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Chinese coins to attract money

There is another method for attracting good luck in money, is that you can use Chinese round coins that have square holes in the center and they have the Yang and Yin sides – there are four characters on the Yang side, and only two on the Yin side.

Chinese coins

Three such coins are tied with a red ribbon, then place them in a favorable sector, but so that they are directed with the Yang side up – this will activate their potential, and they will begin to attract money luck to you. Just be sure to put them up with hieroglyphs, a very important point. You can also put them in your wallet, and then it will begin to attract money with a magnet.

Chinese coins can be placed wherever you want: stick them on folders with contracts, documents, agreements, you can at the cash register or safe, on the accountant’s desk, etc. In the Celestial Empire, such coins are put on the bottom of a rice container, and they are changed only on the eve of the Lunar New Year. This ritual symbolizes that the family will always have money, and such a custom will guarantee the family good financial luck.

Detailed instructions for using Chinese coins to attract money:

  1. Find any place where no one will disturb you.
  2. Put three Chinese coins in the palm of your hand, and focus, after which you need to make strong wishes for wealth and prosperity for the good of your friends, family and friends. One of the important points, if you wish wealth and prosperity only for yourself, then this will not work, and be sincere.
  3. Next, place these Chinese coins in your wallet, where you keep money.

What rules must be followed in order to receive an endless stream of material wealth?

You need to make sure that your wallet is always in order: the bills in it lay neatly, were not crumpled and crumpled. Put in it three Chinese coins linked together. It would also be good to put a dollar bill in there. You can also put the hieroglyph “Money” there.

There can be no trifles in money. Money is considered to be a very strong energy, it loves to be taken care of and taken care of. It is necessary to make it a rule to keep order in your wallet every day, smooth out the crumpled banknotes, lay them out at their dignity, all with one face towards you.

Also, you need to carefully monitor what you say and think about money, everything should be positive. For example, it is unnecessary to say that you have no money, otherwise it really will not be.

Money TreeAlso, you need to save money only for a “bright day”, and in no case for a “black”. If you put off for a rainy day, it may really come. Save money for your development, for good changes in your life.
Feel like a rich man. Just try to convince yourself that it is as if you are very wealthy: you have an expensive car, a luxurious villa, that you already have millions on your account. Start enjoying your existence now, be satisfied and happy. Money does not want to go to whiners and sufferers. Be rich in your mind and time will not keep you waiting, you will really get rich quickly.
No need to save on tips and take out of the hotel, where you stayed towels and slippers, etc.
Always be honest about your money. After all, our patrons very often make us checks, including for honesty. Everything we do has certain consequences in the future. All even small deceptions will turn against us in the future. Thus, the more you learn the laws of the Universe, thereby more and more you will have a clearer picture and you will have to overcome big trials, even with minor oversights.

Try to apply this knowledge every day. And there is no need to rush and wait for instant changes. It takes some time to make your dreams come true.
Never be jealous of people who have great material wealth. Jealous thoughts project negative energy that is directed towards prosperous people who are doing well with their money luck. By such actions, you push away monetary energy from yourself and this serves as a big brake on your own enrichment. Therefore, if you are noticed in such a sin, then cut such thoughts at the root, and learn to develop positive emotions, and this will act exactly the opposite, that is, enrich you both internally and materially.

It is not difficult to find a person who is jealous. For example: tell someone you are experiencing some very good news, but only so that it touches you (for example, you bought a ticket and are going on vacation to Thailand or somewhere else), and then look him straight in the eyes. If a person is jealous, then he will instantly lower his eyes down, so he hides a storm of indignation in his soul. But at the same time he can immediately say all sorts of good words, but know that such a person is not your friend at all.
Learn to consciously create within yourself the germs of goodwill towards people. Do not skimp on kind words, compliments and smiles.
Always keep an eye on your appearance. You should look great everywhere, as if you are now starting to welcome good luck into your life.


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