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Achernar (Alpha Eridani) in the natal chart

At 15° Pisces in the natal chart there is one of the brightest stars in the sky, the blue and hot alpha constellation Eridanus – Achernar. It is much brighter than the Sun and actually consists of two celestial bodies, which means it has a dual effect on fate. It will affect those who have connections at this point in their personal horoscope. The name is translated as “end of the river” and is associated with the Nile and the myth of Phaeton. This star is also mentioned in literature more often than many others, for example, in I. Efremov’s novels “The Andromeda Nebula” and “The Hour of the Ox” as potentially suitable for life.

Achernar promises a high position through religion, apostolic service, which, of course, not everyone can do. At an average level of development, energy comes out through impulsive actions, the desire to establish oneself as a connoisseur and expert. The star really includes the desire to fight evil, to burn it out as if with a red-hot sword. If the native retreats and thereby does not stop bad people, then most likely such situations will arise again and again. It is important to be a metaphorical warrior of light so as not to fall under the influence of darkness.

Features of Achernar in the natal chart

The symbol of the star is an angel with a sword. It makes it possible to defeat your enemies and your own shortcomings at the same time. If a native wants to resist negativity in life, he must first of all ruthlessly destroy his own vices and weaknesses, and only after that will it be possible to punish evil and restore justice. The leading energy of Achernar is similar to Jupiter, Mars and Uranus, so its position in the chart is very favorable for lawyers, government officials and law enforcement agencies.

In addition, this star traditionally patronizes church ministers who want to receive the supreme rank, helping to move up the hierarchical ladder. If a person is far from religious structures, he still should not avoid communicating with their representatives, since in many of his affairs, one way or another, the clergy will help him.

Achernar also promises success in the civil service and in matters related to the search for new paths in seemingly well-known areas of life. The constellation Eridanus, in which it is located, is like a river spilling into space. And Achernar itself is called the star of Columbus. A person under its influence often thinks that he is looking for one thing, but finds something completely different or creates something that did not exist before.

This will happen in the theme of the house where there is a connection with other planets, or in those affected by aspects with the star. If this is the 1st house, the person’s very personality will become an example for others, they will turn to him for advice, knowledge, a request to judge, the 7th – the native’s partners will help him become impartial and knowledgeable in matters of relationships, in addition, this is a sure sign of victory in the courts and in legal practice, the 12th is the sign of a priest, guru, spiritual mentor.

Negative influence of Achernar in the natal chart

Gifting him with a philosophical mindset, the ability to find answers to complex everyday questions and judge with justice, rendering what is God to God and what is Caesar’s to Caesar, Achernar, however, endows the native with uncompromisingness and innate honesty. This is done so that the native does not make concessions, because his mission is to judge and separate the wheat from the chaff, avoiding the temptation to periodically play the devil’s advocate.

That is why at a low level of development a person categorically does not accept someone else’s point of view, does not know how to put himself in the place of another, condemns, stigmatizes, and also often becomes a fanatic of his ideas and hobbies, from religion to football.

Also, it is at this level of consciousness that there are 3 destructive qualities: naivety, hot temper and stubbornness, which aggravate all of the above. To achieve success, you need to learn to manage your emotions.

Conjunction of Achernar with other planets

To understand exactly how a star will affect the life of a particular person, it is important to note what a connection with a particular planet means. Aspects with luminaries have the strongest impact:

Sun : high rank, patronage of clergy, literary and organizational abilities. Success is due to a philosophical mindset, sporting achievements and the ability to achieve one’s goal at all costs.

Moon : leadership qualities are manifested in work that involves helping people, in military affairs, where it is necessary to show mercy and courage at the same time. Success in literature, music, psychotherapy.

Mercury : Intellectual ability leads to success in philosophy and journalism. The ability to speak the same language with the people. You cannot go into opposition, because success will bring solidarity with the ruling power.

Venus, Mars: the native easily falls under the charm of the opposite sex, but as soon as he begins to blindly trust the opinion and views of his loved one, he disappears, abandons or betrays. Learning uncompromisingness and originality comes through relationships.

Conjunction with the planet means Achernar’s constant influence on fate, other aspects act only for a short period of time.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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