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Feng Shui glory sector

Glory sectorSector Zone – South.

The color is red. 

Element – Fire.

If you have activated the career sector, which is located in the North, then the glory sector in the South should be similarly strong, otherwise it may turn out that you will not be able to get proper satisfaction from your work, and your achievements and work may simply be invaluable.

It would be nice to put here images of the Phoenix bird, live fire, any bright light, fireplace. If this does not seem possible, then a painting or a color photograph that depicts blooming sunflowers or a sunrise will become a very effective symbol of good luck. The South is the best place to showcase any of your accomplishments. It will also be appropriate to hang certificates or regalia, all that you have achieved in the public recognition that people receive for their labors. The southern sector supports a person as a person, he helps to achieve success and recognition of his success in society, among the masses. By activating this sector, you can easily achieve success and fame, much more efficiently and faster.

Items that can be placed in the glory zone

Awards, diplomas, newspaper articles where your achievements were mentioned, things that you did with your own hands. Also, all the symbols that tend upward. The Phoenix bird and peacock feathers are considered a very powerful symbol – they attract different potentialities.


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