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Lunar sowing calendar. Influence of the moon phase on plant transplantation

Lunar sowing calendarNot only the emotional mood of a person depends on the influence of the moon, but also the consequences of the events of the day. Even sowing plants lends itself to the influence of the lunar phases , and therefore it is necessary to compare the care of a garden or vegetable garden with the lunar sowing calendar , because otherwise you may not wait for a good harvest. There are four phases of the moon: new moon, full moon, waxing and waning moon.


NEW MOON – Sowing and caring for plants

The new moon itself, the day before and the day after – this is the three-day phase of the moon, during which gardening must be carried out with great care. During this period, it is not recommended to plant, sow, vaccinate or huddle anything, since any of these actions will not bring the expected result. The first and last days of the phase are only suitable for removing weeds, pest control. It is also allowed to prune trees and shrubs, when pinching vegetable crops. At the very peak of the new moon, it is better not even to touch the plants, so as not to deprive them of their vital energy, but to limit ourselves to watering and surface loosening of the soil.


 WARMING MOON – sowing and caring for plants

The waxing moon phase begins immediately after the new moon and is characterized by increased activity of all metabolic processes. For plants, this is the time for the acceleration of the movement of sap and the enhanced development of their aboveground part. This is a favorable time for sowing all types of crops. Sowing any plants during this period, pruning will lead to intensive growth and the appearance of a large number of young shoots. Naturally, in any work, it is necessary to be guided by a sense of proportion, so as not to sow too thickly, and also in order to leave a sufficient number of buds on the plant to ensure its normal viability.

The growing moon and sowing plantsThe waxing moon is an unfavorable period of time for budding. Plants that were planted or transplanted in this lunar phase should be treated with increased attention , since all the forces in plants are directed to the growth of new shoots, while the root system is weakened and has a low degree of survival. Although there are advantages to transplanting with a growing moon – the roots practically do not react to damage.

During the growing moon, it is better to do sowing , planting and transplanting of leaf crops, melons, fruit and berry bushes, garden trees, strawberries. It would be nice to have time to devote time to soil processing, watering, feeding, grafting and try to root cuttings. The growing moon causes such active vital activity in plants that they need more abundant watering than usual.


 FULL MOON – sowing and caring for plants

A full moon only lasts three days, so you should try hard to get everything you need to do. This period is favorable for weeding, control of various pests and weeds, hilling and mulching. If the moon is not in the water signs of the zodiac . Then you can start collecting seeds. Also, these days are well suited for preparations (you can make homemade wine, ferment and salt vegetables, fruits), but only those that do not require heat treatment, otherwise all rolled up cans will explode. It is impossible to carry out pruning, grafting and pinching on a full moon.


WANING MOON – sowing and caring for plants

The full moon is replaced by a waning lunar phase , which increases the activity of the development of the underground part of plants. Since the roots are now undergoing significant changes, they become extremely sensitive to external stimuli, so it is better not to try to replant plants . During this period, the growth of the green part slows down.
WANING MOON - sowing and caring for plantsTherefore, pruning or pinching will lead to a slowdown in shoot growth. If you plant now, then only those plants in which the tubers are the most valuable part, that is, these are potatoes, bulbous plants, legumes and root crops. The period is favorable for digging out flower bulbs for the winter, for any seaming, weeding, cutting flowers. Watering should be limited, it is better to carry out root feeding.



The presence of the moon in one or another sign of the zodiac will be reflected in different ways on the development of plants planted at the moment. There are combinations of the lunar phase and signs of the zodiac that contribute to increased fertility, and sometimes vice versa. It is best when planting and caring for plants is carried out taking into account as many factors as possible. Among such criteria are weather conditions, the season, the characteristics of the survival rate of each variety, the phase of the Moon in the sign of the Zodiac , and the characteristics of the soil.

 Correspondence of the signs of the zodiac and types of work with plants


Moon in the sign of Aries

Moon in the sign of AriesAries . In this phase of the moon, it is better to refrain from planting and pay attention to weeding and spraying, pest control. For sowing, the sign is not very good, the harvest from seeds sown under the Moon in Aries does not promise to be abundant and is not suitable for storage. Gives fast growth to the plant.


Moon in Taurus

Moon in TaurusTaurus is the most fertile sign. In the waxing moon phase, you can sow legumes, cabbage, greens, asparagus. In the waning moon phase, it is good to plant root crops (carrots, potatoes, beets). Throughout the entire period of the influence of this sign, it is recommended to carry out a picking of seedlings, which forms the pruning of shrubs and trees. Everything that will be planted in the sign of Taurus will give a large harvest, which can be preserved for a long time, but you cannot use the fruits obtained for seeds.


Moon in the sign of Gemini

Moon in the sign of GeminiGemini is similar in characteristics to the sign of Aries. During this period, it is worth limiting ourselves to weeding and measures to combat harmful insects. However, the Gemini sign is not so bad for all plants. Under his auspices, it is good to plant and transplant tall, climbing, ornamental plants and shrubs: roses, clematis, chrysanthemums, loaches, hops, maiden grapes, etc., and those that multiply with “mustaches”: strawberries, strawberries, etc. It is good to take care of behind the lawn, mow the grass. Collect medicinal herbs (tops).


Moon in Cancer

Moon in CancerCancer contributes to obtaining a large harvest, however, it will not be stored for long. In addition, the possibility of obtaining seed specimens is excluded. On these days, you can carry out picking and pruning, and plant trees. It is better to plant those plants that require abundant and constant watering. On the growing moon, it is good to sow and plant pumpkin, bell peppers, different varieties of cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes with cucumbers and asparagus, currants, gooseberries and raspberries. The Waning Moon in Taurus is suitable for planting root crops such as potatoes, carrots or beets.


Moon in the sign of Leo

Moon in the sign of LeoA lion is an infertile sign, and therefore you can only do the current work of maintaining the garden and garden in good condition, that is, you can weed and spray. It is undesirable to sow and not plant vegetables, shrubs and fruit trees, with the exception of drought-resistant ones.


Moon in the sign of Virgo

Moon in the sign of VirgoVirgo is an auspicious sign for planting berry bushes, strawberries, wild strawberries and various medicinal plants. Surprisingly, everything planted during this period is resistant to various diseases. As for garden crops, it is better to wait with them. The time is ideal for caring for the garden and vegetable garden: watering, weeding, hilling, loosening the soil, pest control, pruning, digging the site.


Moon in Libra

Moon in LibraLibra in the waning moon phase – planting root crops. In the waxing moon phase – planting peas, lentils, beans, soybeans, cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini and cabbage. Also, this zodiac sign is well suited for sowing flowers , planting berry bushes, strawberries, planting plum, cherry trees, cherry plums, pears and apricots. The yield from all crops that were planted in the Libra phase is average, but it can be stored for a long time, and the seed plants produce high quality material.


Moon in the sign of Scorpio

Moon in the sign of ScorpioScorpio is suitable for picking seedlings and planting moisture-loving plants, greens, eggplants. Grafting and pruning of trees and shrubs will be successful. The waning moon in Scorpio is the ideal time for planting and sowing onions, garlic, radishes, tuberous and other bulbous crops. The yield will be high, and the fruits will be easy to preserve for a long time, the seeds are of very high quality.


Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

Moon in the sign of SagittariusSagittarius is an unfavorable sign for planting work. During this period, it is enough only to take measures to get rid of pests and weeds. The yield of the plants planted on these days is below normal, so it is better to wait for a more favorable moment.


Moon in the sign of Capricorn

Moon in the sign of CapricornCapricorn is the time of active work. It is good to plant perennial plant species, as well as sow and plant before winter, inoculation, pruning, weeding, spraying. Greens, beans and cabbage are planted on the growing moon , on the waning moon – root crops and bulbous plants, celery (only if its root is needed, not greens). The yield is average, but all the fruits will be well and for a long time stored, and the seeds are of high quality.


Moon in the sign of Aquarius

Moon in the sign of AquariusAquarius – it is not worth planting anything, it is better to do the current work. This sign is considered dry and barren, planted vegetables, shrubs and trees will be low-yielding, ugly and sickly.


Moon in the sign of Pisces

Moon in the sign of PiscesFish . Trees during this period should not be touched. On the growing moon, you can plant moisture-loving vegetables, horseradish, herbs and raspberries, on the waning one – root crops and bulbous flowers. This sign is characterized by increased productivity, but the fruits are stored very poorly, it is better not to leave them for seeds.

To accurately calculate the lunar day for sowing, use our Lunar sowing calendar.


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