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Aries – characteristic of the sign


Aries - characteristic of the sign

Sign period : (March 21 – April 20)
Planet : Mars
Element: Fire
Sign property: authoritarian, purposeful, cardinal

Aries is the sign that opens the zodiac horoscope. His stubbornness and ardent disposition. The representative of the fire element amazes. He always goes ahead, without thinking about the consequences. The strength and purposefulness of this sign allows him to achieve his goal even under very unfavorable circumstances.

Aries has an unbending personality. He is always sure that he is right and does not try to subject to any analysis what is happening around him. Often, these properties of the fiery nature harm Aries, since he tends to focus his efforts on objects that are absolutely not worthy of attention, while the real benefit passes him by.

Thanks to their natural optimism, Aries can easily get through difficult times. The only thing that can unsettle him is criticism from people close to him. Encouragement and admiration are what this sign needs to feel the balance of internal forces.

Aries man – characteristics

The Aries man is the embodiment of energy and self-confidence. He denies any authority and power, it is unacceptable for him to follow someone's orders. Aries himself always knows what is best to do, and behaves very assertively in any endeavors.

It is quite difficult for such a person to sit still, his brain constantly generates fantastic ideas for conquering the World. His plans are so extravagant and lacking in foundation that he does not find the support he needs so much from others. Then he boldly gets down to business and often gets his way, causing great surprise to those close to him. The only obstacle on the way to achieving the goal of the Aries man is the loss of passion.

The characteristic of the Aries man defines this owner of a fiery temperament as an eternal child, constantly searching for goals for new achievements. Although outwardly he is quite a business man, close people are well aware of his spontaneity and frivolity.

It is impossible to criticize such a man, since any comments cause severe denial in him, although over time he may find a certain amount of truth in the advice received. The strongest contradiction that reflects the characteristic of the Aries man is an increased level of demands on others, combined with an unshakable confidence in his perfection. In addition, charismatic friendliness and unrestrained irascibility coexist in this man in an amazing way.

Aries - characteristic of the sign In a love relationship, the Aries man can make his lady of the heart feel his oneness. His crazy actions allow him to get the recognition of the one that he himself chooses. Aries always has enough admirers, but he will never mark the one that openly declares her encroachments on the freedom of this fiery man. On the contrary, the excitement that arises in the process of his one-sided courtship is the best love potion for Aries.

The characteristic of a man of the sign Aries indicates his unconditional desire to take a leadership position in a relationship. The wife must strictly follow his instructions, otherwise a stream of volcanic lava will fall on her every day in the form of the anger of her chosen one. Perhaps the wife of Aries will have to master the laws of worldly wisdom at an accelerated pace so that their union is harmonious.

Aries woman – characteristic

The nature of the Aries woman is quite complex. This is manifested in her love for all kinds of games with members of the opposite sex. She often seems cold and indifferent, but this is just a deceptive maneuver that allows her to lure the man she likes into her trap. After a while, her temperament becomes apparent, and she, fully armed, begins the conquest of the fortress in the person of a potential chosen one.

Just like the mood of this fiery woman, her desires are constantly changing. It will be quite difficult for a not too energetic man to build a relationship with an Aries woman. Emotionality, which determines the characteristic of the Aries woman, is sometimes too assertive and can frighten off many men. This fiery lady is very capricious. This type does not tolerate objections and tries to impose his opinion on everyone, which, due to excessive fervor, is not always correct. Anyone who is unable to resist such an unbridled energy is better off staying on the sidelines. Since the Aries woman is very aggressive in trying to achieve what she wants, the effect of unsuccessful interaction with her can be very sad.

The characteristic of the Aries woman suggests that she leads a very active lifestyle. She successfully implements excess energy in practicing various sports or, for example, dancing. The cheerfulness of Lady Aries knows no bounds, as well as the love of sweet flattery, because she is always confident in her exceptional irresistibility.

The family life of this woman will be very turbulent. Any man who marries an Aries should be prepared for frequent outbursts of anger, mood swings, unreasonable jealousy, revelry and wastefulness. Quiet family happiness is not for her, because she is used to going through life, loudly declaring herself and is ready to mentally suppress everyone who gets in her way.

Aries sexual compatibility

Aries' youthful maximalism goes well with the unbridled energy of the fire signs – Leo and Sagittarius . After 30 years, Aries becomes more down to earth and needs a practical partner like Taurus or Virgo . During this period, he acquires the skill of concentrating energy on truly important things, the manifestations of the character of Aries become less impetuous and spontaneous. After forty years, Aries can make a good party for Libra or Gemini , since a period of spiritual and intellectual self-improvement begins.


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