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Moon in the sign of Capricorn

Capricorn is not the most favorable zodiac sign for the Moon, because here, instead of the usual cozy, satisfying and comfortable environment, it meets cold, darkness and asceticism. But still, Capricorn is a female sign, and therefore some lunar qualities manifest themselves freely: hard work, caution, prudence and politeness.

General characteristics

So, the Moon in the sign of Capricorn is in exile. People with such a moon do not seek to flaunt their experiences and emotions. The movements of the soul seem to be constrained by the will and mind of a person, and therefore it is very difficult to understand what this person is feeling at a given moment.

People with such a position of the moon are rather negative about any changes in life. It is difficult for them to adapt to changing conditions and rebuild in a new way. In this regard, lunar Capricorns do everything to avoid sudden changes: they try to foresee all possible scenarios for the development of the situation, think over an action plan that prevents rush jobs and disruptions to life plans, and also observe numerous precautions in everyday life.

Lunar Capricorn can be identified by the following character traits, features of appearance and behavior:

  • Seriousness, prudence, discipline;
  • Calm behavior, unhurried, clear, verified movements;
  • Economy, discretion and practicality in everyday life;
  • High level of self-control and endurance, resilience when faced with adversity;
  • Restraint, tact and politeness in dealing with others;
  • Indecision in an unfamiliar situation, a tendency to become dependent on more active and strong-willed people;
  • Sensitivity, ability to listen to a person with problems, spiritual depth, responsiveness;
  • Tendency to melancholy and depressive states, passivity;
  • Strongly developed sense of duty towards parents, children and loved ones;
  • The tendency to adhere to clear schedules in nutrition and the established regime of work and rest;
  • Inability to take care of yourself and your needs.

Despite the isolation and vigilance, people with the Moon in Capricorn sometimes need to open their souls to their loved ones and talk about painful things. Otherwise, the accumulated grievances, fears and stresses will make themselves felt in the form of depression and psychosomatic illnesses.

Moon in the sign of Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn for a man

Before finding happiness in his personal life, a man with the Moon in Capricorn, as a rule, is faced with coldness and disappointment in love. It is very difficult for him to establish relationships with women, since he is used to keeping a certain distance with people.

Often, when building a serious relationship, he is based on a model taken from the parental family. Usually, in such unions, parent-child relationships take place, when one family member dominates, makes decisions and takes responsibility, and the second takes care, follows instructions and obeys.

Moon in Capricorn woman

The moon in Capricorn in the horoscope of a woman’s natal chart will describe her as a nature aimed at social realization and business success. She is very practical and purposeful, and if she decided to build a family in addition to her career, then so be it.

Such a woman does not set herself the task of cooking pickles, pastries and any culinary delights. But her family members do not suffer from overeating, and a piece of bread will never be lost in the house. Rather, she will automate all the cooking and cleaning processes and will intelligently allocate her precious time, which will allow her to finish her own work project and prepare homework for the children.

So, the character of the lunar Capricorn is sometimes distinguished by severity and unsociability. How to find an approach to people with the Moon in Capricorn? To win over such people, just need to create for them an atmosphere of stability and confidence in the future, organizing a clear routine of life and thereby making it easier to achieve their goals.

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Garipova Lilia Ramilevna


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