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Acrux in the natal chart

Until 2009, the star Acrux, alpha of the Southern Cross, was projected at 12° Scorpio, but now, for 72 years, it will remain at its 13°, which will undoubtedly strengthen the influence of Venus and Jupiter in the chart of a person who has planets in this degree and sign, or those that correlate with them by aspects. The Southern Cross, a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere, is of great importance for the development of world civilizations. It is mentioned in many myths and legends.

The star Acrux is considered favorable, but its influence is ambiguous, because, for example, recent studies have shown that it is triple. It gives a person a powerful connection with higher powers, an interest in religion: even if he is an atheist, he will look for evidence of what he believes in, build his own belief system, and in the end he will still reach higher knowledge. Ideally, such people are conductors of the energy of happiness; they only reach this point empirically, in a complex but interesting way.

Features of the star Acrux in the natal chart

The native’s religiosity is far from the stereotyped idea associated with this concept. His faith is expressed in an acute rejection of injustice, a desire to give everyone what they deserve, no more, no less, regardless of persons and titles, which, of course, on the one hand, makes a person a hero and a favorite of the crowd, on the other, very often his the desire to fight for the truth backfires on him.

If Acrux has negative aspects, the native is persecuted, fired from work, and quarrels with friends. However, the positive aspects lead to the whole world taking his side and justice being restored.

The main feature of Acrux’s influence on fate is publicity. A person strives to be in the center of attention, to solve his own and other people’s problems loudly and for the whole world, in the themes of the house where 13° Scorpio is located, if he is dominated by the elements of fire and air, the strong Sun, Mercury and Mars. If they are weak, he would like to go out into the square and change the world, but he suppresses his desires. Such people endure and bear their cross for a very long time, until one day their patience runs out, and then revolution cannot be avoided.

In spiritually developed people, Acrux removes the negative manifestations of the Scorpio sign. They have pronounced abilities for magic, astrology, any occult areas, the gift of a psychic and healer. If they follow the call of the stars and develop these talents, they strengthen their own karma and do not succumb to the manipulation of those who use religion to control consciousness.

It is noted that Acrux gives his wards the ability to understand animals, easily find a common language with foreigners and quickly learn the languages of other peoples, which makes them excellent missionaries in promoting the ideas that they are passionate about in their homeland. Success comes to them in distant countries.

This star favors public professions, and the person himself wants to be on everyone’s lips, to be talked about, expressed admiration and gratitude.

Negative influence of the star Acrux

At the same time, the path of development of the native is far from cloudless. The search for truth always irritates those for whom a minimum of material comfort is enough. First of all, a person’s enemies often become his family.

The beliefs of the owner of the Acrux expressed in the map almost always do not coincide with the life values and beliefs of his family members. He will be happy if he finds a circle of like-minded people, because parents, brothers, sisters often simply do not understand and do not support his aspirations.

That is why, since childhood, a person has a pronounced desire to leave home, go to another country, which is facilitated by a passion for foreign culture, music, and religion.

At a low level of development, for the sake of popularity, the native is ready to do anything, his desire to be a secular person is so painful.

Conjunction of the star Acrux with other planets

Fixed stars do not influence fate without major aspects with planets or important points of the horoscope, such as the Ascendant, cusps of the 4th, 7th, 10th houses. This is what influences how their common energy will reveal itself in the real fate of a particular individual. The following connections are played most clearly:

Sun : these are great friends, ready to help both loved ones and strangers. Faithful servants of a cult that they consider fair and benign. They will never renounce their faith. Excellent teachers and organizers.

Moon : people’s favorites. We are ready to serve, patronize, feed, heal and create our own branches of religious service. In the negative are the creators of sects.

Mercury : pronounced intuition, understanding of the motives of a person, justice is restored through the word. Good lawyers, teachers, writers, journalists, detectives.

Venus : artists, musicians, writers who create innovative movements in art. If there is no correct attitude towards religion, they feel the need to suffer for their beliefs, which is reflected in their creativity.

The greatest success is considered to be the conjunction of Acrux with Jupiter, which a priori leads a person to a high position in society, subject to compliance with the principles of morality and law, at least on the basis of the 10 commandments.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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