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Akubens in the natal chart

Alpha Cancer, a rare shade of blue, is located on the conventional claw of the constellation. Her middle name is Sertan. These names are translated as “cache”, “shelter”, and the location on the actual weapon of Cancer’s capture, its claw, emphasizes the contrast of the influence of the star, which encourages the native to seek peaceful ways out of any conflict. Moreover, any competition and aggression harms him. However, it also happens that a person himself falls into the trap of circumstances and personal criminal inclinations, as if in a trap.

Akubens is located at 14° Leo, and its system, consisting of two stars, around which a third slowly rotates, speaks of an extremely contradictory influence on fate. On the one hand, it calls for peace and humility, on the other, it creates passive criminal intentions; the native often becomes an accomplice of drug trafficking and any other sale of prohibited substances.

Features of Akubens in the natal chart

Considering the location of the star in Cancer, and the projection in the natal chart in the sign of Leo, it becomes clear why the native pretends to be important, appears to be an exceptional person, positions himself as a brave and strong person, but in reality he is weak and vulnerable.

In the absence of extreme situations, other people can consider him a daredevil all his life without fear or reproach, and only when faced with dangers and difficulties does his essence become obvious. Often this is a hare disguised as a lion, although, of course, you need to look at the position of Mars and Mercury in the chart.

This is especially obvious in the man’s chart. He has to face situations of competition for his woman, and in this battle he often loses. If he enters into an open fight and conflict, defeat is all the more inevitable; in addition, he will also lose his reputation. It is very difficult to competently get out of confrontation by peaceful methods, maintaining calm, and even come to terms with the inevitable if, for example, the woman herself decided to leave.

Akubens patronizes hermits, but in our time the strict interpretation has changed somewhat, as have the energies of the star. Loneliness does not mean complete renunciation of communication; there is no need to be an outcast. The star helps people whose line of work involves many hours of painstaking work that requires concentration and the absence of spectators. Traditionally, astrologers, engineers, artists, writers, scientists, pharmacists, and those who, by the nature of their work, are required to be alone with themselves and the subject of research, come under its influence.

Unlike many other double and triple stars, when placed on the Ascendant or MC , it brings good luck, and on the cusp of the 8th house it also helps to get out of dangerous situations, which does not happen in other positions. Position on the cusp of the 5th house promotes various winnings and luck in gambling, especially if the native plays alone.

Negative effects of Akubens in the natal chart

This star brings many trials and problems. However, you need to look at the map as a whole, and not focus on the individual influence of Akubens. Its nature is akin to the merger of Mars and Saturn in a disharmonious manifestation. Accordingly, if this planet in the chart is afflicted or is in angular houses, we can talk about a restless eccentric character, lack of empathy, a desire to stand out at any cost, and even ruthlessness.

The native believes that the end justifies the means, so he easily joins organizations that carry out mass sales of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs, believing that he is not responsible here, and the problems are with those who consume all this, that they choose to destroy themselves.

If the luminaries and Mercury are affected, then the native himself begins to have mental disorders at an early age: hysteria, psychopathy, which is aggravated by negative aspects with Neptune and Saturn. In general, it is worth accepting the fact that Akubens in exact aspects with the planets brings a lot of emotional experiences, stress associated with deception, fraud and poisoning. If the native is aggressive and energetic, then he will be the epicenter of such events, and with a passive position, he is more accustomed to the state of the victim.

Conjunction of Akubens with other planets

The most difficult conjunction is considered to be the aspect of Akubens with Mars and Saturn, especially if both planets converge with it at 14° Leo. This makes the native merely a plaything in the hands of karmic retribution.

It’s as if he’s caught in the claw of circumstances and can’t change anything. However, this situation is quite rare and does not happen by chance. He is preceded by a number of crimes in the family. The aspect with the higher planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto is also considered difficult. The first two create psychological deviations, and Pluto involves people in criminal matters or simply endows them with vindictiveness and cruelty.

The influence of the compounds is especially pronounced here:

Sun – despite the tendency to dominate any person, mental imbalance and outbursts of rage, the native makes a good career in politics, journalism, show business and military affairs.

Moon – it is impossible to satisfy the need for love and care, which, like an open wound, torments the native since childhood. It is this that creates a feeling of helplessness when parting with loved ones and encourages us to look for a cure for internal pain. However, the person himself unknowingly creates awkward situations, which is why people avoid him.

Venus , Mercury – problems with family members due to character and desire for separate personal space.

Saturn is a state of helplessness and inability to resist diseases and people in power.

According to many researchers, Akubens is closely connected with the legend of Hercules and Samson, whose external strength did not save them from female cunning and revenge. The native should not enter into open confrontation with rivals; he needs to accumulate wisdom and come to terms with the inevitable, calmly going through the challenges of fate, based on the available advantages.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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