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Aculeus in the natal chart

The star Aculeus (Akuleks) – causes a lot of discussion on astrological forums due to its frightening characteristics. Ancient astrologers believed that it provokes blindness. To understand the essence, you need to turn to astronomy, because Aculex is not just a star, but rather a cluster of them, a nebula located just below the sting of Scorpio, at 25° Sagittarius, if you look for it in the natal chart . When the exact degree of other planets, and especially the Sun and Moon , the apex of the Ascendant , falls exactly within the same degree, deterioration of vision is actually observed, as well as outbursts of rage bordering on the manifestation of superconsciousness, when a person imagines himself to be God and does something that he later greatly regrets.

Nebulae of this nature actually distort the perception of reality during emotional shocks, with additional parameters they cause autism and aversion to people, but mainly disrupt the sensory system. The native often has problems with the sense of smell, especially after respiratory diseases. He smells smells whose source is not near him, and he is tormented by allergies of unknown origin.

Features of Aculeus in the natal chart

Those who have an exact hit of a star on a planet or a house cusp are constantly looking for answers to the question: how to control the events that happen to them? How fatal are vision problems and what causes allergies? It is worth noting that modern man lives in relatively safe conditions, does not participate in hostilities and armed conflicts as often as in ancient times, so there is no need to be afraid of physical injuries to the eyes, as astrologers and contemporaries of Ptolemy wrote about.

However, in fact, most people who have a star in their chart have reported poor vision at minus 9 or 10, which literally blurs the world around with a hazy cloud. Most often, this is a reflection of the internal state of unwillingness to see people and events as they are, an escape from the pain of reality into illusions and dreams.

Some people note that despite the Aculeus conjunction with the Sun, their vision is good. They are characterized by a decisive and practical approach to life. As a rule, their chart expresses the earth element with a strong position of the luminaries. Holders of water charts and Neptune – Moon – Lilith squares are at risk of vision deterioration if they do not start working on their thinking.

Before the formalization of knowledge about psychosomatics into the scientific method, it was not entirely clear why, if nebulae usually symbolize feelings and emotions, then in the case of Aculeus we are talking specifically about allergies, which arise unexpectedly, during transits to one of its epigones, most often to the Moon , and practically incurable.

It’s not even about the emotions themselves, but about the habit of suppressing them and forbidding yourself from negative feelings. Allergies are associated with separation conflict. People who have not grieved the loss of a loved one, animal, home, even some kind of status and emotional state, definitely get allergies as soon as Aculeus is affected by the transit of one of the planets associated with the sensual sphere.

The second common problem is epilepsy, which already indicates the destructive energy accumulated in the family.

Positive influence of Aculeus in the natal chart

It is difficult to talk about positivity in relation to this star, but it contributes to the transformation of the native’s consciousness, through which he can change the fate of his family and improve the lives of his children. To do this, you need to identify destructive attitudes that led to illness or tense relationships with loved ones and work through them with a psychologist or on your own.

Most often, this is a habit of suppressing negative emotions, trying to be good and helpful to the detriment of oneself, sacrificing one’s interests, which later leads to deafening outbursts of anger. The native’s loved ones suffer from them.

Such people often lash out at children, being exemplary family men to those around them. However, the poison also has an antidote. Knowing when the point of no return comes, the native can consciously stop an attack of rage, relieve tension through sports, beat a punching bag on the balcony, and not a child, thereby removing the pattern of destruction inherent in the subconscious.

Conjunction of Aculeus with other planets

Eye problems often arise when a star is in tense aspects with the Moon or Sun. But even in this case, you can find unfulfilled desires, escape from reality into illusion and harmful addictions inherited by ancestors, and change them. The Sun is associated with the male ancestral line, and the Moon with the female.

The most painful manifestations are conjunctions of Aculeus with Mars and the Moon, especially if there is a square or opposition between them initially. Here it is very important to splash out internal aggression in creativity and physical activity. Anger at yourself or another person leads to unpredictable consequences.

It is believed that those who have overcome the destructive influence of the star receive a powerful impetus for growth in all areas of life. It’s as if they gain the protection of Higher powers, and the generic programs of the past have no power over them.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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