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Fixed stars in the natal chart

The topic of stars in the natal chart excites more than one generation. They are credited with a magical power that can instantly lift the owners of the horoscope to the top or overthrow it into a whirlpool of misfortunes. If an inexperienced users see the names of the stars in the astroprocessor, click on them with the mouse and read the interpretation, they may think that they are doomed to eternal hardships, or vice versa – they were born in a lucky shirt and it is unrealistic to change this.

Which of these is true and which is not depends on many factors, but one thing is clear – people cannot attribute a powerful fatal influence on life to any star, but there are times when they should take into account their strength and reckon with it. The mere location of a star in a particular house does not mean anything. The relationship with the individual pattern of the planets in the natal chart is important. The main factor in the interpretation will be one of the principles of Hermes Trismegistus: “As above, so below, as inside, so outside.”

Features of the nature of fixed stars

It took 2000 years to finally figure out that the division of stars into wandering (horoscope planets) and fixed ones is very conditional.

Astrologers of antiquity, and even later centuries, were able to track the movement of luminaries and planets, but they did not have instruments to calculate how much relative to other celestial bodies such stars as Altair, Algol, Sirius, Arcturus, Aldebaran and others are moving, and they considered their motionless.

The British astronomer and astrologer Edmund Halley was the first to notice the displacement of individual bright stars relative to the planets and announced his discovery. Later, it was confirmed by other prominent scientists of the 18th century: Nicola Lacaille, Tobias Mayer, Friedrich Bessel, who compiled a detailed description of celestial bodies.

It has now been scientifically proven that over a period of 72 years, the stars, which were considered fixed, are shifted by 1 ° of the zodiac. Such calculations are very important, since by changing the position, the star can leave the planet beyond the limits of the permissible orbit and its influence will weaken, or vice versa – it will approach, and then we can talk about its fateful impact on the native.

The most important thing to understand about a fixed star is that it has real influence in aspect to a planet or house cusp. The orbs of the stars are quite small, and this must also be taken into account, realizing that Algol will not destroy life for everyone, but Spica will endow with talents.

How fixed stars influence fate

The impact of the stars is different from the planetary one. It is, as a rule, swift and fatal, especially at the stage of approach to the house cusp or planet.

The native has no chance to avoid this plot twist, and even more so, there is no time for reflection or preparation: either you fly towards happy changes, or dodge the rockfall of destructive events.

The planets, on the other hand, influence quite obviously and to a certain extent predictably, given the nature of their position in the sign, house, transits and aspects in the natal chart.

Hint for astrologers: if you read an incredibly strong impact on the fate of the native of the planet in a weak position, without aspects, participation in transits, then most likely a powerful fixed star is hidden behind it. That is why it is important to consider the location of all celestial bodies so that the picture is clear.

The power of influence of fixed stars depends on several factors:

1. Magnitudes: the strongest are representatives of the first magnitude, and then in decreasing order up to the fourth, however, stelliums are a special category, their strength is summed up.

2. Locations: the closer to the ground, the more significant the intervention in the script of life.

3. Features of the planet in contact: the impact is stronger if it has the same nature with the star, in addition, a beneficent star can neutralize the negative of a malefic planet, or vice versa, the Saturnian character will greatly distort the nature of good Venus and Jupiter.

4. Individual picture of the horoscope: the fixed stars reinforce what was originally laid down in the chart. If there is a desire for a brilliant career, then there will be a rapid take-off, but when a person is focused on home comfort, these same opportunities will pass by.

5. Positions in the houses: in the incident one, all resonances are much weaker than in the angular one.

Without an alliance with the planets and cusps, one should not expect that one star will suddenly have a destructive influence or give a chance to become a leader and influencer.

The most significant stars

Another important point is that you cannot make predictions solely on the location of a particular star in a certain place in the horoscope. But in horary forecasts, their influence can and should be taken into account.

There are several stars whose meaning has become textbook and widely known, in other cases it is necessary to study the history and characteristics, comparing with the data of the planet that entered into aspect with them.

Maleficent stars include:

Algol is the most evil and destructive. However, for the forecast, other factors must also be taken into account, it does not always mean physical destruction, but it brings suffering;

Alcyone – provokes an unpleasant outcome of the case, blindness, disappointment;

Antares is the destruction of that which has exhausted itself.

Auspicious stars are traditionally referred to as:

Aldebaran – hope for an improvement in the situation, favorable opportunities;

Regulus – high status, wealth;

Spica – calm happiness from self-realization and a successful marriage.

To work out the evil stars, you will have to look into the eyes of your shadow side. The planet with which there is an aspect will tell you exactly what dark character traits you will have to rely on when compensatory. It can be assertiveness in the struggle for the leader’s seat, aggressive ways of earning, sharply defending one’s point of view on controversial issues, but one must always follow the line so as not to go into an absolute minus.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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