportunity to bring a bit of well-being into your life, as well as strengthen your state of mind.

Red , as well as yellow , activates the internal forces of the body, is an excellent source of cheerfulness.

Lemon shade – allows a person to tune in to easy communication with others. This helps a lot when important negotiations are coming up.

Blue color – has in all respects a positive effect on the body and the state of mind of a person. It helps to tune in to constructive problem solving, and also opens up opportunities for creative activity.

Pink is the best helper for depression. He is the most powerful neutralizer of everything negative in the world around him.

Feng Shui manicure gives women unlimited opportunities to use the energy of their body and spirit. In addition, the charge that a particular feng shui decision carries can seriously affect the well-being, behavior and worldview of the owner of a manicure. In any case, choosing feng shui nail design, you should remember that this philosophical teaching is aimed primarily at achieving harmony.


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