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Moon in the sign of Aries

The Moon in the sign of Aries is a bright and unusual astrological combination, thanks to which people in this position will always stand out from the crowd, strive for popularity and fame.

General characteristics

The moon, which is responsible for the inner world of people, their psychological characteristics and sensations, is in the bright and dynamic sign of Aries. It is charged with a positive, powered by a constant source of energy – fire, and conveys the optimism, a sense of joy and love of life to the world around.

On the other hand, Aries do not know how to hide anything, and therefore all personal life, all the emotions of the lunar Aries are in plain sight. They do not hesitate to show the world their true feelings: whether it is joy, jealousy, disappointment or anger.

Life for a lunar Aries is a competition, a sports competition or an exciting adventure. Such people feel uncomfortable if the circumstances around them develop too calmly and safely. Such individuals will certainly bring an element of novelty, infectious fun and competition into the gray everyday life. The moon in Aries will always find something to fight for and where to show its impetuous and impatient character.
Moon in Aries

The main qualities of a person with the Moon in Aries include the following:

  • Unusual love of life, a positive outlook on the world and people around;
  • Inexhaustible energy, a huge supply of vitality;
  • Love for changes and unusual, extreme situations;
  • Love for spectacles, demonstrativeness, publicity;
  • The need for active movement, sports;
  • Emotional behavior, openness of feelings;
  • Ability to protect people and command them;
  • Willingness to fight back at any time.

The moon is responsible for the unconscious reactions of owners of this sign, and therefore people with the Moon in Aries react to what is happening with lightning speed. They should protect their heads from blows and accidents, show up at the dentist on time and remember to control intracranial pressure. Do not get too carried away with plastic surgery on the face, for the Moon in Aries it is not safe. Such people should avoid minor household injuries and burns.

Sports are extremely beneficial to health. Regular morning jogging, fitness classes and a visit to the gym give the necessary relaxation to Lunar Aries, help to improve mood and well-being.

Moon in Aries for a man

Men with the Moon in Aries are very amorous and in relationships they demonstrate a great temperament and tendencies to conquer the object of their love. If such a man falls in love, then he will move mountains on the way to his beloved woman, cross the seas and oceans and fight his rivals to the death. It is very important for him to be a winner and a hero in the eyes of the lady of his heart.

The Moon in Aries in the male horoscope shows what type of women the man considers attractive. Of course, next to him there must be either a very regal person, with whom he is not ashamed to appear in the world, or a proud and elusive Amazon, with whom he will never be bored.

Moon in Aries woman

The moon in Aries in the female natal chart will indicate the characteristics of the character and behavior of her owner, and also characterize her as a mother, wife and mistress of the house. Such a wife is very active, independent, impulsive and will never allow her husband to command her. She brings up children as real fighters. By her example, she shows that no one can sit back. She gives children faith in their own strength, teaches them to achieve their goals and punch their ways in life.

Since the Moon is responsible for family affairs, and Aries is responsible for energy and new life, such a woman likes to make various changes at home: start repairs, rearrange, update the interior, etc. They do house cleaning by “swoops”, using the most modern technology and distributing responsibilities between household members, thanks to which in a couple of hours the home turns into an example of purity and perfection.

How to find a common language with people with the Moon in Aries? Just let them go their own way, not get angry at the noise and fuss that they sometimes create, and, most importantly, дуе them the feel that they are the one and only.

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Celebrities with the Moon in Aries:


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