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Acrab in the natal chart

Akrab is a fixed star of 3rd magnitude with a violet-white glow, which got its name from the Arabic name for Scorpio, because it is located on the conventional frontal claw of the constellation of the same name. In the natal chart it can be found at 3° Sagittarius. If personal planets or the vertex of a house are located there, then all spheres of the horoscope associated with them will be under the influence of Acrab. The triple composition of the star, together with Scorpio energies, makes its impact negative and destructive.

The star includes a burning desire to participate in hidden secret processes, preferably on a global scale, to feel involved in controlling the destinies of the world or country, the need for fame and material returns from it. These include spies who did not want to remain in the shadows, scientists, teachers, actors who go to the goal in a strange and unconventional way: through scandal, conflict, choosing a provocative image, but their stay at the top is, as a rule, fleeting.

Features of Acraba in the natal chart

A distinctive feature of this fixed star is its close connection with the theme of poisons and poisoning. The native encounters it repeatedly, either literally or figuratively. Here are the options:

  • enemies and spiteful critics are deliberately trying to poison a person, especially if Akrab is on the cusp of the 12th or 8th house, as well as in conjunction with Neptune;
  • the native suffers from unexpected poisoning with stale food, drinks, overdose of alcohol, medications, mushrooms (conjunction with Pluto);
  • the card owner poisons others with caustic sarcasm, insults, devaluation, humiliates, or suffers from toxic personalities in his close circle.

Will the native be an aggressor or a victim? This can be understood by the strength of the planet with which it is conjunct. For example, if it is Mars in Aries, the owner of the horoscope will attack and harm, but if Mars is in Cancer or Pluto in Libra, then he will have to go through the deceit and evil intentions of other people.

Acrab is similar in its effect to the conjunction of Saturn and Mars , but with a frankly negative impact on life. The native plunges quite early into the very depths of all kinds of negative emotions.

Akrab in fusion with the planet endows the native with cunning, deceit, and creates a secret passion for violence. Often a person carefully hides this, indulging in secret pleasures away from prying eyes. As a rule, they are quite vicious.

In addition, the native is ready to literally go over his head to glory. According to fate, he was prescribed only a short period of success and fame, and then again a return to his usual way of life and memories.

The influence of Acraba also resembles the influence of the Jupiter-Moon square . Such people like to interfere in everything, teach, criticize even smarter people than them. They pamper their children immensely, spoil their character with the emotional seesaw of upbringing, sometimes scold them, sometimes they don’t pay attention to the same offenses.

In the worst case, evil comes from a person. He is vengeful, never forgets insults and asserts himself by humiliating the weaker.

The most destructive position of a star is on the Ascendant , when the cusp of the 1st house falls exactly at 3° Sagittarius. The revenge of such a person is terrible; he cannot stand even half-joking criticism addressed to him. If there are tense aspects to this point, the native shows heartlessness and selfishness from childhood, and later cruelty. In addition, he is susceptible to contagious diseases, and not only suffers from them himself, but symbolically “poisons” other people.

Positive influence of Akrab

There is little positive here. Much of the above can be smoothed out by upbringing in love and care, instilling high spiritual principles, however, in a state of stress, resentment, not to mention truly frightening events: war, attacks, accidents, the native will come out on the destructive wave of Akrab, only in this case this force is more likely will help him fight evil with his own weapons.

Therefore, if a person is initially at a high level of development, he can understand the psychology of criminals, and also thinks strategically, understanding how best to bypass competitors or repel an enemy attack as destructively as possible when it comes to military tactics.

During his life, he will only have a chance to fly high and become famous a couple of times. However, his fame is quickly fading. Wealth and career growth are also accompanied by rapid loss of privileges, constant struggle with other people, and illness. Sustaining success is incredibly difficult.

Conjunction of Aqrab with other planets

The most favorable conjunction of a star with the Sun and Moon promises a greater likelihood of successful advancement in politics, sports, show business, trade, and law, despite the fact that sometimes you have to act dishonestly, use prohibited techniques, and also face unfair treatment of your talents and real achievements. Under the influence of Akrab, a person either attacks or repels attacks.

A connection with Mercury creates a cunning trader, a deceiver and a manipulator; if defeated, it results in speech impediments and a complex nervous system, which is why the native takes any criticism with hostility. The union with Venus sharpens the attitude towards love affairs. Refusal is perceived as an insult; deprivation of pleasure by someone superior includes a thirst for revenge.

The path to success for a native with a pronounced star Akrab goes through constant conflicts with the authorities, the church, and public opinion.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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