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Agena (Hadar) in the natal chart

The fixed star of 1st magnitude Agena (second name Hadar) is located in the constellation Centaur. These names translate as “bottom” and “knee”, indicating the symbolic placement on the knee of the star centaur. Agena is projected onto the ecliptic at 24° Scorpio and is responsible for spirituality and involvement in the events of the surrounding world through the development of the native’s personal spirituality, despite the very mundane position on the “knee” of the constellation. However, this also has a deep meaning: a person will have to humble his pride, the instinct of possessiveness, eradicate jealousy and envy in order to reach the pure energies of power.

Ancient astrologers believed that the influence of Agena was akin to Venus and Jupiter or the conjunction of Mars with Mercury. These planets are considered to be the conductors of her gifts: mastery of manual creativity, innate grace, dexterity, beautiful gait and sharp mind. It gives a person ease in receiving honors and the favor of influential persons due to the ability to arouse sympathy by his very appearance next to them.

Features of Agena in the natal chart

Agena’s orbis is less than 1°, so it is possible to confidently assert the significance of its influence only under the condition of detailed rectification. However, on the other hand, it is by its manifestation in a person’s life that one can also calculate the time of his birth, knowing that Agena in this case is located precisely at 24° Scorpio. Her main gifts: grace in everything, in manners, style, behavior, speech.

These are born dandies who will never leave home in wrinkled clothes that are out of fashion. Even in the garden they work in a stylish tracksuit, and their haircut is updated once a month.

Of course, everyone has their own sense of style and depends on many factors, including the aspects of Venus. The grace of Venus in Aries is strikingly different from the same quality of the planet of love in Virgo. However, the passion for new fashion remains strong, it just manifests itself in different ways.

Much also depends on the accuracy of the position at important points of the horoscope, in particular on the Ascendant , which emphasizes the sophistication and spirituality of appearance. It seems that these are people of alien origin who accidentally ended up on earth, as well as on the Descendant, which contributes to the creation of a wonderful family at a young age, although initially astrologers believed that Agena did not help in love, but at that time they shared the concept of a successful marriage and falling in love. A good husband or wife does not always evoke fiery passion in the owner of Agena in the 7th house, but nevertheless they feel safe and comfortable in the family.

The star brings honors and wealth when located on the MC , and on the cusp of the 4th house (IC) it gives success in acquiring real estate, which will certainly turn out to be successful and happy for the native. He will be lucky to buy a house or apartment near centers of art and energy practices, museums, libraries, and everything that helps to increase spirituality. This is also an indicator of prosperity when choosing the profession of a realtor. Also in this case, it is obvious that living in your native country will bring happiness. The native will contribute to the development of culture and spirituality in his region or, with a strong energy balance in the chart, will become a national treasure.

Negative influence of Agena

The star itself is happy, but much depends on the level of development of the native himself, his upbringing environment, and the environment influencing him. The fact is that on the other side of well-being and material comfort is the seduction of all this, which leads to degradation and obsession with money, beautiful clothes, and jewelry.

A person feels better than many, seeing that he is lucky with money and influential acquaintances, is lazy to develop artistic talents, stops giving to the world what is inherent in him, moves away from his mission, and, accordingly, begins to lose easily received benefits.

It is very important to be modest, polite, and democratically disposed towards other people.

Conjunction of Agena with other planets

The merger of a star with different planets will show which areas of activity and character traits will bring success:

Sun : kindness, openness, confidence attract many friends to the native. It is important to be visible, to shine, developing talents, showing growth prospects to other people. However, pride, complacency and arrogance will lead to the loss of all achievements.

Moon : good for any activity where it is important to show care, mercy, and participation. The aspect helps to gain national love and recognition. Sarcasm, superiority, and putting other people down are destructive.

Mercury : Gaining wealth through intellectual ability, managing masses of people, such as in advertising and the media, and being a representative of a particular social group, such as as a diplomat.

Venus : brilliant artistry, beauty, talent as an actor and producer, but incredible sensuality at a low level of development will lead to promiscuity, obesity and various diseases.

Mars : talent as a lawyer, businessman, orator, but excessive harshness and cruelty are likely, which destroy Agena’s gifts.

Location on the Midheaven Meridian is a sign of billionaires, but you need to understand that money will not fall from the sky, you will have to develop the talents inherent in the natal chart, and Agena will show the way.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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