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Aldebaran in the natal chart

One of the most popular stars in the world from the constellation Taurus is located at 10 ° Gemini and symbolically outlines the southern eye of the cosmic Ox. Pale scarlet Aldebaran is one of the 14 brightest stars and is often confused with Mars due to its reddish tint. Interestingly, in terms of physical and astronomical characteristics, both of them are similar as twins. To interpret the influence of Aldebran, it is important to understand its symbolism reflected in myths and legends. This is one of the 4 royal stars, the Guardian of the East, the star of the Archangel Michael for Christians and the cosmic Torch for ancient astrologers.

It gives success in all endeavors, but especially in matters related to the East, as well as military subjects (a reference to Mars). Aldebaran gives Eastern cunning and diplomacy combined with determination and courage. However, as is often the case under the influence of the stars, honors and glory break the sense of proportion of the native and can lead to devastating consequences if he does not understand how to cope with the powerful cosmic energy.

Features of the influence of Aldebaran

The Guardian of the East is easy to see in clear skies northwest of the constellation Orion. It is brighter and much larger than the Sun (30 times), and its influence is more multifaceted and insidious, because in addition to the Martian nature, it has the features of Mercury and Jupiter. It is related to the Sun and the royal nature of energy.

This star will manifest itself to the maximum in the cards of people who were originally born in status families, or those who consider themselves worthy of the throne in any of its symbolism. The average person with many tense aspects in the chart closes himself off from noble energies and will not experience the influence of Aldebaran.

Especially the guardian of the East does not like cowards, lazy people and middle peasants. If the native does not consider himself worthy of more, then he will not receive star help either. In addition, one must be able to fight for one’s happiness, be a patriot and act nobly even if it is not profitable. These are the energies through which you can connect to the gifts of Aldebaran, and there are quite a few of them:

  • eloquence, a sharp flexible mind (here there is a difference from Martian straightforwardness), courage, integrity of character, the ability to take responsibility for one’s actions (works if there is no defeat of personal planets);
  • steady social growth throughout life or initially high position at birth, the sympathy of people endowed with power;
  • wealth received from others (inheritance or gifts), great honors, not only material, but also social in nature;
  • a large resource of energy to overcome obstacles, the charisma of a leader, the desire to achieve all the goals set at all costs, which again makes the nature of Aldebaran related to the Sun and the fiery Ascendants, enhancing its impact many times over when combined with them;
  • magnetism, sexuality, attractiveness, the glow of inner charisma through the eyes, a person charms with one glance and attracts fans, patrons, loved ones.

The energy of the star turns on when there is a desire for great beautiful love, fame, any sensual pleasures. However, we must not forget that Aldebaran, like other fixed stars, works through aspects with personal planets. The connection is the strongest. The owners of such unions are special people, literally electrifying the space around them. Contemporaries of Marilyn Monroe and Clint Eastwood, who have this aspect, noted precisely this property of each of them.

Negative effects of Aldebaran

Despite the fact that the eye of the Bull is considered an auspicious star, it brings fame and sympathy to a wide audience of public people, do not forget that according to the legend associated with it, Zeus turned into Taurus in order to kidnap the beautiful Europa, which means that the action is based on deceit.

Aldebaran makes a person a hostage of some kind of image, a public image, he loses touch with himself in the present and a sense of proportion. The mask grows to the true “I” and others do not see what the native really is. So it was with Marilyn Monroe, whose husbands saw in her only a frivolous sexy blonde, although her diary speaks of a deep, intelligent whole nature with high aspirations.

In addition, Aldebaran belongs to the axis of disasters, at its other end is the star Antares, which means fame and sexuality can turn into danger.

Influence of Aldebaran in conjunction with the planets

The fixed stars develop a powerful influence only in alliance with other planets. The fatal nature of this can only be overcome by directing energy towards global large-scale projects.

In conjunction with the Sun, Aldebaran gives incredible strength and endurance. If you use this quality to achieve success in sports, politics, art, then there is a chance to maintain an internal balance. Self-doubt in this situation leads to aggression, destruction of oneself and others. There is a danger of losing all wealth in the course of litigation, so you must always follow the law. If Mars is added to the conjunction, the native is prone to acute infectious diseases.

Connection with the Moon, in addition to the help of influential women and people’s love, brings a tendency to intoxication, poisoning, involvement in natural disasters, floods, tsunamis.

Union with Mercury gives the ability to confidently resolve any situation through eloquence and become an opinion leader, but does not protect against health problems, quarrels and family conflicts based on many romantic ties.

Near Venus, Aldebaran brings glory through creativity, but love relationships can cause destructive events.

The most dangerous connections with Mars are death from edged weapons, military operations, Saturn – shipwrecks, drowning, Uranus – sudden fatal events. It is necessary to live on the higher floors of these planets, to benefit the world, using their strengths. These actions will mitigate the negative manifestations of such compounds.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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